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01.09.2003 Zombieguide Wants YOU!  
[06:01 PM est] Yes, you too can become a member of Zombieguide's tiny but insane insanely dedicated staff. We're looking for someone to help out primarily with the Cranberries news flow, although other sections may be included too. Read here to see exactly what we're looking for, and if you're qualified and willing, we will be more than happy to welcome you to the staff.
01.07.2003 Cranberries Rake In 1 Million in 2002  
[06:10 PM est] According to an Irish-based report released today, The Cranberries are still among Ireland's richest denizens, collectively earning a seven-digit income last year. Also included are figures from other Irish musicians, namely U2, Westlife, and Enya.
01.07.2003 More Vatican Backstage Practice Photos  
[05:30 PM est] If you haven't gotten your Vatican fix yet, there's plenty more to be had inside, namely six photos taken from the rehearsal session days before the actual concert. Check 'em out right here.
01.04.2003 "Stars" on Top of the Pops Screencaptures  
[12:44 PM est] The Cranberries' performance of "Stars," recorded this past fall for the European TV show Top of the Pops, was aired this morning on the Italian network RAI2. Check the story for more than a dozen large screen captures, featuring the now-famous pink top from the "Wake Up" photoshoot.
01.02.2003 MP3s of the Week: Two Meter Sessions 1993  
[09:41 PM est] You may be a bit surprised to know that one of The Cranberries' earliest radio performances happens to be one of the best quality. The band performed I Will Always and Wanted on May 25, 1993 in Nederhorst Den Berg, Holland for the Two Meter Sessions. Sorry we're late with this one (you wouldn't believe how much time has gone into the Complete Discography already), but we hope we've made up for it by having two songs with supreme quality as this week's MP3 of the Week.
01.02.2003 "Everybody Else..." Discography Page Now Open  
[06:43 PM est] Excuse our hibernation for the past few days, but now you can see what we've been working on... Island Records put out nearly 50 different releases for The Cranberries' debut, "Everybody Else is Doing It So Why Can't We?" Now you can see all of them in Zombieguide's Complete Cranberries Discography. Again, if you know of a release that we have omitted or can provide scans of something we don't have or can give us better scans of what we have shown, we will certainly appreciate all contributions, so send us your input. All contributions will be credited! And now for some other updates.....
12.30.2002 New Section: Zombieguide's Complete Cranberries Discography  
[07:33 PM est] You've probably noticed by now that we here at Zombieguide tend to be a bit on the ambitious side, and our newest undertaking will be no exception. Our goal is for our new Complete Cranberries Discography section to be exactly that -- complete. That means if 10 copies of a promo for "Linger" were made just for supermarkets in Uzbekistan, we want to include it on our list. This also means we'll need lots of reader input. If you know of a release that we have omitted or can provide scans of something we don't have or can give us better scans of what we have shown, we will certainly appreciate all contributions, so send us your input. As of right now, the "Early Materials" page is complete (we think!) for all of The Cranberries' releases and demos up until their first album. This is likely to be a work-in-progress for several weeks, or even months, so please bear with us!
12.29.2002 Poster Bundled with Taiwan "Stars" DVD  
[12:08 AM est] First came the "Wake Up" boxed set, followed by the "Wake Up" Asian Tour Edition, and the "Stars" 2CD set with extra goodies -- Now there's a fourth reason to envy the small Asian country with disproportionate bonuses; the newly-released "Stars" DVD includes a promo-only poster.
12.28.2002 "Stars" #4 Album of 2002 on CNN  
[01:53 PM est] In a poll of visitors on the website for CNN International's "The Music Room," The Cranberries' "Stars: The Best of 1992-2002" was voted as the #4 album for 2002 in a ranking of the 20 top albums of the year. The Cranberries' greatest hits compilation was beaten out by Coldplay at the #1 spot, and then Eminem and Avril Lavigne, respectively. Not bad for a greatest hits, eh?
12.27.2002 Vatican Broadcast Screen Captures  
[03:06 PM est] Over a dozen high-res screen captures taken from this week's broadcast of the Vatican Christmas Concert on Italian channel Canale 5. Come in for 800x600 goodness of Dolores performing "Adeste Fideles" and more info on the broadcast.
12.26.2002 First Professional Vatican Pics in "TV Sorrisi"  
[04:45 PM est] The newest edition of the Italian entertainment guide "TV Sorrisi & Canzoni" has published two professional pictures of Dolores O'Riordan from the recent Vatican Christmas Concert. The first picture shows Dolores ceremoniously kissing the ring of Pope John Paul II. The second shows all the artists together singing John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War is Over)," the concert's grande finale. Click the headline to head over to the Magazines section to check them out. Thanks to Matteo for the scans!
12.25.2002 "Blue Jean" Interview Translation  
[06:41 PM est] Fergal tells "Blue Jean" magazine that the band has "lots of completed songs" that are ready for recording for the sixth album, in addition to upcoming "experimentation." Plus, more on family life in Limerick, terrorism, and the Greatest Hits, all in the English translation, exclusively here on Zombieguide!
12.25.2002 Interview and Photos in "Blue Jean"  
[11:17 AM est] The Turkish magazine "Blue Jean" (who gave The Cranberries a cover article last fall) has published an interview, concert photos, and a backstage photo in their newest issue. We'll have a translation very soon, but in the meanwhile, enjoy the photos. Thanks to Haluk for the scans! More coming soon, right here on ZG...
12.25.2002 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  
[10:36 AM est] Just in case you don't get wished a Merry Christmas on any other site you visit, let us be the first! We here at Zombieguide hope your holiday is filled with cheer this year for both you and your family. Thanks to our reader Klarebel for the special Cranny greeting on the right. Oh, and just so you know -- The Official Cranberries Website probably won't be updated again until January 4th or so, but Zombieguide will remain updated continuously throughout the holiday break. We've got one update on the burner right now, which will be posted within a few minutes... (Oh, and happy 31st birthday to guitarist Noel Hogan, too!)
12.22.2002 Feature: "The Sun Does Rise" Video  
[07:57 PM est] It's considered one of the rarest Cranberries-related music videos, so rare, in fact, that most fans don't even know of its existence. It's the music video for "The Sun Does Rise," Dolores' world-music-inspired duet with Jah Wobbles' Invaders of the Heart back in 1995. The CD single is rare and the music video is virtually non-existent to find. But luckily for you, Zombieguide and Cranberries Videography have teamed up to give you a glipse of this scarce clip through nearly two dozen exclusive screen captures. (Forgive the quality, considering its rarity.) And don't let the Italian text repell you -- click here for a translated version and you'll soon discover that the Cranberries Videography is an excellect example of a fan page taking a specific aspect of a band and covering it thoroughly and entirely! Also, be sure to check Cranberries Videography in the coming days for more exclusive video specials, brought to you in conjunction with Zombieguide!
12.21.2002 MP3 of the Week: "(They Long to Be) Close to You" Live 7.30.1994  
[07:20 PM est] Fresh out of the studio from "No Need to Argue," Dolores & Co. performed the Carpenter's "(They Long to Be) Close to You" live on July 30, 1994 at Semple Stadium in Feile Tipperary, Ireland (the city where Dolores was married). The Crans originally recorded the track for the "If I Were a Carpenter" tribute album, and it was later used as a B-side for the "I Can't Be With You" single. This is the only live recording of "Close to You" known to exist, and only the second documented live performance of it (the other being one of the gigs at Royal Albert Hall in Jan. 1995). Enjoy it exclusively here as Zombieguide's MP3 of the Week!
12.21.2002 Pleasant Surprise for the United States!  
[03:31 PM est] In a shocking revelation made in his periodic letter on the Official Website, drummer Fergal Lawler announced that The Cranberries will begin a tour of the United States beginning in April, instead of taking time off until summer. Lawler admits that "We haven't spent enough time there in the last few years" after the band was presented with an offer to tour North America earlier this week. Details inside!
12.19.2002 Exclusive: First Vatican Performance Photos  
[08:56 PM est] Zombieguide has got their hands on a some ameteur photos taken from Dolores' performance at the Tenth Vatican Christmas Concert this past Saturday. The photos, taken from the audience, are not exactly close-ups, but you can get a good idea of how Dolores looked on stage.
12.18.2002 Hot Press Editor Comments on Inaccurate Rumors  
[05:27 PM est] Upon learning that Hot Press was partly responsible for the recent wave of nasty, albeit totally inaccurate, reports that The Cranberries are splitting up, Hot Press editor Niall Stokes said, "On the contrary. During both the research process for the Hot Press special issue devoted to The Cranberries, as well as in the interviews with all of the members of the band - all of which were published in the magazine - what we encountered was an outfit that seemed remarkably happy, confident and content as a unit." A full explanation from Hot Press is available by clicking the headline above.
12.17.2002 Official Site Squashes Breakup Rumors  
[07:45 PM est] Dolores said it best when she told Vox Magazine about the media that, "They can print anything they want. They don't have to check the facts." Finally, after nearly two weeks of rumors that have snowballed out of proportion, The Cranberries Official Website has put a halt to the widespread (and pathetically false) rumors that Dolores was planning to "quit" the band.
12.16.2002 MP3 of the Week: "New New York" Live in Firenze, Italy 11.18.2002  
[09:05 PM est] This week's MP3 of the week is "New New York" being performed live last month at the sold-out Palasport in Firenze, Italy. The track comes from a full-length audience-recorded bootleg which has been circulating among collectors, and this may very well be the first full-length live recording of "New New York" to hit the Internet. Thanks to Elio for contributing this week's MP3 of the Week at Zombieguide!
12.15.2002 Greeting & "Adeste Fideles" Practice Video Footage  
[08:03 PM est] Follow the links to check out 19 seconds of Dolores effortlessly belting out "Adeste Fideles" that will leave you awestruck and gasping for more -- it did for us here at Zombieguide!!
12.15.2002 More Vatican Press Conference Photos  
[06:52 PM est] We have two more photos from Friday's press conference at the Vatican, although we are still lacking actual performance photos from yesterday's Vatican Christmas Concert. Check out the new photos inside.
12.15.2002 Dolores Performs 3 at Vatican Christmas Concert  
[02:02 PM est] A Cranberries song, a traditional Christmas song, and a John Lennon cover made up Dolores O'Riordan's performance for Pope John Paul II yesterday at the Vatican Christmas Concert. Images and information are inside, but we're still looking for more, so if you've seen something regarding the concert, email it to us and we'll post it ASAP!
12.14.2002 Dolores at Vatican Press Conference  
[04:43 PM est] An Italian media site has posted a streaming video of a press conference yesterday in Vatican City where all of today's participants were interviewed by the press. Video footage of Dolores and Don at the conference inside! Updated 7:03 PM EST: Added screen captures from the press conference video feed!
12.14.2002 Pope Blesses Vatican Concert Artists  
[03:41 PM est] In his customary meeting with the Vatican Christmas Concert artists yesterday, Pope John Paul II gave them his blessing for today's concert. Zombieguide's Vatican Christmas Concert coverage begins now!! Updated 5:51 PM EST: Excerpts from the Pope's speech and blessing to the Vatican Concert participants.
12.12.2002 English Cricket Captain Feeling Like a "Zombie"  
[07:27 PM est] English Cricket captain Nasser Hussain has picked The Cranberries' "Zombie" to play tomorrow after a "deadening" 11-loss tour, picking the song in an amusing bout of self-depricating humor. Well, that's about it in a nutshell, but you can read more inside!
12.11.2002 Edited "Zombie" Video Screencaptures  
[06:45 PM est] Weeks ago, we told you about an edited version of the "Zombie" video, where images of soldiers and IRA murals have been removed from the original version of the video for a UK release. Zombieguide Mexico was able to get their hands on the UK bonus CD to make some screencaptures of the "censored" version, so hit the headline to go check them out. In addition, Zombieguide Mexico has posted 50+ exclusive photos from the Mexican press conference in June which are definitely worth checking out.
12.11.2002 Hot Press "Astounded" by Magazine Sales  
[03:00 PM est] "They've been flying off our shelves and out by post to Cranberries fans all around the world," says Hot Press' Executive Director on the new limited edition Cranberries issue of the magazine. He also warns that because the issue is in fact limited, copies are disappearing at a rapid rate, so be sure to order one if you do want one.
12.10.2002 The Cranberries on Record About Their Future  
[07:10 PM est] With all the flurry of The Cranberries' 2003 plans being divulged, bit by bit, we've collected a couple of recent quotes from the band members from recent weeks, including a very recent one that was published in the Irish tabloid "The Star". Lots of quotes from Dolores and Fergal, inside.
12.08.2002 MP3 of the Week: "Silent Night" Live at the Vatican 2001  
[07:48 PM est] It's that time of year again to get in the Christmasy spirit, so this week's offering for the MP3 of the week should help you get in that fuzzy mood. This week's song is "Silent Night" sung by all of the arists that performed on December 15, 2001 at the 9th Annual Vatican Christmas Concert, including The Cranberries' own Dolores O'Riordan. Not to mention this should help you get excited for her second performance for the Pope, to be held this coming Saturda! So warm up some eggnog, put chestnuts on the fire, and hit "play" on your favorite MP3 player! (This week's MP3 comes courtesy of Essentially Cranberries.)
12.08.2002 26 More High-Res Hot Press Scans  
[07:41 PM est] We've spent a massive amount of time making yet more high-resolution scans of the new special editon "Hot Press" -- 26, to be exact, for a total of 40 hi-res scans like the one at right, available exclusively here on Zombieguide! Also, if you see one you like, be sure you save it to your hard drive, as we probably won't be able to host these images in hi-res format forever... Enjoy!!
12.07.2002 Exclusive: Hi-Res Hot Press Scans!  
[09:56 PM est] Haven't got the new Limited Edition Hot Press Cranberries issue yet? Zombieguide has you covered with over a dozen high resolution scans from the new issue, which contains nearly 80 pages of classic Cranberry goodness ranging from the early days to today. And if you like what you see, don't forget to order a copy from HotPress.com.
12.07.2002 Article from "ViviMilano"  
[03:01 PM est] The Italian newspaper "ViviMilano" ran an article on The Cranberries' Italian tour a few weeks ago (with a cool live shot of Dolores sporting a Harley Davidson shirt), and as always, you can expect to find the latest scans in the Magazines feature. Thanks to our oft-contributing Lorenzo for the scans!
12.07.2002 Help Kids This Christmas Through New Hernandez  
[02:41 PM est] Days ago, we told you about New Hernandez, who are holding the 2002 Time is Ticking Out Cranberries fanpage awards. The group is looking for help in gathering gives for 30-some less fortunate (Cranberries-loving!) kids who are part of their community center. Specifically, they're looking for people who are willing to donate unopened toys and gift certificates. Read more inside and learn how you can get involved.
12.06.2002 Interview and Performance on Radio Eins  
[07:38 PM est] German radio network Radio Eins has posted an interview and performance with The Cranberries, recorded during their German tour rounds in October. In the presentation, in Real Audio format, the band discusses their current tour habits, listen to the single "Stars," and play acoustic versions of "Linger" and "Dreaming My Dreams" (they had planned to play "Never Grow Old," but there was only one capo in the studio instead of the two they needed!). Hit the headline to head over to Radio Eins to listen ("Audio" link at the bottom) and view two photos from the performance. Thanks to Hyperboy for the tip.
12.04.2002 Zombieguide Nominated in 2002 Time is Ticking Out Awards  
[04:33 PM est] New Hernandez, a Puerto Rican-based nonprofit organization which sponsors taking kids from the streets and putting them in moral-based programs, is holding their annual Time is Ticking Out Awards, honoring some of the best Cranberries websites on the internet (Yes, its a bit obscure, but it works for us!). The awards have been around since 1999, but were limited only to sites based in Puerto Rico and New Jersey. This year, they are expanding the awards to include worldwide entries. Zombieguide is nominted in Best Fan-site Design, Best Cran-Fan Info, Devoted Site of the Year 2002, and Official Cran-Fan Cranberries Site of 2002 (nothing officially official, just a name). Zombieguide Europe is also nominated for Cran-Fan Site of 2002. Click the headline to head over to the site and send in your ballots!
12.04.2002 Cranberries Proud to Say "I'm from Limerick"
12.03.2002 Order the New "Hot Press" Online
12.03.2002 Translated Interviews from "Rockstar," "A Night With..."
12.01.2002 Special Edition Hot Press Released
11.30.2002 2002 Cran Awards Results!
11.29.2002 Zombieguide's Comments on "Solo Project"
11.28.2002 Cranberries to Open for the Rolling Stones
11.28.2002 First Details: Dolores O'Riordan Solo Project
11.27.2002 Sunday Independent Interview Transcript
11.27.2002 No Special Edition "Stars" for 2002
11.26.2002 Sunday Independent: Big Break for 2003, New Song Played!
11.25.2002 Fergal Writes from Italy
11.24.2002 400+ "Stars" DVD Screencaptures
11.22.2002 New Commercial Bootleg: "Granada"
11.22.2002 Special Edition Hot Press Preview in Current Issue
11.22.2002 Article in "Guitarpart"
11.19.2002 Official Updated Album Sales Figures
11.19.2002 New Commercial Bootleg, Spanish Sampler
11.18.2002 "Stars" DVD Menu Captures
10.28.2002 "Beneath the Skin: Version 2" DVD Impressions and Media
11.15.2002 Huge Official News Update
11.14.2002 Rolling Stone Interview Translation
11.14.2002 Dolores on MTV2's "2002 EMAs Come to Barcelona"
11.13.2002 Cranberries in Budweiser QC Contest
11.12.2002 Dolores in "Rolling Stone" France
11.12.2002 Italian Tour E-Card
11.12.2002 "Stars" DVD Scans and Screencaps
11.10.2002 Dolores to Sing for the Pope Again!
11.09.2002 Vicar St. Is Complete After All
11.08.2002 "Pavarotti and Friends Collection" to Release on DVD
11.08.2002 Official Site Wants Italian Fans to Make Stars
11.04.2002 Noel & Fergal Interview in "Teenage"
11.04.2002 Magazine Section Updated
11.04.2002 Cranberries on ARTE Music Planet 2morrow Nite
11.03.2002 Limerick Anniversary Gig Plans in Doubts
11.03.2002 New UK 1-Track "Stars" Promo, New Art
11.02.2002 New Magazine Section!
11.01.2002 Fergal Hints at North American Tour
10.30.2002 Universal Taiwan Releases Mousepad Bundles
10.30.2002 Changes in "Stars" DVD Contents
10.28.2002 "Beneath the Skin: Version 2" DVD Impressions and Media
10.26.2002 Album 6 Preview Feature Launched
10.23.2002 "Stars" Sells One Million Worldwide
10.22.2002 Online and Print Interviews Galore!
10.21.2002 "New New York" Live Video Clip
10.18.2002 "Stars" 2-track CD Single Scans
10.17.2002 "The Story" Mystery Solved!


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