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"The Stars" Come Out to Play
07.05.02, 8:16 PM EST  » media
I knew it was coming. You knew it was coming. Heck, even Fergal knew it was coming. The first recording of "The Stars" has hit the Internet and Zombieguide has it for you right here.

July 24, 2002

No Concert in Aquila
1:29 PM EST  » news article
"An official denial arrived quickly from both the record company and the [band's] management," reads a notice posted on the Cranberries' Official Italian Site late yesterday.

July 23, 2002

"Agreement Made" for Italian Concert in August
12:10 AM EST  » news article
Reports out of Italy express that The Cranberries will be included as one of many artists at a festival in Aquila. Organizers hope the concert series will raise public awareness of worldwide social issues.

July 22, 2002

Official Page Newsletter
4:17 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries Official Website has posted a newsletter from its webmaster that reviews the changes made to the site over the past year. Also, the lengthy report briefly outlines the band's plans for the rest of 2002, so it's a must-read.

July 19, 2002

"Wake Up" to Become a Single?
3:00 PM EST  » rumor report
The title track pops up on Spanish radio, which prompts the ever-elusive question: Will it become a single? That question has remained unanswered since the release of the album.

Think You Know Your Cranberries?
12:53 AM EST  » news article
Try your hand at the *new* Zombieguide-submitted quiz on the official page. You may want to brush up on your Cranberries history before you try, however.

July 18, 2002

Rescheduled Gigs, "Stars" Date Confirmed!
8:02 PM EST  » news article
No more of this "Christmas" nonsense, the official site reported today that "Stars" is on track for a mid-September release. We should have a US date very shortly and you can expect to see it here first.

July 17, 2002

Concert Cancellations and Rumors
9:39 PM EST  » rumor report
The world tour has been without incident as of now, but today one concert in Asia was confirmed to be cancelled, while the status of two Spanish concerts for next week is in jeopardy.

July 16, 2002

Universal Spain Confirms "Stars" Tracklist
1:03 PM EST  » news article
Is it "New York Skyline" or "New New York"? Finally, get the answers to exactly what will appear on "Stars."

Promoter Comments on Jakarta Show
12:53 PM EST  » news article
The Straits Times has posted an article regarding the slew of upcoming concerts in Asia, which includes, of course, several Cranberries gigs.

Noel Interview in "Daily Southtown"
12:29 AM EST  » interview
Now that The Cranberries are taking a short break, it's time to catch up on some articles from their recent North American tour. Noel gave this interview to an American site in late May, where he talks about the disgust the band felt towards Island about the poor promotion of "Bury the Hatchet." It's definitely a good read.

"Analyse" Video Budget Revealed
12:12 AM EST  » news article
A London-based report claims that The Cranberries spent nearly half a million dollars on the first video from "Wake Up" -- get all the details inside.

July 13, 2002

Zombieguide Media Vault Returns from the Grave
8:02 PM EST  » site update
As you know, weeks ago, we were slapped with some major bandwidth bills (mostly due to media) and so we had to remove almost all of our media. Well, we're happy to report that we've found a solution. From now on, most new media will be available for a short time, for example, in MP3 format. Afterwards, it will be converted to Real Player format and placed in the Media Vault, where it will take up much less needed space (and on a free Tripod server). So visit the new vault, where the full versions of Watercircle, Anything, and the London tracks are available once again! Major thanks to Saeed Ali for all his help with the new section!

July 12, 2002

GH Gets a Title & Teaser
1:40 PM EST  » news article
Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away... there lived four teenagers in a town called Limerick.

July 11, 2002

Cranberries to Play in Majorca
3:12 PM EST  » print
Spanish newspapers are reporting this morning that The Cranberries plan to make a third trip to the Iberian Peninsula this September.

July 10, 2002

Official Shopping Page Updated
8:41 PM EST  » news article
The "Shopping" section of the Cranberries' Official Website has been updated with a slew of WUASTC merchandise (most of which is currently available on tour) and now has a postage cost system based on distance for merchandise to be shipped. So get out your wallet and start filling up your virtual shopping cart!

More Linea Directa Screen Captures
12:50 PM EST  » media
Three more images from the band's Question & Answer session with fans in Mexico.

July 9, 2002

Articles in TV Sette & Tutto
2:00 PM EST  » print
Cranberries and chili peppers would make a rancid mix, wouldn't they? See scans and read translations from some new Italian mags.

July 8, 2002

Linea Directa Interview Images
8:26 PM EST  » media
Inside, screen captures of the interview given on Telehit on June 25th.

July 6, 2002

"Complete Sessions" Albums Out Early
11:12 PM EST  » news article
Retail stores in Mexico and France have already begun selling the individual "Complete Sessions" releases, although they don't make to most regions until later in the month.

July 5, 2002

"The Stars" Come Out to Play
8:16 PM EST  » media
I knew it was coming. You knew it was coming. Heck, even Fergal knew it was coming. The first recording of "The Stars" has hit the Internet and Zombieguide has it for you right here.

July 4, 2002

TechTV Interviews Joe O'Herlihy
1:42 PM EST  » news article
American network TechTV interviewed The Cranberries' Front of House Sound Engineer on this week's show, find out what he had to say about the challenges of setting up and tearing down every day, pictures included.

July 3, 2002

Mexico Tour Gallery 1, Gallery 2
2:12 PM EST  » media
Zombieguide Europe has created some galleries to compile the tons of photos pouring out from The Cranberries' tour in Mexico last week, so click the links and head on over.

July 2, 2002

Irish Rock & Roll Exhibit This Summer
2:12 PM EST  » news article
If you live in Ohio or Milwaukee, you won't want to miss this exhibit this summer, which highlights several Irish rock bands, including, of course, The Cranberries. If you know you can attend this festival, please drop us a line and let us know!! Thanks to IrishEyes02 for the link.

Las Vegas RJ: Cranberries Have Some Dedicated Fans
2:12 PM EST  » news article
You bet they do -- especially with the likes of the Noel Hogan Worship Center, which apparently caused the guitarist to get a little blushed in the cheeks. Click the link to read the full interview. Thanks to IrishEyes02 for the link.

GH Photo Shoot Yesterday
1:35 PM EST  » news article
"We are about to head off to the desert near the Hoover Dam [Nevada] to do a photo shoot for the cover of the album," writes Fergal on his niche on the Official Website. (*gasp* Does this mean the band will actually be on the cover this time?!)

July 1, 2002

Official News
9:46 PM EST  » news article
A (much-needed) clarification on all the convoltued Mexican articles, "Daffodil Lament" has in fact won first place for the GH disc, and while on the topic, it seems it has been moved back until Christmas of this year. Click the headline to read it all on

UK Album Rereleases Date
9:42 PM EST  » news article
Brits will be getting their individual rereleases early this month, according to some online stores.

June 29, 2002

Latest GH Release Info.
1:33 AM EST  » news article
No real earth-shattering information in here, but it does seem to clarify some of the questions that were going around.

June 28, 2002

Bootleggers Rock!
2:51 PM EST  » news article
Now that I've recovered from Tuesday's exhausting news sprint, here's another cool mention of Zombieguide on a recent bootleg.

June 25, 2002

Mexican Newspaper Article
10:18 PM EST  » print
This is the kind of stuff that the band had to deny today at Linea Directa. But the scary thing? All the other details seem right on the nose.

9 85 Radio Interview Report
7:11 PM EST  » interview
Dolores talks extensively on Mexican radio about the new song "New York Skyline" and even divulges a lyric or two. Also, get Dolores' recipie for "Tequila Watermelon" -- all this plus pictures inside.

Cranberries Say "No Solo Projects"
3:53 PM EST  » news article
The headline explains itself -- to quell rumors sprouting from yesterdays' press conference, there will be no solo projects from members of the band. THIS JUST IN: A DVD of the band's videography has just been announced by the band!

"Star" to be Next Single!
3:18 PM EST  » news article
Too.... much... news! *convulses*

US College Tour this Fall?
2:23 PM EST  » interview
A new interview with the Witchita (Kansas) Eagle concludes by saying, "The current tour wraps up in Alpine, Calif., on July 6, and the group says it would like to return to the United States later in the year, possibly for a college tour." Click the link for the full interview.

Reforma: Cranberries Desire a World of Awareness
2:15 PM EST  » news article
"...they will create a new sound with a basis in individual compositions." Yeowzaa. Also, Dolores puts "New York Skyline" into her own words and another photo inside!

Cranberries to "Record Separately"??
10:13 AM EST  » news article
Yet more surprising and cryptic news from the band's press conference in Mexico City! How much stranger can things get?

Press Conference: First Picture
1:03 AM EST  » media
Yahoo! has posted a photo of the band from their press conference yesterday in Mexico. We'll have more images soon, but until then, enjoy this first look.

Cranberries to Allow MCA Contract to Expire
12:17 AM EST  » news article
Island sucked. MCA sucked worse. MCA has audibly expressed that they are no longer interested in The Cranberries and now The Cranberries rightly say they're no longer interested in MCA. MCA, you are the weakest link, bye bye!

June 24, 2002

Reforma: "World-wide Situation Worries Cranberries"
11:35 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries unanimously say, "F**k Analyse, we need some more Zombies and Bosnias!" Well, not in those words, but the band did confirm the need to address social issues in their music earlier today.

Busy Day in Mexico City
9:45 PM EST  » news article
Hundreds of fans crowded outside the Mixup in Mexico City today for a chance to meet the band and get their copies of "Wake Up" signed. Dolores & Co. hosted a proverbial blitzkrieg of promotional events in Mexico City earlier today, including a press conference, a radio interivew, and an autograph signing session, with more coming this week.

Clarification on "Iosa"
8:33 PM EST  » news article
As you can see, the title has been changed so that it accurately reflects the Gaelic word for "Jesus" -- more details on it, and a possible alternate title inside. The Song Archive has been updated accordingly.

June 23, 2002

Julieta Venegas To Open Mexican Gigs
8:33 PM EST  » news article
Mexican rocker Julieta Venegas will be opening the Crans' next three tour dates. She gave her thoughts about opening for the band to the Mexican newspaper "El Universal"...

The Complete Song Archive Updated
6:41 PM EST  » news article
"Iosa" has been added to The Complete Song Archive list, as well as a few other minor changes to the list.

London 1991 Mystery Solved!
6:20 PM EST  » news article
The unknown track performed at the Camden Underworld in London in 1991 now has a title! Thanks to some information out of a review from NME, we can make out what Dolores says and the details about the song my surprise you!

June 22, 2002

TITD 5-track Maxi Released!
5:00 PM EST  » news article
More than a month after the European 2-track release of the "This is the Day" single, Universal made a surprising move this week by silenting slipping out a brand-new 5-track maxi version of the single in Germany.

June 21, 2002

Promo Release Bits
7:34 PM EST  » media
All the little images of recent promos that don't grant a news story on their own.

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