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07.23.2003 » Dolores Speaks about "Solo Album"  
[03:29 PM est] » Despite official denials earlier this year, Hot Press is continuing to state that Dolores O'Riordan's solo album is due for release next year. And better yet, the magazine has a brand new, exclusive interview with Dolores about her current solo material -- its "very experimental and out there," she states -- as well as that of The Cranberries. Quotes and brand new info, inside! Plus, more on the Brian Johnson collaboration.
07.22.2003 » Dolores and AC/DC Collaboration Revealed!  
[01:30 AM est] » Dolores O'Riordan's biographer Paul Russell reported weeks ago that he had spotted "Dolores singing a song from a musical with Brian Johnson of AC/DC" in a restaurant. Foreshadowing comes from the strangest places. Also, Hot Press continues to herald a Dolores O'Riordan solo album. Do they know something we don't? We'll know soon.
07.20.2003 » "Zombie" Gets Punked Out (Again)  
[02:23 PM est] » Nihilism abound. Kids, don't click on this one. This news is rated "M" for "Mature."
07.14.2003 » Sixth Album Preview Update  
[04:55 PM est] » As the days and weeks creep by, suspense is building higher and higher for The Cranberries' sixth album release. If you've missed news on the recording sessions, or just want a thorough review, Zombieguide has compiled everything we know about the upcoming new album into one very convenient place. Check out the Album 6 preview page -- all the details are "in it together!"
07.13.2003 » LA7 Interview: Cranberries "Very Selective" about Album 6 Tracklist  
[12:00 AM est] » Dolores tells LA7 that The Cranberries are intent on making their sixth release "a really beautiful album," even if that means that some songs have to go to the dumpster. "Even if we write 4 songs, we'll throw 3 of them away and we'll choose 1 [to keep]. We've got to be very selective to be sure that the next album is really good, because it doesn't make sense to make an album otherwise," she relates. The full translated transcript from the televised Italian interview is inside, along with half a dozen more screen captures!
07.10.2003 » New Storm Thorgerson Merchandise  
[04:35 PM est] » When you just cant get enough of your naked men and melting flamingos, you can buy them in postcard, book, or silkscreen print form, and with prices ranging from a couple of bucks into the hundreds. And if you're a cheapskate, well, Storm Thorgerson's website is always free.
07.10.2003 » LA7 Dolores Interview Screencaptures  
[03:21 PM est] » As promised, we have more media from Tuesday's newly-aired interview on the Italian network La7, namely five screencaptures of Dolores (with her hair pulled back, looking much like her "slicked back" look from late 2001). Click and check them all out inside.
07.09.2003 » Dolores to Sing in Italian for Zucchero Duet, Song Revealed  
[04:46 PM est] » Zucchero tried to discourage Dolores from singing in Italian -- "he didn't want me to sing in your language cause we, English-speakers, when we sing in Italian we sound so foolish." -- but she did it anyway! What will it sound like? Well, we have a sound clip of Dolores speaking (not singing) the lyrics, and finally, find out what song it will be on Zucchero's upcoming "Duets" CD!
07.07.2003 » Grab Original Cran Bootlegs for $6.99 Each  
[03:26 PM est] » Taiwan-based online retailer SOLcd is offering a total of four variations of different Cranberries bootlegs for the insanely low "super sale" price of $6.99 each. Their remaining stock is likely to be very low, so buy them soon if you want to get some factory-pressed live CDs at a great price. Update 07.09: The CDs have now sold out, hope some of you got the chance to buy one.
07.03.2003 » Dolores Contributes to Upcoming Irish Music Charity Book  
[02:44 PM est] » Not only is Dolores getting in touch with her literary side in an upcoming biography, she's also among several prominent Irish musicians contributing to the upcoming "From the Cradle to the Stage: A Complete History of Irish Music," a chronicle that promises to cover every genre of Irish music. Find out how the artists have been contributing, the book's release date, and the lucky charity that will be receiving all the proceeds, all inside.
07.02.2003 » Magazine Scan Gallery Updated  
[10:55 PM est] » We've had lots of scans accumulating over the past few weeks, so we finally made the effort to add them all to the Magazines Gallery. There are a total of 13 recent articles being added, namely: the USA version of "Eres" (February 2003), several from the British "Irish World" (November 2002 through January 2003), an unnamed German newspaper (June 2003), and some lethally high-resolution "Top Music" (Spain) scans (ranging up to 2mb each, beware!).
07.02.2003 » "Dreams" in Trailer for "Mona Lisa Smile"  
[05:03 PM est] » "Dreams" has been on more soundtracks than Oprah has been on diets, and with its presence in a new movie trailer, its very likely that we will be adding another to the already long list. With Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, and Julia Stiles all with lead roles, this movie is sure to be raking in major box office cash when its released this December. Check the news story for links to the streaming trailer.
07.02.2003 » Paul Russell: Cranberries Meet Rolling Stones, AC/DC  
[04:25 PM est] » As The Cranberries Official Site reported weeks ago, RTE producer Paul Russell has been hard at work on Dolores O'Riordan's upcoming official biography, and has been following the band around during their brief summer tour. What do you get when you stick The Cranberries in the same rooms as The Rolling Stones and AC/DC? One very interesting article and, according to Russell, "some of the rudest stories I've ever heard!" Curious for more? Click the headline.
06.30.2003 » More Dolores @ Bruce Springsteen Concert  
[11:38 PM est] » Days ago, an article published by Unison.ie relayed that Dolores O'Riordan and husband Don Burton spent some time at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Dublin on May 31st. As it ends up, Dolores and hubby were among a long list of Irish entertainment personalities present, reports Eircom.
06.27.2003 » Reporter Spends 48 Hours with The Cranberries  
[10:45 PM est] » Most fans are content just to share a few minutes with their favorite artists -- for a handshake, photo, autograph, or some combination of the three. But could you imagine spending 48 hours with Dolores and the rest of The Cranberries? That's what one reporter for the Irish-based Unison news network did late last year in Milan. (The extended visit apparently included several bottles of red wine as well. )
06.27.2003 » Fergal Puts a Cap on Summer Tour  
[09:46 PM est] » Today The Cranberries finished up their mini European tour with a gig in Killarney, Ireland, likely to be their last live performance for the rest of the year. Here's what Fergal had to say about the tour thus far and about tonight's gig...
06.19.2003 » More Hot Press Private Gig Photos  
[11:05 PM est] » The Cranberries' private Dublin gig this past March was open only to a very select few in the Irish music industry, but that doesn't mean that fans can't get a glimpse of it after the fact. Two new photos from the Hot Press industry-only concert within.
06.19.2003 » Irish Newspaper Reviews Cranberries Official Website  
[10:20 PM est] » Sure, we all visit the Official Site enough to make it our second home, but how would an unbiased third party rate the page? Last week, Irish newspaper The Tuam Herald both reviewed and scored The Cranberries Official Site on everything from content to frequency of updates. How did the newspaper rank the site on a scale of 10 possible points? Click to find out.
06.18.2003 » Vaughan Also Working on Dolores Solo Tracks  
[12:20 AM est] » Not only has programmer Matthew Vaughan been dabbling with The Cranberries' new material, but he has a hand in Dolores O'Riordan's piano-and-vocal tracks as well, which are likely to be used for a possible movie soundtrack. Does this mean Stephen Street has joined him for those songs?
06.16.2003 » "Ode" Live Performance on Brazilian DVD  
[05:52 PM est] » A new Brazilian DVD concert compilation called "Rock Revolution" includes a 1996 Cranberries performance of "Ode to My Family." And considering the stratiated list of artists that appear, "Rock Revolution"'s definition of "rock" is a broad one indeed...
06.16.2003 » Full-Length MP3s of "Astral Projection" and "In It Together"  
[01:06 PM est] » In case you still haven't heard the live incarnations of the new songs, here's a belated news blip on the two new MP3s circulating the Internet.
06.16.2003 » Videos: Vatican 2002, Seoul 2002 & Hit Machine 2001  
[12:58 AM est] » Get your helping of "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" era videos of with trio of live offerings from Italy, France, and Korea. First is Dolores O'Riordan's appearance at the Tenth Annual Vatican Christmas Concert from this past December (Live Performances 7). Yes, finally videos of "Linger," "Adeste Fideles", and Dolores' meeting with the Pope are available. Next is the opening track ("Wake Up") from the band's performance in Seoul, Korea last August, one of the very few pro-recorded videos of last year's tour (Live in Concert 2). And to round out this brew of coffee, we have "Analyse" performed on France's Hit Machine in October 2001 (Live Performances 8). Don't miss the very cool lighting, color, and graphic effects. These videos were encoded by a few different authors, and we want to thank each of them for their time and effort. Be sure to check back soon, 'cos we ain't done yet! More videos very soon...
06.14.2003 » CranFanatics Update  
[10:33 PM est] » There's a total of 14 new pieces of Cranberries fanart to be had in tonight's update of the CranFanatics section. We've got sketches, watercolor, a charcoal piece -- oh, and another piece of Don Burton artwork, too! If you've got some artistic Cranberries pieces -- or look-alike or collection photos -- to share, just read the bottom of the CranFanatics section to find out how to get your image posted! All entries welcome!
06.13.2003 » Zucchero "Duets" Album to Arrive Around Chistmas  
[03:40 PM est] » No more waiting until 2004 for new material -- according to several Italian sources, there's a good chance we'll be hearing the Dolores & Zucchero duet before the end of the year.
06.11.2003 » Video Clips of Cranberries' Opening for The Stones  
[11:35 PM est] » A Rolling Stones concert might be a strange place to demonstrate your new cell phone's capabilities, but apparently somebody didn't think so. This Cranberries moment has been brought to you by the Microsoft Smartphone™.
06.09.2003 » More on Fergal & Headgear  
[03:24 PM est] » Wondering exactly what the "favor" was that Fergal was repaying to Headgear's Darragh Dukes? More details on Fergal Lawler's appearance as guest live drummer for Headgear, all inside!
06.09.2003 » Dolores to Record Zucchero Duet Today  
[12:29 PM est] » Dolores told the Bolanzo concert audience last night that she will be recording with Italian bluesy singer Zucchero -- sensibly enough -- while in Italy. Find out exactly what she said, within.
06.08.2003 » New Video: Taratatà 1999  
[04:10 PM est] » On the "Live Performances 6" page in Zombieguide's Video Section, you'll find yet another exclusive downloadable morsel, once again brought to you together by Zombieguide and Zombieguide Europe. The newest entry is The Cranberries' performance on the Italian show Taratatà in 1999, namely performances of "Zombie," "Linger," "Animal Instinct," and "Promises," plus an interview segment. The MPEG is a total of a whopping 253 mb, divided into three split batch files (for instructions on how to download a batch file, just go here). Also, don't forget to look at the "Live in Concert 2" page for a download of "Dreams" from the ameteur-filmed Shepherd's Bush gig from London 1999.
06.07.2003 » More London Concert Photos  
[05:31 PM est] » The media keeps rolling in from The Cranberries' current outing in Europe. We've got small batch of more concert photos taken from Monday's gig at the London Astoria.
06.07.2003 » Official Site Reveals A Smorgasbord of Information  
[01:20 AM est] » The ongoing 2003 summer tour, Dolores O'Riordan's involvement in an upcoming autobiography, and -- what's this? -- a new duet, are all included in the latest update on The Cranberries' Official Site.
06.07.2003 » Official Merchandise Features Work By "The Hand"  
[12:54 AM est] » All of us here at Zombieguide are blown away by the artwork of Maurizio Di Bona, "The Hand". But the big news is that we at Zombieguide aren't the only ones impressed with The Hand. The Cranberries have received permission from Maurizio Di Bona to use his work for the design of several new promotional merchandise items.
06.03.2003 » Double Exclusive: "In It Together" and "The Sun Does Rise" Videos  
[07:31 PM est] » Zombieguide is proud to bring you not one, but two brand new exclusive videos: a clip of the new song, "In It Together" and the elusive 1994 music video for "The Sun Does Rise." What are you waiting for??! Click already!
06.02.2003 » Lots of Discography Updates  
[03:01 PM est] » As we said when we began this section, we plan to make our Complete Cranberries Discography an ongoing process, and there's nothing better to prove it than a long list of updates! Newly-listed items: Dreams US cassette single, No Need to Argue Greek 12" vinyl test pressing LP, Ode to My Family (Live) "Promohits" Brazilian promo CD single , I Can't Be With You UK promo cassette, To the Faithful Departed UK promo cassette, Seven Years Unreleased Japanese "greatest hits" compilation CD, Bury the Hatchet Russian budget edition CD, Just My Imagination UK Part 2 CD single, Beneath the Skin: Live in Paris Brazilian DVD, Beneath the Skin: Live in Paris Indonesian 2VCD set. Updated listings: Everybody Else... US CD, Everybody Else... US/UK cassette, Everybody Else... UK limited Audiophile LP, Everybody Else... US promo cassette, Everybody Else... + Linger UK promo album and CD set, Live Japanese laser disc, Zombie Japanese CD single, Ode to My Family US promo CD, Ode to My Family Japanese CD single, Ridiculous Thoughts Japanese CD single, Salvation French 2-track CD single, Hollywood French Limited Edition 4-track single, Coca-Cola Planet Live European radio-only promo CD, Ave Maria German promo CD single, Animal Instinct UK Telecine PAL promo VHS, Beneath the Skin: Live in Paris US VHS, Beneath the Skin: Live in Paris Hong Kong 2VCD set. If you have additions or changes to help us build this massive Cranberries catalog, please go here to find out how to contribute. In the meantime, the "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" Discography is underway, although it needs to stay in the incubator for a good while longer...
06.02.2003 » More Belfast Concert Impressions  
[02:35 PM est] » Still no impressions posted on the official site, but Zombieguide's got you covered with more first-hand accounts of The Cranberries' gig last week in Northern Ireland. Yet more impressions of "Astral Projection" and "In It Together," within!
06.01.2003 » Fergal Makes Appearance as Guest Drummer for Headgear  
[03:01 PM est] » By day, he's the mild-mannered drummer for The Cranberries, but by night, he's working his undercover job as percussionist for Limerick one-man band Headgear! Fergal played live a month ago for the up-and-coming band that Hot Press has labelled "the next big thing." Come in for the first details, more to come later.
05.30.2003 » More on the Belfast Gig at ZG Mexico  
[10:56 AM est] » Zombieguide Mexico has gotten ahold of more tidbits relating to yesterday's concert in Belfast, which kicked off The Cranberries' brief 2003 tour. There's some bits on Dolores' quirky customized T-shirts, the stage setup, and more. It's available in English, so just enter the English part of the site and you'll find it on the main page. Also, the Official Site has posted images of the concert poster and setlist, with reviews to come shortly -- view both images here.
05.30.2003 » Dolores on Astral Projections...  
[01:08 PM est] » The new song may have nothing to do with this, but Dolores has mentioned astral projections before, and the context is quite interesting. What did she have to say about her own astral experiences? Click the headline to find out.
05.29.2003 » Two New Songs at Belfast: "Astral Projection" and "In It Together"!  
[09:56 PM est] » It looks like even after "Stars," The Cranberries still have their heads in the clouds when it comes to writing song titles. Come in for the very first look at the Cranberries' two newest songs that were premiered tonight in Belfast. Only Zombieguide has it first!
05.29.2003 » Official Press Release Reveals Summer Plans  
[01:08 PM est] » As you should know by now, The Cranberries are being paired with one of the biggest bands in the world when they open for the Rolling Stones this summer. This will see the Crans playing to some of the largest audiences they've had in their entire career, which is certainly something to get excited about! Here's some bits from the band's lastest press release...
05.29.2003 » Update: "7 Years" Song and Compilation Not Related  
[10:56 AM est] » Although the titles are the same, "7 Years" the song and compilation surprisingly have nothing to do with each other. Who would have guessed that, five years later, the unreleased "Odd Bits and Hits" would still be making Cranberries headlines??
05.29.2003 » Zombieguide Wants Your Concert Experiences!  
[12:34 AM est] » The Cranberries' brief 2003 European outing kicks off tomorrow night in Belfast, Ireland. We at Zombieguide want your concert photos and impressions -- especially of any surprises (*cough* new songs??) which may pop up -- MP3's, merchandise/memorabilia scans, and pretty much anything related to the upcoming set of gigs. After six months of The Cranberries out of the public eye, we can certainly expect news to get rolling within the next few days, but it'll only happen with our readers' help, so send in your submissions! We'll have lots of news very shortly, including an update on our "7 Years" feature.
05.27.2003 » Feature: The Unheard B-Side: "7 Years"  
[04:55 PM est] » All the theories about unreleased tracks from "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" finally prove to be right. The Cranberries' management told us today that a Dolores-and-Noel-penned country-style song entitled "7 Years" was never released to the public, and, unfortunately, probably never will anytime soon. Zombieguide has the full story within. Update 9:15 PM: More info. on the aborted Japanese release of "7 Years."
05.25.2003 » World Cup Goalie Splits Over Cranberries Gig
05.20.2003 » Cranberries on MTVLA Weekend Wrapup
05.19.2003 » Album 6 Programmer Revealed
05.14.2003 » Lots of Cran on MTVLA
05.12.2003 » CranFanatics Update
05.10.2003 » Zombieguide Video Section (Re)Opens
05.09.2003 » Universal Mexico Comments on Cranberries Departure
05.09.2003 » Special Edition "Empire Records" to Release on DVD
05.09.2003 » "Linger" on MTVLA's Top 20 Videos of 1993-2003
05.04.2003 » A Long-Haired Dolores On Drums
05.02.2003 » "Stars" on Argentinian Summer 2003 Sampler
04.28.2003 » Shady Promoter Prompts Cranberries to Re-Think Luxembourg Show
04.28.2003 » Sony Fixes BTS DVD Incompatibility Glitch
04.28.2003 » "Dreams" Showcased at Apple iTunes Press Conference
04.25.2003 » Bury the Hatchet Discography Now Online
04.19.2003 » New Record Label: Timeless Music?
04.19.2003 » Cranberries on Jameson Irish Whiskey Sampler
04.18.2003 » Fergal Interview in "Eres"
04.16.2003 » Planet Rock Profile to Air in the US in May
04.15.2003 » Ireland's Minister for Arts "Delighted" at SummerFest Lineup
04.15.2003 » Noel a No-Show at London Marathon
04.09.2003 » Zombieguide Complete Cranberries Discography Back Online
04.08.2003 » CranFanatics Section Back Online
04.07.2003 » Zombieguide Magazines Gallery Back Online
04.07.2003 » Cranberries Recording at Olympic Studios in London
04.03.2003 » More "Blue Jean" Cranberries Booklet Scans
04.02.2003 » New Songs Have Fergal “Over The Moon”
04.02.2003 » AC/DC to Open Alongside Cranberries at Oberhausen Rolling Stones Gig
03.31.2003 » Album 6 Preview Update
03.31.2003 » 2003 CranAwards Kick Off
03.29.2003 » Zombieguide Forums Back Online
03.29.2003 » Breaking: "Zombie" Censored from Aiwaves by British Government
03.27.2003 » Details on Secret Hot Press Gig
03.27.2003 » "Música Sí" Up to Their Old Tricks Again
03.27.2003 » US Congress May Pay $3.5 Million for Irish Music Rights
03.27.2003 » Zombieguide Rises from the Dead
03.11.2003 » A Letter from Dolores on Official Web Site
03.11.2003 » Italian Cranberries-Only Concert Scheduled
03.10.2003 » Cranberries Concert Part of BBC6's St. Patrick's Day
03.07.2003 » MTV France to Air MTV Unplugged Tuesday
03.07.2003 » Japanese "Stars" DVD to Release Next Week
03.05.2003 » "Blue Jean" Bonus Booklet Scans
03.04.2003 » Blue Jean Magazine Includes Cranberries Booklet
03.04.2003 » "Very Best Of Unplugged 2" Released in Germany
02.28.2003 » Another Massive Discography Update
02.26.2003 » The Word on the Street
02.26.2003 » Crans to Play Cirkus Krone Bau in June
02.24.2003 » "Zombie" On MTV's Very Best of Unplugged Volume 2
02.23.2003 » All Music: Dolores O'Riordan - Double Life of a Star
02.23.2003 » Filipino Fashion Show Pays Tribute to British Celebs
02.23.2003 » Feature: Vatican Christmas Concert 2002
02.21.2003 » MP3 of the Week: "Analyse" Acoustic Version from Brazil "TITO" Promo
02.21.2003 » Touring, Recording, and Release Date Info
02.21.2003 » Dolores Wants To Know: Dance Remix of "Salvation"?
02.17.2003 » Discography Update
02.16.2003 » Japanese "Stars" DVD Delayed Again
02.14.2003 » Official Web Site Update
02.09.2003 » "To the Faithful Departed" Discography Now Open!
02.09.2003 » MP3s of the Week: On the Edge (Westwood One) 1993 Performance
02.09.2003 » Dolores Interview in Italian "All Music"
02.07.2003 » The Cranberries Featured On Two More Compilations
02.06.2003 » Cranberries Among Most Pirated in Mexico
02.05.2003 » "Making of" Video Features
02.03.2003 » Autographed Guitar Fetches $3500+ For Belgium Charity
02.03.2003 » Official Tidbits: No US Tour in April, More Euro Shows, Possible New Contracts
02.01.2003 » Cranberries "Charmed" Episode to Re-air on TNT
02.01.2003 » Dolores's Shoes Going Once... Twice... SOLD!
01.31.2003 » EXCLUSIVE: Untitled 5-Track Demo Download
01.30.2003 » Cranberries Confirmed for Milan Date with The Stones
01.28.2003 » Go Shopping with Dolores on ZG Europe
01.27.2003 » Make Room For Another Compilation CD
01.27.2003 » A New Year = A New Tour
01.25.2003 » A Walk In Dolores's Shoes
01.25.2003 » Cranberries on New Compilation CD
01.23.2003 » The Cranberries to Start Independent Label
01.21.2003 » Breaking News: Cranberries Terminate Universal Contract Effective Immediately
01.15.2003 » It's a Burton Family Affair in "Gala"
01.14.2003 » Cranberries on "Best of All Time" Charts
01.14.2003 » Writing for 6th Album Going Smoothly


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