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08.31.2004 » Major Storm Thorgerson Exhibit to Premiere in September  
[07:12 PM est] » On September 21st, a major exhitibiton of Storm Thorgerson's iconic album art will open at the John Martin Gallery in London. Thorgerson's work for The Cranberries will be a definite inclusion in the exhibit. In fact, the Director of Media Contemporary Arts tells us that they are printing special large-sized limited prints of "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" especially for this event. Find out how you can view and purchase art from the exhibit in Zombieguide's feature here.
08.27.2004 » Massive Videos Section Update  
[09:51 PM est] » Tonight's update to the Videos Gallery is a collaboration between Zombieguide and Cranberries Videography. Mattia of CV sent us a disc full of exclusive videos for us to host, so thanks goes to him for many of the new goodies. You can download videos of the following, newly added to the gallery: Live in Milano Nov. 1999 (full concert), Live at West Palm Beach Aug. 7 1999, TG1 News about Cranberries concert in Rome, The Cranberries in MTV On The Road 1995, Tutto Musica no. 9/2002 Commercial, Ad for Mono - Cranberries Issue, EvilEnko Movie trailer (featuring Dolores O'Riordan's "Angels Go To Heaven"), Ireland Tourism Commercial featuring "Dreams", "Linger" - Live acoustic at MTV Most Wanted 1994, Live on Italian show "TARATATÁ" 1999 (color version) (screen captures), Ode To My Family - Live on Saturday Night Live (new DivX encoding), "Zombie" - Live acoustic @ Roxy Bar 1995, "Promises" - Live @ Quelli che...il calcio, Italy 1999, "Just MY Imagination" - Live @ Quelli che...il calcio, Italy 1999, "I Can't Be With You" - Live @ Festivalbar 1995, "Zombie" - Live @ Festivalbar 1995, and "Salvation" - Live @ Sanremo 1996. As always, thanks to Norbert of Zombieguide Europe for keeping the Videos Section up to date. (Screen capture: choupiney)
08.27.2004 » Burtons Sell Riversfield Stud  
[06:47 PM est] » Even after a 50% price raise, Dolores O'Riordan and husband Don Burton have had no trouble finding a buyer for their Co Limerick home. The first details on the sale from London's Sunday Times...
08.25.2004 Aslan: Dolores a "Pale Imitation" of Sinead  
[08:01 PM est] » Fellow Irish rockers Aslan are not being so kind to The Cranberries and The Corrs -- in fact, they slung a bit of mud at the two groups in an interview this month with the Galway Advertiser. Want to know what Aslan guitarist Billy McGuinness had to say about Dolores O'Riordan? Click. You know you want to.
08.21.2004 Noel Chooses a Title for Solo Album  
[09:18 PM est] » Noel's official site has updated with the short but sweet news that he's finally chosen a fan-submitted title for his solo album, due to be released sometime early next year. We'd be thrilled to hear from the lucky winner, as the winner and winning title are still top-secret. (Art: Jesus Torres)
08.20.2004 » "Dreams" in New Payless Commercial  
[08:40 PM est] » Payless Shoes is using "Dreams" in a new ad for a line of Airwalk winter boots in North America. It's featured on several major networks, so turn on the tube, and you might catch it!
08.17.2004 » Zucchero Expects Royal Albert Hall DVD "in October"  
[11:28 PM est] » Previously tenatitively slated for a December release, Zucchero recently told an Italian newspaper that we can expect Dolores's "Pure Love" performance on DVD as soon as October! Also, the Tuscan singer talks a little bit about Dolores's voice in the same interview, read it here. (Photo: Cranportal)
08.10.2004 » Westlife Explain How Dolores Saved "Little Drummer Boy"  
[12:27 AM est] » In a new interview, Westlife's Nicky Byrne tells the UK's "Evening Herald" how Dolores "saved the day" when the boyband were asked to sing for the Pope at the Vatican Christmas Concert in 2001. This story never ceases to amuse us, just because it proves that you can't send a boyband to do a real singer's work.
08.08.2004 » Dolores Raises Price of Riversfield Stud  
[10:18 PM est] » If you've ever wanted to get past these gates, you'll now have to pay close to €5 million to make them yours. According to a recent issue of London's "Sunday Times," the Burtons have "price adjusted" their home after it courted lots of interest from prospective buyers. Get all the latest on RFS inside. (Photo: Zombieguide Europe)
08.04.2004 » "Zu & Co." on the Charts and on CNN  
[05:16 PM est] » This past weekend, CNN International's "The Music Room" showed a very short clip of Dolores speaking from this past May's Festivalbar in Italy. Wanna know what she said? Find out -- plus a report on "Zu & Co."s success -- within.
07.28.2004 » Cranfanatics Update  
[06:01 PM est] » There are a few new pieces of art in the Cranfanatics tribute section. As always, we're looking for your fan art, poems, Cranberry lookalike photos, photos of your massive Cranberries collection, or any other artistic tribute to the Crans. If you have something to share, email it in to Zombieguide! Also, if you've sent something in in the past, but you don't see it up yet, try sending it again, I probably lost it in a hard drive crash.
07.28.2004 » TheHand: Noel's Having a Hard Time...  
[05:16 PM est] » Noel's tried everything to think of an album title... TheHand pokes fun at Noel's writer's block in this new cartoon, only on ZG.
07.28.2004 » Dolores and Zucchero in Newsweek International  
[04:14 PM est] » The newest issue of Newsweek International includes an article on Zucchero as a case-study for promoting a multi-artist album. Zucchero, the article states, is among the last of a rare breed: the mainland European rock star. The article includes a nice-sized photo of Zucchero and Dolores from the Royal Albert Hall showcase concert; click the headline for the scan. Thanks to Thomas for the scan!
07.27.2004 » Cranberries Discography Update  
[01:35 AM est] » We've added a few more listing and images to Zombieguide's Complete Cranberries Discgraphy. New listings are: Everybody Else... French pink-label promo LP, No Need to Argue Greek 12" vinyl LP, and Master Collection Colombian "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" + "No Need to Argue" 2CD set. Listings with new images are: Ode to My Family (Live) "Promohits" Brazilian promo CD single, To the Faithful Departed French promo CD sampler, Animal Instinct Japanese promo 8-track CD single, and Promises (Version II) UK Telecine PAL promo VHS. If you can help us compile the world's largest and most complete Cranberries discography with images or information about unlisted items, please check out the Disgraphy's About page to submit.
07.24.2004 » Noel Hogan in the Zombieguide Interview  
[05:40 PM est] » His solo album, playing, songwriting, collaboration, Dolores, the sixth album, Stephen Street, and, of course, the future of The Cranberries: Noel personally answers all the questions we've been wanting to ask for the past year in this exclusive one-on-one interview. Read the transcript or download the audio interview inside!
07.19.2004 » Stephen Street Produces New Noel Hogan Collaboration  
[07:19 PM est] » The legendary Cranberries/Smiths/Cure producer is back in the studio, working on a collaboration between Noel and Swedish singer Alexandra Hamnede, Zombieguide can reveal. Find out more about the collaboration and Alexandra, inside. We'll have much more on Noel's solo project very soon.......
07.19.2004 » Ask Noel a Question!  
[05:40 PM est] » It's been an unspoken longtime goal of ours to do a proper interview with one of The Cranberries, and now, we're stoked to say, it's going to happen. Submit your question to Zombieguide and we'll pass it on to Noel during our very-soon-to-come interview!!
07.16.2004 » Official Site Confirms Dolores Offered Helen of Troy Role  
[02:14 AM est] » The Official Site continues their excruciatingly slow game of catch-up by confirming a rumor that popped up almost a year ago. Finally, it appears that Dolores is set to become "the face that launched 1000 ships" in Brian Johnson's musical comedy. Still no definitive debut date for the play, but with Dolores contributing at least five of her own songs to the score, it's sure to be a treat...
07.15.2004 » Rare Scans Special @ Zombieguide Europe  
[11:04 AM est] » Norbert and I have put together a collection of rare scans from 1991-1993. Most of these are taken from British magazines like Melody Maker and New Musical Express, and they make a good case study as to how The Cranberries were portrayed as naïve by the mainstream media in their early days. (One forthright article outright calls them "bumpkin" in the headline and calls Ireland the land of "livestock, neon Jesuses and plastic crucifixes." Talk about prejudice.) There's a large assortment of articles here in promotion of "Uncertain" too. Click the headline to go to ZG Europe's Scans Gallery and click on "Rare Photos 2" to view them.
07.13.2004 » Forums Moved to New Servers, Fully Restored  
[09:35 PM est] » The forums have been successfully moved to our new servers. This is the first time we've been able to move them fully intact, so there's no need to re-register. Please note that the address is //forums and that any Metropoliglobal links will turn up with a redirect page. So head over and get your Cran chat on!
07.12.2004 » Site Move in Progress  
[03:20 PM est] » Congratulations! If you can read this, it means that your browser has found its way to our new server. I'm in the process of restoring the Forums, moving files, and generally doing 1000 things at once, so please don't mind if certain parts of the site look like a train wreck right now. As a disgruntled nanny once said, "I'm still getting my affairs in order!"
07.10.2004 » Fundraising Goal Met, Thank You!  
[12:55 AM est] » It didn't take long, but you guys sent donations in quickly! We now have enough to pay off hosting for the next year. Many, many thanks to those that donated! It's just like a PBS telethon, isn't it? We may end up doing this again in the future if necessary, but we'll wait and see. It will take a few days to get the new server set up, and from there, our first priority will be to have the Forums up and running again. Hopefully, that will be next week sometime if everything goes smoothly. In the meantime (provided Metropoli doesn't pull the plug), we'll be updating with the latest Cranberries news, as always!
07.09.2004 » Richard Walters to Collaborate with Noel Next Month  
[08:16 PM est] » The 22-year-old Oxford singer-songwriter Richard Walters is scheduled to do a collaboration with Noel Hogan next month which will be included on Noel's forthcoming solo album, due out before the end of the year.
07.09.2004 » Tribute Band Organizing Fan Meet in Italy  
[04:16 PM est] » "Salvation," an Italian Cranberries cover band, is organizing a fan meet to take place about an hour outside of Rome later this month. Planned activities include a tribute concert and space for fans to display their collections. Interested fans are asked to sign up quickly, so get the link inside. (Photo: CranPortal)

An update on Zombieguide: Donations have been going well so far, and in fact, we only need a little more before we can start moving the site. So please contribute if you haven't already, below, and many thanks to those that have already donated. Also, a few people have emailed me to say that the forums were online for short periods earlier today, but I expect that the forums will not be fully online again until we move servers. At that point, we will probably have start them over once again. (Unfortunately, phpBB does not restore large SQL databases very well.)

07.07.2004 » PayPal Donation Account Set Up  
[08:53 PM est] » I've decided that probably the best possible solution for the site is to get some paid hosting space so that we can have a stable home for Zombieguide rather than moving the website every 6 to 9 months, as we've had to do in the past year or so.

We're going to need about $100 to get new hosting for a year, and we'd greatly appreciate any help we can get from you ZG visitors in terms in terms of donations. To do so, we've set up a donation account with PayPal. You can donate by clicking below:

(button removed, goal met, thanks!)

Again, we appreciate whatever you can donate in order to keep Zombieguide the best Cranberries information (and media!) source on the Internet.

07.07.2004 » Important: Server to Shut Down  
[04:35 PM est] » We've just gotten word that our host, Metropoliglobal, intends to close soon. Metropoliglobal has hosted us since last November and we would like to thank them (and Diego) for their service. This is the reason for the Forums being offline.

However, this puts Zombieguide's future in question at the moment. We will either need to find a new host or consider the possibility of closing the site. Of course I don't really want to close the site, so I'll need to examine my options.

If anyone can recommend a reliable, inexpensive hosting company, please email me with any recommendations. We will need at least a gigabyte of space, PHP, and SQL support. Alternatively, if anyone can donate space, that would be fantastic.

This means that we may have to switch to a PayPal donation system to keep the site running in the near future.

Any updates will be posted as soon as I know them. Please email me with any questions or concerns.

In the meantime, I advise vistors to save or download any part of the site that they want to keep (especially Videos which we've just put back online), as I'm not sure how much longer Metropoliglobal's servers will be functioning. There's no guarantee we can host files this large again.

07.05.2004 » Site Updates in the Making...  
[12:14 AM est] » This is just a quick blurb to let you know that we're working on a new "Songs & Lyrics" section (to replace the "Songs List" page), which will have lyrics, background information, discography integration, and quotes from band members for every Cranberries song possible. The new section will also cover Dolores and Noel's upcoming solo works.

Also, we should have the Video Downloads back online this month on our own host. We've currently got 6 gigabytes of videos uploaded, with more to come, so it's sure to be a treat. (Psst... in the meantime, there's lots of video download links in the Forums.)

07.03.2004 » "Analyse" on "Best of Woman" Compilation  
[09:56 PM est] » The Cranberries have appeared twice on the "Woman" compilation series, and now they're getting a third appearance with the release of the series' greatest hits.
07.03.2004 » FULL Cranberries SNL Performance to Re-Air Saturday Night  
[12:26 AM est] » NBC is going to rerun the full 1 hour and 30 minute episode of "Saturday Night Live" from 2/25/95 which featured The Cranberries as musical guests with "Ode to My Family" (dedicated to Denny Cordell) and "Zombie." The full show will air July 4th at 3 AM ESTon the main NBC channel. Comedy Central has been re-airing the show for years, but "Ode" was cut from that broadcast and only "Zombie" was shown due to a 1 hour time limit. For this reason, the SNL performance of "Ode to My Family" is rarely re-aired, so don't miss it! In the meantime, we'll try to get a direct-from-broadcast rip of it for your viewing pleasure. (Pic taken from Cranberries Videography) [Time fixed due to Rockontv's screwed up time schedule.]
06.30.2004 » Rumors: Unreleased Song Discovered and 40 Million Worldwide Sales?  
[09:25 PM est] » "When I'm 21" is either one of two things: an alternate title for "Twenty One" or else a never-before heard song. The assured thing is that its something, as the Cranberries officially registered the song with Irish Music Rights Organisation sometime around 1999. Plus: news on "Iosa," "Like You Used To," and other forgotten Cranberries songs... get all the details here in this ZG exclusive. Also: Have the Cranberries now sold 40 million worldwide?
06.26.2004 » Dolores @ Rock in Rio: Exclusive Photos & Info  
[02:22 PM est] » The General Coordinator of the Better World Forum sends in some exclusive photos of Dolores's appearance at Rock in Rio Lisbon for us to share! Check 'em out inside. Update 06.27.04: João has sent us more photos from Dolores's soundcheck with One Giant Leap, with the possibility of even more media on the way!
06.24.2004 » Update: No Dolores at Shannon International Music Festival 2004  
[03:01 PM est] » A representative tells us that Dolores appeared at the press conference only and will have no involvement with the actual music festival when it kicks off late next month.
06.24.2004 » EvilEnko Soundtrack to Release in Late Summer  
[03:31 AM est] » The EvilEnko soundtrack, which will feature two versions of Dolores O'Riordan and Angelo Badalamenti's "Angels Go to Heaven," has been rescheduled for a late summer release on the Minus Habens label; exclusive details within.
06.23.2004 » ICBWY in Daily Telegraph's Top 10 Breakup Tunes of All Time  
[03:58 PM est] » The British newspaper Daily Telegraph says about "I Cant Be With You": "It's the singer's enunciation and emotion that make this song about missing someone so great." Check out their picks for the Top 10 Breakup Songs, published earlier this month.
06.22.2004 » Sony to Release 11 Different Versions of "Music From and Inspired by Spider-Man 2" Worldwide  
[10:35 PM est] » While "Black Widow" didn't make it onto the American version of "Music From and Inspired by Spider-Man 2," there will be 10 more chances to hear the song on a different version of the soundtrack. Sony has announced the gutsy and unprecedented move of releasing 11 unique versions of the soundtrack internationally, each catered to the musical tastes of each region. Will we see "Black Widow" on a European version of the soundtrack? Nothing for certain yet, but it looks like great odds. The Variety article lists most of the international bonus tracks, and sadly "Black Widow" is not among them.
06.21.2004 » Quick News: Dolores in Us Weekly  
[12:09 PM est] » We've just got word that there's a small article on the nanny lawsuit in a recent issue of Us Weekly magazine. We're not sure what the date on the mag is, but it features Jennifer Lopez on the cover and could possibly be from the first week of June. The photo is an old one of Dolores in her wedding dress, but we'd love to add it to the Magazines Gallery, so if somebody can get a scan, please send it in!
06.18.2004 » New Jam & Spoon Album to Release Monday  
[02:01 PM est] » Another one-week delay for Dolores's duet with the German trance duo, but at least it's on the way!
06.16.2004 » Dolores Supports Shannon International Music Festival 2004  
[11:29 PM est] » Dolores has voiced her support for an international music concert series to take place in Limerick next month, but will that translate into something more? An appearance maybe? We'll have to wait and see.
06.10.2004 » New MP3s of "Astral Projection" and "In It Together" Surface  
[04:57 PM est] » The new website Cranberries-fan.com has uploaded recordings of the unreleased Cranberries songs "Astral Projection" and "In It Together" from last summer's concert in London. These files are slightly better quality than the previous Bolzano 2003 recording, which was the only readily available recording of these 2 songs up until now. You will need to register an account (free, of course) to download the songs. Cranberries-fan.com might also have videos soon available of the London 2003 gig, so be sure to check back there soon.
06.10.2004 » Scans from "Tutto Musica" in Magazines Section  
[04:10 PM est] » Eva sent in some scans of the latest issue of the Italian "Tutto Musica" where Dolores is mentioned no less than 3 times in the current issue; a review of Zucchero's "Zu & Co.," a review of Zucchero's Royal Albert Hall multi-artist concert, and a review of "Songs Inpsired by The Passion of the Christ." Check 'em out and practice your Italian.
06.08.2004 » Festivalbar Performance Video Online!  
[06:08 PM est] » Federico has encoded and shared the performance footage of Dolores's most recent live appearance at Festivalbar, and so we've put it online. Also, theres some bonus backstage footage of Dolores and Zucch being rather, er, friendly. Looks like the two have gotten to be good friends...
06.07.2004 » Festivalbar Interview Video Online  
[12:02 AM est] » Italian site Tgcom put up a video interview with Dolores only days ago and now the link is gone! What to do? Get it from ZG, of course.
06.06.2004 » Dolores "Back on Form" After Nanny Case  
[10:35 PM est] » Today's Irish paper "The People" spotted Dolores O'Riordan and her husband this week: Take a guess where? Also, the article reports that she appears to be "back in form" and it goes on to quote an anonymous source as to how she is handling herself after the Joy Fahy legal case.
06.06.2004 » Updated: Dolores Performs at Rock in Rio, Endorses Amnesty International  
[01:48 PM est] » Dolores made a surprise appearance on Friday at Lisbon's Rock in Rio festival, after lending her support to Amnesty International in a conference for the organization. Dolores appeared on stage with Britain's 1 Giant Leap, where they made a short unscripted performance of some very classic Cranberries songs. Details within. Update 7:49 pm est: First photos from the surprise appearance! Update 06.06: Two more photos from Dolores's surprise appearance.
06.02.2004 » Updated: Dolores & Zucchero @ Festivalbar 2004: Photos & Video  
[03:44 PM est] » On Saturday, Dolores appeared on stage once again with Zucchero to perform "Pure Love." Photos and video of the Festival performance are inside. Plus, RAI is going to be broadcasting a documentary about Zucchero's new album this week, more details within! Updated with 20 more backstage photos and downloadable videos!
06.02.2004 » Exclusive: "The Sun Does Rise" Live with Jah Wobble Video Download  
[03:11 PM est] » On June 4, 1994, Dolores made a one-time-only live appearance with Jah Wobble on the Later with Jools Holland Show to perform their duet, "The Sun Does Rise." A week later, Dolores once again appeared on the show, this time with the rest of The Cranberries. But that wasn't the only thing she brought with her on June 11; it was her first appearance with the platinum bleached hair that defined her look during the No Need to Argue era. While "Dreaming my Dreams" and "No Need to Argue" from the June 11th session are readily available on the "Ode to My Family" single, "The Sun Does Rise" performance is much rarer. A poor audio MP3 has been circulating for awhile, but this is the first video recroding we've uncovered anywhere, and Zombieguide is proud to bring it to you. Please note that that the video quality is very poor, as someone simply filmed the TV screen with a video camera. Given the rarity of this, though, that might be forgiven. Special thanks to Litsa for mailing the video to us and to Norbert for encoding it!
05.31.2004 » "Zu & Co." Special Edition DVD Screencaptures  
[07:40 PM est] » The Italian limited edition of "Zu & Co." contains a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes footage of the recording of the album. Check out screencaps of Dolores and Zucchero's recording session of "Puro Amore"! Update 06.02: Four more screencaptures.
05.31.2004 » Nanny Trial Inspires New Solo Songs for Dolores  
[06:12 PM est] » The Burtons' legal victory over former nanny Joy Fahy was a bittersweet one, and according to some onlookers, not worth having the couple's private lives spilling onto tabloid covers. The guelling legal battle has inspired Dolores to write several new songs about the ordeal, a friend tells Ireland's The Sunday Times. But the friend also warns the material might be too personal and never even be released...
05.30.2004 » May News Highlights  
[03:27 AM est] » May the Zombieguide updates commence! Your humble webmaster is back from Japan and ready to take the newscaster's seat once again. If you haven't been visiting the Forums, then you might be a bit behind on what's going on with The Cranberries, so here are condensed stories from the month of May, all inside: the nanny trial, "Angels Go to Heaven," Zucchero, Noel's solo stuff, and more! (Pic: CranPortal)
04.14.2004 » No Zombieguide Updates Until June  
[08:19 PM est] » Your humble webmaster will be spending the next six weeks in Japan as part of a study abroad program. Unfortunately, this will mean no (or at best, minimal) updates on Zombieguide until the very end of May/beginning of June -- which is a shame, because the next few weeks promise to be very exciting: the theatrical release of EvilEnko in Italy with Dolores's "Angels Go to Heaven," Dolores's performance at the Beautiful Night concert in Belfast in May, etc., etc. If you haven't already, join the Zombieguide Forums, the Internet's most active online Cranberries community, and keep yourself updated! Jaa, mata ne!
04.14.2004 » Gang Targets Dolores's Brother in Arson Attack  
[12:48 AM est] » Dolores's brother Terry O'Riordan, who works as a prison officer in Limerick, became the latest victim in a string of gang-related arson attacks late last month. A recent crackdown on concealed weapons in jails prompted gang members to set O'Riordan's Jeep on fire. Click the headline to read more.
04.12.2004 » Dolores to Sing "Angels Go to Heaven" for EvilEnko Soundtrack  
[10:53 PM est] » Last month, Italy got to see Dolores O'Riordan at the Sanremo festival. On Friday, a new film called "EvilEnko" will be released featuring a brand new song by Dolores O'Riordan called "Angels Go to Heaven" as its theme song. A 45-second clip of the song is now online, so check out the news for the link and the info on this somewhat unexpected surprise.
04.01.2004 » Official Site: "Cranberries Are Still a Unit"  
[03:48 PM est] » The new management at the Cranberries Official Website has finally begun sending out replies to fans' questions about The Cranberries' status, nearly all of which have gone unanswered since last September. In addition, InDESIGNS promises a redesign of the entire site to go online soon with "current with news and tour info to help our online fans stay notified." Read more inside.
04.01.2004 » Dublin Beautiful Night Concert Cancelled, Belfast Continues as Planned  
[02:23 PM est] » The mega-concert of Irish and international artists organized to welcome 10 new countries into the European Union underwent major changes today as RTE and the BBC announced that the Dublin half of the festivities has been scrapped. No confirmation yet on how this might affect the artist lineup, but we'll continue to report on the concert as it nears.
03.30.2004 » Cranberries Members May Speak at Limerick Music Seminar  
[04:04 PM est] » The audience at an upcoming "do it yourself" music seminar could be in for a double treat: not only are members of The Cranberries on the possible guest speaker list, but a Cranberry Saw Us reunion of sorts could also be in store, as Niall Quinn's Pennywhores are set to play at the same venue on the same day. Intrigued? Click the headline for the details.
03.29.2004 » Sunday Independent: Nanny Case to Extend Past Easter  
[01:55 AM est] » According to this week's Sunday Independent, the Joy Fahy case was originally scheduled to last only 3 days in court, with the final day on Tuesday. However, in light of all the new evidence, the proceedings have been rescheduled to include more days which will occur in the next legal term after Easter. Click the headline to read the article in the Zombieguide Forums, where you can post your own links and articles about the case. Additionally, there's a new scan in the Magazines Gallery in full color of Dolores with the instant-classic devil horns from Saturday's Irish Examiner. Thanks once again to Des for that contribution.

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