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03.27.2004 » Lawsuit Article on Front Page of Toronto Star  
[05:00 PM est] » A front-page article in today's Toronto Sun includes a rather... provacative... photo of Dolores O'Riordan giving herself devil horns in the ongoing case against former nanny Joy Fahy. Click the headline to go to the Magazines Gallery to check it out. Thanks to John for sending in the scan! If you have recent scans or photos not shown here, be sure to e-mail them to us!
03.26.2004 » Tabloids Pounce on Nanny Lawsuit  
[08:13 PM est] » Read what today's tabloids have to say about the ongoing nanny lawsuit inside. In typical fashion, they've filtered out the boring stuff and have amplified Joy Fahy's testimony, especially against Dolores's husband Don Burton. Click the headline to read text articles or go to the Magazines Gallery to check out the scans and photos sent in to us by Des. Also check out an article from Italian newspaper Leggo about the upcoming Zucchero duets concert in London, sent to us by Lorenzo. And of course if you have recent scans or photos not shown here, be sure to e-mail them to us!
03.26.2004 » Childsitter Lawsuit Continues; New Evidence Arises Today  
[09:09 PM est] » Lawyers for Dolores and Don Burton today put up a strong defense during a cross-examination of former nanny Joy Fahy. Attorney Bill Shipsey disproved dates purported by Fahy that Don Burton had been drunk and exposed Taylor to dangerous activity on a jetski. The defense also brought evidence today that Fahy had received illegitimate unemployment money from the Irish government while she was actually in London working for actress/model Elle MacPherson. All the details are inside, plus pictures, video, and audio reports from the High Court in London. More news on the former nanny's lawsuit to come soon.
03.25.2004 » Breaking: Former Nanny Sues Dolores & Don  
[08:13 PM est] » Dolores has recently said repeatedly that she wants to spend more time herself with her children, and for apparently good reason: a former nanny that worked for Dolores and Don is seeking legal action for an alleged broken contract and false imprisonment. The first details from Irish public broadcaster RTÉ are inside, with no doubt more newspapers and tabloids to follow in the coming days. Zombieguide will bring you the details as they happen.
03.23.2004 » New "Mirror Lover" Clip, Official J&S Site Open  
[10:04 PM est] » The Official Jam & Spoon Website has finally opened in anticipation of the upcoming album "Tripomatic Fairytales 3003," due out in Europe on May 25th. The album includes the song "Mirror Lover" with vocals by Dolores O'Riordan. A two-minute clip of the song is available on the new site from the Discography>Longplayer page. Thanks to Berryman for the discovery!
03.17.2004 » Holy Updates, Batman!  
[07:30 PM est] » *gasp!*
03.16.2004 » New "Ave Maria" Clip  
[11:31 AM est] » Amazon.com has put up another short clip of "Ave Maria," though this one is different from the one that appears on The Passion of the Christ's official page. The 30-second clip follows the one that appears on the official site and is available in three formats: web applet, Windows Media, and Real Player. Update 03.23: Amazon has for some reason removed the clip, but where there's a will there's a way...
03.15.2004 » More Bad News: Cranberries Lost €1.3 Million During 2002  
[10:40 AM est] » Might a financial setback have been a contributing factor to The Cranberries' decision to call it quits for awhile? They're in no danger of running out of money, but for the past few years, Curtain Call's profit margin has been riding on fumes, and according to two tabloids this weekend, actually went into the red for 2002. Facts and figures within.
03.12.2004 » Dolores is Back - In a Terrific Piece of Art  
[03:33 PM est] » Maurizio di Bona, aka "The Hand," is doing what he does best: making some very sharp and witty Cranberries sketches. Sanremo is the topic of the day. I'm sure we could make some joke about this being the Zombieguide and Dolores being "back from the dead" so to speak, but really, it escapes us at the moment.
03.12.2004 » "Linger" Included On New Café Rock Compilation CD Set  
[03:23 PM est] » The new compilation "Cafe Rock" is described as a collection of artists that "changed music forever," and accordingly so, it's tracklisting is a who's-who of music from the last decade. The Cranberries made the cut with the ever-classic "Linger." For more on the CD, look inside.
03.12.2004 » Dolores to Appear at Zucchero Benefit Concert  
[01:45 PM est] » Another of Dolores's solo appearances is confirmed; she will be appearing with Zucchero for a one-night-only benefit concert at the Royal Albert Hall to benefit the United Nations UNHCR Refugee Fund. This concert will coincide with the release of Zucchero's new duets album which has also gotten a release date -- see the news for more details.
03.09.2004 » Sanremo Press Conference Transcript  
[05:43 PM est] » When asked about fans' feelings towards the breakup of The Cranberries, Dolores responded rather coldly: "Come on! It wasn't a fatal attraction, it was just a group." Past tense does not a hopeful future make. More Q&A from Sanremo with Dolores O'Riordan about the dissolution of The Cranberries, inside.
03.07.2004 » More Photos from Sanremo  
[09:11 PM est] » More photos from the 54th Festival of Italian Song aka the Sanremo Festival. They come from Reuters this time, with an especially good one taken from Friday's press conference... If you have more, please send them to ZG! Updated 03.11 with another press photo.
03.07.2004 » Sanremo Festival Performance Video, Screencaptures, Impressions  
[12:16 AM est] » Dolores's first solo performance: the video, dozens of images, and lots of words.
03.06.2004 » Dolores Confirmed for Free "Beautiful Night" Concert on May 1  
[05:01 PM est] » The European Union has announced a partial lineup of artists who will perform at a massive concert to welcome 10 new countries into the EU -- Dolores is on the list! With the announcement of the Sanremo Festival and now the Beautiful Night concert, it would seem that even more Dolores O'Riordan solo performances are just around the corner...
03.05.2004 » 43 Second Preview Clip of "Ave Maria" Studio Version  
[11:56 PM est] » The Official Website for The Passion of the Christ has put up a high-quality 43-second preview clip of Dolores's "Ave Maria." Lets take those frowns and turn them upside down!
03.05.2004 » Dolores Confirms Cranberries Break Up  
[11:25 PM est] » The rumors have been flying for a year and a half. It's now straight out of Dolores O'Riordan's mouth: "Maybe a new Cranberries album will never come out. Maybe we'll return together in 10 years, who knows? Nothing lasts forever. The reason of this decision is that my main priority are my children." The somber news comes from a press conference for Dolores done earlier today in Sanremo, Italy. Photos, quotes, and much more inside.
03.04.2004 » Dolores to Make First Solo Appearance at Sanremo Festival on SATURDAY!  
[12:42 PM est] » News reports out of Italy confirm that Dolores will be making her first public appearance in almost a year this coming Saturday at Italy's Sanremo Festival. She is scheduled to perform "Ave Maria" against a backdrop of images from "The Passion of the Christ" which festival director Tony Renis promises to be "a moment full of magic." And really, how could Dolores's first appearance performing solo material be anything less?
03.03.2004 » Two Cranberries Articles in Italy's "Tutto"  
[01:09 AM est] » The newest issue of the Italian "Tutto Musica" carries two articles about The Cranberries. What does Tutto say about Dolores in their "Drugs and Music" exposé? The scans and translation of the latest from Tutto are inside.
02.23.2004 » "Songs Inspired By The Passion of the Christ" Official Site Open  
[02:48 PM est] » Universal South has put up a simplistic page for "Songs Inspired By The Passion of the Christ" with the album's new official title, tracklisting, and cover art. As previously mentioned, the album is getting an April 6th release in the United States and April 5th worldwide. Click the headline to check out the site. Thanks to Thomas for the tip!
02.24.2004 » "Ave Maria" Studio Version Confirmed for "Music Inspired By the Passion of the Christ"  
[01:04 AM est] » Nine years after Dolores performed "Ave Maria" with Pavarotti, there is finally an acapella studio version on the way. But is it Schubert's "Ave Maria"? That, we still don't know. Surprisingly, all of the other artists that we expected on this soundtrack -- David Hodges, Ben Moody, Beyonce, Scott Stapp -- are all missing from the tenative tracklist. The tentative tracklist for "Music Inspired By the Passion of the Christ" plus information about upcoming promotion for the CD is inside!
02.23.2004 » Tim Palmer Mixing New Dolores O'Riordan Solo Track  
[10:32 PM est] » The website for Worlds End Producer Management gives us our first hint at a brand new round of solo projects from The Cranberries' leading lady. Does Dolores have yet another soundtrack song up her sleeve? Sure does look like it!
02.23.2004 » The Artist Group International Registers NoelHogan.com  
[12:36 AM est] » It doesn't take a whole lot of puzzle-piecing to say that an official site for The Cranberries' guitarist is well on its way.
02.22.2004 » Exclusive: "Music Inspired by The Passion of the Christ" Release Confirmed  
[12:50 AM est] » Univeral Music's business-only website confirms a release for "The Passion's" inspired-by soundtrack, date included! No confirmation yet about the tracklisting, but ZG will stay on top of things.
02.20.2004 » Universal South Expected to Distribute "Music Inspired by The Passion of the Christ"  
[05:34 PM est] » While the film's score will be released on Sony Classical, Billboard says the multi-artist "Music Inspired by The Passion of the Christ" is expected to be released by rival Universal South. Still no official announcement on its release yet, keep your fingers crossed. (Haha! Cross! Oh, I'm gonna burn for that one...)
02.18.2004 » Super Mega Discography Update!  
[12:15 AM est] » Zombieguide's Complete Cranberries Discography has gotten a whopper of an update today. As always, if you can get us scans or info for something that is lacking, please submit it!. And now, for the list of updates... Newly Listed Items: Everybody Else... Indian cassette, Dreams UK telecine promo video , Free to Decide + Salvation German 2 CD single boxed set with t-shirt, When You're Gone Brazilian promo CD, God Be With You Korean promo CD, Especial de Rádio Brazilian radio promo CD, Bury the Hatchet German promo CD-R security-encoded acetate (no inlay), Bury the Hatchet German press folder + promo CD sampler, Bury the Hatchet: The Complete Sessions German promo CD, Bury the Hatchet French promo CD-R acetate, In the Zone US live radio show promo CD, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee UK promo 13-track CD acetate. Items with New Scans: Uncertain UK CD EP, Everybody Else... US CD, Dreams UK 12" white label test pressing, Inédits French unreleased tracks promo, Still Can't... US promo CD, Liar Spanish "Empire Records" promo CD, No Need to Argue Euro CD, No Need to Argue + The Live EP Australian 2 CD set, No Need to Argue + The Live EP Japanese limited edition 2CD set, Everybody Else is Doing It So Why Can't We? + No Need to Argue UK 2CD boxed compilation, Ode to My Family Australian cassette single, I Can't Be With You Japanese 3" CD single, Dreaming My Dreams UK promo CD, Up Close Radio Show US radio-only promo CD, Hollywood French promo CD, Bury the Hatchet US "Clean Version" (censored cover) CD, Bury the Hatchet US promo CD-R acetate, Promises UK 2-track promo CD single, Promises Mexican promo CD single, Just My Imagination Brazilian promo CD, You and Me Spanish promo CD single (green cover) , Wake Up and Smell the Coffee US CD, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Japanese CD, Time is Ticking Out Euro promo CD single, Stars Mexican promo CD single, and probably more than a few that we forgot to list here. Check em out!
02.17.2004 » "Music Inspired by The Passion of the Christ" Status Update  
[01:39 AM est] » It's not much of an upgrade, but the David Hodges official site now says that the "Music Inspired by The Passion of the Christ" CD now has an "unknown" status -- which is sure a whole heck of a lot better than "cancelled." Also, MTV reveals that Creed's singer has four songs written for the soundtrack. Will the CD be released sometime in the near or distant future? That, we can only hope -- and pray.
02.11.2004 » Passion of The Christ Multi-Artist Soundtrack Scrapped?  
[06:53 PM est] » According to David Hodges's official website, the soundtrack which was to include his song written for "The Passion of the Christ" has been cancelled without warning and without explanation. This is potentially very bad news, considering Dolores O'Riordan's acapella may have been planned for the same soundtrack.
02.11.2004 » Update: TAG Website is an "Illustration" Only  
[01:47 PM est] » Evidently, elements of the website for The Artist Group that were online yesterday were only an "illustration" and information contained on it was "not necessarily final or accurate." The website has now been changed to remove the "illustrative" elements. Also, we asked The Artist Group if Noel Hogan was involved with the new company -- read what a representative responded to that question.
02.10.2004 » Lewis Kovac Establishes "The Artist Group International"  
[08:53 PM est] » Lewis Kovac's new management company shares the same building as Curtain Call Limited. Will members of The Cranberries have anything to do with the new company? That question has yet to be answered.
02.03.2004 » "Linger" on Upcoming Greatest Irish Bands Compiliaton  
[11:08 PM est] » The Cranberries, U2, Sinead, The Corrs and many other prominent musicians are being gathered for a single "Greatest Irish Bands" CD release due out later this month, just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Not only that, the package includes a bonus DVD with a short documentary about Bono, an added plus if you're a fan of Irish music in general.
01.28.2004 » New Dolores Interview in Ireland's "Women's Way"  
[10:49 PM est] » The Irish Daily Star's recent quote from Dolores was taken from a larger interview published in the newest issue of Ireland's "Woman's Way." Read more excerpts from the brand new interview, inside. Meanwhile, if you can get a copy of the Irish "Women's Way," please email us!
01.26.2004 » Irish Daily Star Scan  
[08:34 PM est] » As promised, we've got a scan of last Thursday's Irish Daily Star where Dolores amusingly likens her future to Tina Turner's. And if you already read the transcription of the article, there's a small but new photo of Dolores taken from last November's Leonard Sexton Expo in Dublin that wasn't published previously. Huge thanks again to Des for sending in the scan and info.
01.24.2003 » Dolores in London Ritz Magazine  
[01:39 PM est] » Full scans of Dolores O'Riordan's interview from the Winter/Spring 2004 issue of London Ritz Magazine. Check out our mini-feature section dedicated to the new issue!
01.23.2004 » Dolores: I Wanna Be a Rockin' 40-Year-Old Mum!  
[05:26 PM est] » While taking time off to be a full-time mum, Dolores hasn't lost the urge to be a "rock star" mum either, she tells the Irish Daily Star. And while she's only 32 now, she hopes "to be up on stage like Tina Turner" in her old age, though there's still no indication on exactly when we'll see her on stage again. Click the headline for the latest! Scan to (hopefully) come soon.
01.21.2003 » Two Soundtracks for "The Passion of the Christ"  
[10:37 PM est] » Billboard reports that while the score for "The Passion of the Christ" will come on February 24th, another "Music Inspired by The Passion of the Christ" multiartist CD will follow soon after. Dolores's acappella may be included on the second multiartist CD rather than on the score itself, but we still have no confirmation either way.
01.21.2004 » Noel Recording with Matt Vaughan  
[09:22 PM est] » In the past year, both The Cranberries as a group and Dolores O'Riordan alone have been recording with programmer/producer Matt Vaughan. Now, with an update to Vaghan's management's website, Noel has also enlisted Vaughan's help...
1.20.2003 » The Passion of The Christ Soundtrack Release Date Revealed  
[08:28 PM est] » In little over a month, we could very well have the first fruits of Dolores's solo projects in our hands. We still don't know the tracklist, but the final composer, release date, and cover art for "The Passion of the Christ" Original Soundtrack has been announced -- inside for more.
01.17.2004 » Illawarra Mercury: "Zombie" Best Song of Summer 1994  
[09:42 PM est] » Yet more accolades for The Cranberries' most commercially successful single as "Zombie" appears in "best of the decade" lists...
01.17.2004 » CeDe.ch Auctions 7 Cranberries Gold Awards for Charity  
[09:00 PM est] » Want to be the proud owner of the slick award plaque to the left? There are seven of them up for bids right now as Swedish etailer CeDe and Universal Music have teamed up to auction these rare pieces for charity. Read what CeDe's manager had to say about the event, how you can buy one of these "Wake Up" awards and for how much.
01.16.2004 » Noel Hogan Joins Kobalt Music Group for Royalties Administration  
[07:03 PM est] » Guitarist Noel Hogan has newly joined with an independent royalties management group, assumedly in preparation for his upcoming solo projects. First details inside; we hope to have official comment from the Kobalt Music Group very soon.
01.16.2004 » Zucchero to Unveil Duet Songs on Saturday  
[03:42 PM est] » The Official Zucchero Fanclub has confirmed that the Italian singer will give fans a sneak peek at his upcoming duets album at a fan conference on Saturday. More news on the duets album expected on Saturday, as Zucchero fans will interact one-on-one with the singer and will have the opportunity to question him about the upcoming album.
01.11.2004 » Cranberries.ie Changes Servers  
[06:00 AM est] » No news is good news! .......right?
01.07.2004 » 42 Seconds of "Uncertain" & More in Videos  
[11:31 PM est] » 42 seconds makes this the longest known clip of The Cranberries' elusive 1991 video for their debut EP, "Uncertain." Though clips have been used in several documentaries, the full video for "Uncertain" has never surfaced among fans. This extendend clip comes to us courtesy of Rami aka Celtic Yodels, who sent me a video tape of Ovation TV's 1999 Music Express interview with Dolores. The clip along with the full Music Express interview (Part 4 coming soon) are now available in the Videos Section. I spent part of my holidays encoding more videos, several of which are now available: an MTV News clip from 1995, an MTV News interview with Samuel Bayer, and a whole lot more. As always, thanks to Norbert of Zombieguide Europe for his handiwork in the video section. More videos will be coming in the future, so keep it tuned here to Zombieguide!
01.07.2004 » Zucchero Duets Album Due in Late April  
[08:46 PM est] » We could see a duo of duets in April, provided that neither one of them slip any later. Zucchero is holding an official fanclub meeting this month in Italy in order to answer fans' questions directly, so we should have much more info on this subject in little over a week's time...
01.05.2004 » Jam El Mar Explains Jam & Spoon Album Delay  
[03:12 PM est] » One half of the Jam & Spoon duo explains that their album, originally scheduled for release today in Germany, has been postponed all the way to April in order to better promote it. Jam also reveals that he and partner Mark Spoon flew all the way to Canada to get Dolores's vocals on tape. Get the full story and some new links inside.
01.05.2004 » Ronan Keating Spreads Cranberries Christmas Joy  
[12:05 AM est] » If you happened to tune into the BBC's Radio 2 on Christmas Day, there's a chance you would have heard The Cranberries -- at the request of pop star Ronan Keating. Keating was given control over an hour-and-a-half block of music and he chose, according to the BBC, some "surprising recordings from The Cranberries."
01.01.2004 » "Stars" Discography Now Online; Discography Now Complete!!  
[08:57 PM est] » This update was a long time coming, but we figured there was no better way to start off the new year than to finish off our extensive project of cataloguing every single one of The Cranberries' music releases. The "Stars" page is now online, but our work is not yet done; we plan to continue to update the discography with new discoveries and your contributions. If you have a Cranberries release not listed, can send us better-quality images, or help the discography in any way, please send it to us!! And, of course, we will continue to update the discography with the release of new Cranberries material. As for now, we have some new submissions that were sent to us over the past few months, so we will try to add those to the discography ASAP!
12.29.2003 » Ritz Publishes New Interview with Dolores  
[10:08 PM est] » In the the first published interview since The Cranberries' second career break, Dolores is looking forward to escaping to her Canadian Winter Wonderland. In her last and most comprehensive interview of 2003, Dolores discusses the Vatican, the Rolling Stones, and talks about The Cranberries' future plans. Pictures of the very limited magazine, inside.
12.29.2003 » eBay Shuts Down 237 Auctions for Cranberries Rarities  
[11:17 PM est] » At right, a rare "Hollywood" French promo CD from 1997, one of the hundreds of Cranberries auctions that were shut down by eBay this weekend after their seller was suspected of "shill bidding," an illegal process of raising the auction price. Read about the aftermath of the auctions and what the seller has to say in his defence, exclusively here on ZG.
12.24.2003 » Review: Alan Swan, "From the Cradle to the Stage"  
[04:14 AM est] » Got some Christmas cash to spend? You can add to your Cranberries collection and help a worthy charity at the same time! Read Zombieguide's impressions of Alan Swan's new book, which features 75 Irish musicians, including The Cranberries' Fergal Lawler.
12.22.2003 » Major Cranberries Collector eBay-ing His Collection  
[09:34 PM est] » Canadian fan Danny Kronstrom has decided he will sell the bulk of his Cranberries collection, one of the largest in the world. The webmaster of The Cranberries Tape Trader will be listing his items one by one in the near future on eBay (where else?) for fans to pick up. Find out why the once hardcore collector has made the decision to sell, inside.
12.19.2003 » Noel, Fergal, and Mike Discuss Rolling Stones Tour  
[01:35 AM est] » What's this? A new interview?! In video form?! Yes, indeed kids, a new interview taped during The Cranberries' tour with the Rolling Stones this summer has Noel, Mike, and Ferg commenting on their privilaged invitation, their memories about the Stones, and something they call the "Curse of Keith" Richards that has haunted the band's drinking hangouts... want to know more? Click the headline for a summary and a link to download the video.
12.14.2003 » Special Edition "Stars" to Release in Japan  
[09:26 PM est] » The US and Japan were among the few countries not to receive the 2CD version of "Stars," and now it looks like that number has gotten even smaller. It's taken over a year, but Japan is finally getting a 2CD version of the greatest hits. Will the second CD contain anything new? That, we don't know yet.
12.13.2003 » Fake Dolores O'Riordan & Avril Lavigne Duets on eBay
12.09.2003 » Rumor: Dolores to Perform at Sting Tribute Concert?
12.09.2003 » Jam & Spoon's "Tripomatic Fairytales 3003" Delayed... Again
12.06.2003 » "Tripomatic Fairytales 3003" Album Promos Rleased
12.02.2003 » Zombieguide Sweeps the 2003 Cran Awards
12.02.2003 » Streaming Performance of "Salvation" on MTV UK
12.01.2003 » Sunday Independent: Dolores Searching for a New Home in Dublin

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