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11.30.2003 Dolores Speaks on Jam & Spoon Collaboration  
[01:27 PM est] Read what Dolores had to say about her collaboration with Jam & Spoon on their upcoming album, inside. Plus, check out what the German duo plan to stage in Europe to hype the release of "Tripomatic Fairytales 3003," due out in January.
11.28.2003 High Quality Irish Daily Star Scan  
[11:33 PM est] Yesterday I hinted at a better-quality scan of the new Dolores photo in yesterday's "Irish Daily Star" and here it is! Thanks again to Des for sending it in to us! In addition to the story we posted yesterday, the brief story also says, "Dolores has spent the last 6 months in Canada with her husband as his mother has been unwell." -- but you knew that anyway, didn't you?
11.27.2003 Rock Stage: Dolores is a "Firey Lady"  
[10:12 PM est] Unlike some of the other "ladies" on this list (term used loosely) by the Mexican magazine Rock Stage, Dolores is listed for talent rather than for a sexy body. Wow, what a concept!
11.27.2003 Irish Star: Dolores at Leonard Sexton Art Expo Launch  
[07:53 PM est] Dolores is in Dublin this week for the premiere exposition of another Irish artistic talent, Leonard Sexton. Lucky for us, The Irish Daily Star was there to grab a new photo of Dolores, and even better, we've got a low resolution shot of it for you inside. This is the first new photo that we've seen of Dolores in several months, and is it just us, or does she look different?
11.25.2003 Zombieguide Moves Servers (Again)  
[04:03 AM est] Congratulations! If you can read this, that means that your computer found Zombieguide's new server, since we are moving the site once again. Odds are, things are a little messy right now, so please excuse our mess and be patient. I'll continue to update the site throughout the week to try to fix all the transfer glitches. Also, sadly, the Zombieguide Forums must be restarted from scratch once again -- click the headline to go to the new forums for more info on that topic. But, the good news is, if everything is working correctly, you should be able to enter the forums at a new easy-to-remember address:
11.23.2003 Dolores and Jam & Spoon Duet Leaked to Internet  
[01:32 AM est] Finally, the wait has paid off, as one of Dolores O'Riordan's new side-projects is now available for download from peer-to-peer programs such as KaZaA. Time to cash in on your patience!!
11.22.2003 TTFD Orchestrator Michael Kamen Dies  
[12:58 PM est] The arranger for "To the Faithful Departed" and for the Pavarotti and Friends concert has died of an apparent heart attack, though more details are not currently known. Read more about Kamen's contributions to The Cranberries' career within.
11.20.2003 Jam & Spoon Album to Release January 5th  
[08:12 PM est] "Tripomatic Fairytales 2003" just barely got pushed into 2004, but at least we'll know when the wait for something new will end.
11.20.2003 MTV Rockumentary 1996 Video for Download  
[07:14 AM est] The Zombieguide Video Section has been updated yet again; the newest update is an MPEG encoding of MTV's excellent Rockumentary on The Cranberries, the source of the short "Uncertain" video clip, Dolores speaking Gaelic, and an unknown demo of "Dreams" at the beginning. In our opinion, it's possibly the best documentary ever done on the band, even though it only covers them up to 1996. Make sure you download it, or else you'll definitely be missing something special.
11.18.2003 Dolores Collaborating with Dan Brodbeck on Future Material  
[10:09 PM est] Another name is added to the list of people working with Dolores O'Riordan in Toronto. Who is Dan Brodbeck? Come in for his background and discography... we'll see what else we can dig up, so check back soon!
11.17.2003 Coldplay Covers "Linger" Live!!!!  
[09:58 PM est] We will take our beating now, because we really deserve to be whipped for missing this spectacular news: The magnificent Coldplay performed a cover of "Linger" during their tour of Ireland this summer. Find out why Chris Martin & Co. decided to pay tribute to The Cranberries' classic and get a quote from one of the band's representatives about the cover version, all inside!! If someone can send us an MP3 of this, we will be eternally grateful...
11.17.2003 Sunday Mirror: Noel Seen with Cranberries Ex-Manager in Limerick  
[01:28 PM est] The Sunday Mirror is at their paparazzi duties of stalking celebrities, and has spotted Noel with The Cranberries' former manager Lewis Kovac this past week. What could it mean? Well, we can't say for sure exactly, but it's a whole lot more interesting than watching Noel buy CDs. We can't tell what the "what" is, but we do know the "who,' "when," and "where."
11.16.2003 Dutch Singer Zosja Covers "Zombie" on New Album  
[04:57 AM est] "Zombie" has been covered on yet another artist's new album, but it's not the usual head-banging death metal type cover that we're used to hearing. Check the news story to download an MP3 clip of Dutch singer Zosja's new version of "Zombie" as she tries her best to mimic the classic O'Riordan yodel.
11.12.2003 New Jam & Spoon Album Title, Revised Release Date  
[01:35 PM est] As suspected, Jam & Spoon's upcoming album, "Tripomatic Fairytales 2003," has been delayed, but only by about a month. Click the headline for more on the title, it's approximate release date, and a full roster of special guests on the album. New Dolores vocals by the end of the year? Mmmm boy!
11.11.2003 Sunday Indie: Dolores to Fly Home in December  
[03:20 PM est] The O'Riordans will be home for the holidays, as The Sunday Independent reports that Dolores is scheduled to fly home next month after her current solo recording sessions.
11.10.2003 Zombieguide's Interview with Alan Swan  
[09:43 PM est] Alan Swan's new book "From the Cradle to the Stage," an in-depth look at the inspiration of Irish artists, is released this week, and includes a new interview with Fergal Lawler. Mr. Swan sat down with us to talk about all the factors that went into the creation of the new book. A full review of the book will come soon, but in the meantime, Alan Swan tells Zombieguide's Alex Kraus about his interview with Fergal, Fighting Blindness, and the current state of Irish music...
11.09.2003 Cranberries Parody on French & Saunders DVD  
[02:20 PM est] British comedy duo French & Saunders "take the piss out of" The Cranberries in their newest DVD release, "Living in a Material World." Honestly, no matter how much you like The Cranberries, you've still got to have enough sense of humor to laugh at it, so you might want to consider picking this one up. But don't worry, The Cranberries aren't the only ones getting made fun of...
11.07.2003 "Whisper to a Scream" DVD Retitled, Re-released  
[12:15 PM est] If you didn't get a chance to buy the documentary "From a Whisper to a Scream" when it was released on VHS and DVD in 2001, you're getting another chance, courtesy of Eagle Vision USA, who picked up the rights to the documentary and has re-released it on DVD this week under a new title, "Out of Ireland." Oh, and Dolores is on the cover this time!
11.03.2003 "Stop The Rumors!" An Artistic Look at the Two-Year Break  
[10:09 PM est] If The Cranberries were politicians, than this would be a political cartoon. Our good friend Maurizio di Bona aka The Hand has taken some of the frustration that Cranberries fans are feeling and has poured it into a healthy artistic outlet. Come inside to see The Hand's lighthearted look at The Cranberries' personal obligations outside of the group and get a good laugh (as true as the cartoon may be...).
11.03.2003 Dennis Storhi Names Cranberries As Favorite Artist  
[09:40 PM est] The Norwegian actor who appeared in The Thirteenth Warrior names The Cranberries as his current favorite band in a new interivew with IGN.
11.01.2003 Ritz to Publish Dolores Interview in December  
[11:52 PM est] Come December, some of the world's richest people will be reading a new interview with Dolores O'Riordan, but what about the rest of us?
10.30.2003 The Cranberries On Unofficial Beatles Tribute Collection  
[06:08 PM est] ZG's Shannon put it best: "Yes...this is beyond odd." The Cranberries' "tribute" to John Lennon is included on a bootlegged multi-disc compilation that eBay bidders are paying outrageous prices for...
10.25.2003 Exclusive: Zombieguide's Interview with Mike Plotnikoff  
[12:36 AM est] "Black Widow," Dolores' upcoming solo album, a Spiderman soundtrack contribution, "God Be Wtih You" and Bjrk comparisons (!), "To the Faithful Departed," "The Passion of Christ," "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee," and reasons for the band's current break are all discussed in this exclusive interview with Cranberries Engineer Mike Plotnikoff. Mike talked with us via telephone earlier today about these and many more revelations. Hit the headline for an MP3 of the full interview and a looong written transcript.
10.24.2003 Universal Releases Cranberries "Master Collection" in South America  
[02:37 PM est] As odd of a combination as it may be, Universal Music has packaged "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" and "No Need to Argue" together as a single limited edition set for release in Colombia. Come in for the tracklisting and an image of the new packaging. (On a related note, the scans of the "Go Your Own Way" bootleg have been put up, sorry we forget them!)
10.22.2003 Quick Update: "Passion of Christ" in Theaters February 24, 2004  
[04:23 PM est] Icon Productions has formally announced the distribution plans for Mel Gibson's upcoming "The Passion of Christ," which will feature a song in Latin by Dolores O'Riordan. The movie will be in theaters in the United States on Feburary 24, 2004 (Ash Wednesday on the Christian calendar), distributed by a partnership with Newmarket Films. Read the full story at E! Online
10.22.2003 CD Review: Dido, "Life for Rent"  
[06:24 PM est] Well, you gotta listen to something for the next two years, eh, comrades?? Now that the Cranberries are taking a two-year hiatus, there's no better time for Cranberries fans to expand their boundaries. Zombieguide's Alex Kraus takes a look at Dido's newest offering -- a good place to start, given the many comparisons with Dolores O'Riordan's voice given by the press.
10.22.2003 "From the Cradle to the Stage" Book Price, Release Date  
[01:59 PM est] A new interview with Fergal Lawler will be published next month in Alan Swan's charity book, "From the Cradle to the Stage." Get the final release date, price, and where you can buy it, first details here!
10.18.2003 Mike Plotnikoff Mixes "Black Widow"  
[07:37 PM est] First Smoothside, Matt Vaughan's management company, lists "Black Widow," and now Nettwork Management does the same! Find out the first details of Mike Plotnikoff's involvement with Dolores O'Riordan's forthcoming solo projects and take a guess at which music label the song is listed under!
10.18.2003 Zucchero: "Duets CD is Finished"  
[03:36 PM est] In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen newspaper this week, bluesy Italian singer revealed that his upcoming CD of duets has been completed and is ready for release. The question is, of course, when he wants to release it, since his schedule is booked for the moment.
10.17.2003 Cranberries and Woodstar at Red Room Launch Party  
[09:00 PM est] The Cranberries were spotted with fellow local musicians Woodstar at a recent launch party for a newly-renovated nightclub in downtown Limerick. It's no accident that The Cranberries and Woodstar have crossed paths multiple times over the past year; find out what Woodstar's lead singer Fin Chambers had to say about The Crans and their support for his fledging indie rock group.
10.17.2003 New Commercial Bootleg: "Go Your Own Way"  
[05:07 PM est] Although it's not a 2003 show, there's a new bootleg available on the streets of Europe entitled "Go Your Own Way." Odds are you have heard all of the recordings included on the disc, but for those Cranberry collectors that have to have everything, click the headline for tracklisting and scans.
10.16.2003 Simply Beautiful.  
[10:19 PM est] This photo of Dolores is so incredible that it ought to be, like, the national anthem, or something. OK, it's a little bit old, but we fancy it so much that we think it deserves its own main page update. And so it got one. Check out the Magazines Gallery for a massive (2.1 mb) scan of one fantastic photograph printed in the October 7th, 2001 issue of the UK's Sunday Telegraph Magazine. We have the full interview scanned as well, definitely a great read! (It's at the bottom of the page, at the end of the "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" section.)
10.15.2003 More New MPEG Downloads in ZG Video Gallery  
[05:20 PM est] If you haven't checked them out yet, there are new videos for download in the Video Section. Included are some impeccible quality encodings of the Pavarotti and Friends for the Children of Bosnia concert where Dolores sang "Ave Maria" with Pavarotti and "Linger" with Duran Duran's Simon LeBon. Also to be found are exclusive videos of an unknown performance of "Zombie" with Dolores's MTV Unplugged/Rolling Stone haircut, and, oh, heck, just check 'em out for yourself. More exclusives to come shortly!
10.15.2003 Storm Thorgerson Suffers Stroke; In Hospital.  
[05:20 PM est] Reports out of France indicate that art designer Storm Thorgerson is resting in a Paris hospital after suffering a stroke last Friday. Update: We have now learned that Storm is in stable condition. We continue to pray for his continued recuperation.
10.15.2003 "When You're Gone" on CBS's Cold Case  
[05:12 PM est] This weekend's episode of CBS's "Cold Case" gave a quick nod to a Cranberries classic.
10.13.2003 Dolores O'Riordan Solo Song Titles Revealed!!  
10.13.2003 Quick Update: "The Passion of Christ"  
[04:57 PM est] According to Reuters, Mel Gibson's film "The Passion" has been officially renamed to "The Passion of Christ." Trailers that you can currently find on the internet have been reportedly bootlegged, and were only meant for internal use at Icon Productions. The download popularity of the trailers has crashed many sites, including Ain't It Cool News, the original poster. Icon states that a full commercial trailer for the public will be available before Christmas (including music, maybe?? Let's hope!).
10.12.2003 Support Mel Gibson's "The Passion" Petitions Online  
[05:21 PM est] With major movie houses shunning the film, and outcry from special-interest groups, there is a small but very real chance that we may never see Mel Gibson's "The Passion." Will Dolores O'Riordan's song fall into the same fate as Titanic, The X-Files and Sweet November? As Cranberries fans, we should try our best to acertain that another Cranberries soundtrack contribution does not get cancelled yet again!
10.12.2003 Sunday Mirror Spots Noel in Dublin  
[04:57 PM est] Today's issue of "The Sunday Mirror" has published a candid photo of Noel Hogan, spotted in Dublin this week, far from his Limerick home. So what was he doing in Dublin? Find out within -- hopefully we'll have scans of the paparazzi photo soon!
10.11.2003 ZG Anniversary Contest Winners Announced  
[04:01 PM est] Who are the lucky devils to take home the prizes? Click the headline to find out.
10.10.2003 Official Site: "Update Will Come Soon"  
[12:15 PM est] Ooooh, all the promises we made... But to be fair, the last informal statement by the Official Website did not include any guarantee of a prompt announcement. Now we have the vague hope of the word soon...
10.09.2003 The Cranberries Help Out With English Class  
[12:13 PM est] One of several well-known nation-wide educational institutes in Brazil has chosen to incorporate Cranberries music videos as part of its curriculum in order to help students learn English. Find out what videos the school has chosen to use and what topics students are learning from them.
10.06.2003 Dolores's Dental Work in Trade Magazine  
[03:05 PM est] When you just can't read enough about your favorite celebrity's cosmetic procedures, Zombieguide is happy to fill that void. Dolores O'Riordan's cosmetic dentist is profiled in the September issue of a Canadian trade magazine -- read what he had to say about his work for Dolores and his other clients.
10.04.2003 Scan of Dolores & Fan from Spanish Rolling Stone  
[04:07 PM est] A follow-up to yesterday's news, we now have a scan of the Rolling Stone article of rock stars and their fans. Read what Esteban Lpez had to say about his encounter with the Cranberries' cantante and be sure to check the Magazines Scan Gallery for the article.
10.03.2003 Dolores O'Riordan Poses with Fan in Spanish Rolling Stone  
[01:54 PM est] October's issue of "Rolling Stone" in Spain covers the artist-fan connection with a pictorial look at some rock stars posing with their fans. The Cranberries and Suede are two of the bands pictured in the article. Hopefully scans will come soon! (If you have scans, send them!)
10.02.2003 "Zombie" on MTVLA's 10 Years: 100 Videos  
[05:37 PM est] Once again, MTV Latin America names The Cranberries as one of the best in the station's 10 year history. Find out what a Latin singer had to say about the video for "Zombie" when it was aired yesterday as part of the network's "MTV 10 Aos: 100 Videos" special.
10.01.2003 Dolores to Sing Acapella in Latin for The Passion  
[01:39 PM est] Although there has been no official update today as speculated, we do have some word about news coming out of the British Isle today. Dolores has told UK newspaper The Irish Post that her contribution to Mel Gibson's "The Passion" will be sung without instrumentals and entirely in Latin! (As we speculated days ago on the ZG Forums..) Click the headline for the story or go to the Zombieguide Magazines Gallery for the scan from today's Irish Post (thanks Tricon!).
09.30.2003 UPDATED: Istanbul 2002 Concert to Air on Turkish TV Again
09.29.2003 "Stars" DVD to Get Limited Edition Japanese Re-Release
09.28.2003 Cranberries Shift Management to Curtain Call
09.26.2003 CranFanatics Fan Art & Collection Pics Update
09.25.2003 Editorial: Are The Cranberries "In It Together"?
09.24.2003 New Magazine & Newspaper Scans
09.24.2003 "Stars" DVD Newly Released in Turkey
09.24.2003 Universo do Rock Wants Your Vote
09.21.2003 The Cranberries Music Videos on WAM!
09.21.2003 Storm Chasing on VH1
09.20.2003 5 Songs Televised from the Istanbul Show
09.20.2003 Istanbul 2002 Concert to Air on Turkish TV
09.19.2003 Contact Info Removed from Timeless Music Sitee
09.19.2003 Noel's Collaboration with Nishat Khan Cancelled
09.19.2003 Official Site to Update "Once We Have Confirmed Info"
09.18.2003 Time for Some Happy News: Videos
09.18.2003 "The Passion's" James Horner Connection
09.18.2003 Jam & Spoon's New Album To Be Released In October
09.17.2003 Publicist Lindsey Holmes Speaks to Hot Press
09.17.2003 Dolores O'Riordan Records Song for Controversial Film "The Passion"
09.17.2003 Dolores to Hot Press: "We are NOT Splitting Up"
09.17.2003 Cranberries Spokesperson: "It's Just a Break"
09.17.2003 Irish Celebrities and Personalites Comment on Cranberries' Hiatus
09.17.2003 More From Cranberries "Shutdown" Press Release
09.14.2003 Touring Unprofitable for The Cranberries
09.14.2003 Dolores Auctions "Just My Imagination" Jacket for Charity
09.14.2003 Dolores: "I Had to Get Out Before [Fame] Drove Me to Suicide"
09.13.2003 The Mirror: Dolores Has Written 5 Songs for "Helen of Troy"
09.08.2003 Dolores on Cover of Dave Fanning Compilation
09.05.2003 MPEG Videos, Hot and Fresh!
09.04.2003 M6 Nominates "Zombie" as One of the Best Songs of the Past 30 Years
09.03.2003 Zombieguide's 5th Anniversary Contest!
09.01.2003 Sunday Times: Dolores "May Play Helen
09.01.2003 More New Projects Officially Unveiled
08.31.2003 Cranberries Nominated for a Lunas del Auditorio 2003 Award
08.29.2003 Alan Swan Talks New Charity Book with Zombieguide
08.23.2003 Street and Townshend First Clients for New Olympic Studios Rooms
08.22.2003 New Videos: Hope You've Got Bandwidth to Spare...
08.20.2003 Declare The Cranberries As Your Favorite Female-Lead Band Online
08.19.2003 Videos Galore...
08.19.2003 Cranberries Make Cover Attraction on "Radio Inside" DVD
08.18.2003 "Doors and Windows" Promo Video for Download
08.16.2003 Exclusive: Cranberries Drop $2.6 Million Universal Lawsuit
08.15.2003 Rumor: Dolores to Star in "Helen of Troy"?
08.12.2003 Zucchero Duets Album Due in November
08.08.2003 Istanbul Concert to Webcast on Sunday
08.05.2003 Cranberries Using Gemini Studios for Pre-Production
08.04.2003 "Zombie" Nominated for Yet Another Video Countdown
08.04.2003 "Zombie" Nominated for Yet Another Video Countdown
08.02.2003 "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" Discography Section Now Online!
07.29.2003 UK Censored Edit of "Zombie" Video for Download
07.29.2003 Hot Press Denies Rumors Once More
07.26.2003 Crans' Music in Australian Daffodil Day TV Ads
07.26.2003 Cranberries Clarify Works-in-Progress
07.25.2003 40 Principales: Dolores Among Sexiest Singers of All Time

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