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June 19, 2002

Official News Bits
11:24 PM EST  » news article
The official site has updated today with several new bits of news. Universal Music has released a press release, stating that the band will return to North America in October to continue touring. "Hollywood" has been added to the "Best Of" disc, as it was given a limited single release in France in 1997. The vote to choose the non-single track for the album has been narrowed down to five songs and everyone who has already voted is invited to vote again to choose from among "Daffodil Lament," "Dreaming My Dreams," "Empty," "No Need to Argue," and "Sunday."

June 18, 2002

Promotional Material for Remastered Albums
11:24 PM EST  » news article
Holding out on Treasure Box to buy the individual releases instead? See what Universal has sent to retailers to promote the separate "Complete Sessions" editions, only on Zombieguide.

June 17, 2002

Next Album to Include "Songs in Spanish"?!
4:31 PM EST  » news article
Apparently, when Dolores said "experimental," she meant it! This bit of news comes from a very reputable Spanish newspaper, but I have a feeling some people might hold out on this for awhile.

Sprite Promotion in Italy
4:18 PM EST  » news article
1. Buy Sprite. 2. Go to website. 3. Download free Cranberries music. Pretty cool, eh?

June 15, 2002

10:29 PM EST  » news article
Pirates know a good website when they see it!

ZG South America Reopens!
9:44 PM EST  » site update
Now with a new webmaster, Brazilian-based Zombieguide South America has reopened with a new layout! We warmly welcome Fernando Oliviera to the staff. So if you speak Portugese, you can head over to ZG South America for all the latest news updates and a whole lot more to come in the near future.

New CNN Interview Recorded
8:50 PM EST  » news article
Dolores was interviewed by American news network CNN earlier this week while staying in Atlanta, although no word yet on when we'll be able to see it.

Press Conference in Mexico Scheduled
8:50 PM EST  » news article
The band will be answering fans' questions at a press conference to be held later this month in Mexico City, first details inside.

June 14, 2002

Article in "Chastain Park Concert Series"
8:26 PM EST  » print
The newest edition of the Atlanta-based mag carries a full-page article on the band, plus a photograph -- scans within.

Media Removed
8:05 PM EST  » site update
It sure sucks to be popular. (Most) Unfortunately, we've been experiencing massive increases in traffic and bandwidth use over the last few months, mostly due to all the new media we've been posting. And because of this, we've been slapped with a $350 server bill for the month which we did not expect, and quite frankly, can't afford to maintain. We've had to remove all media from the page to prevent this, which includes mp3s and the like (with the exception of the "Anything" demo, which has been moved to another server). If anyone can perhaps donate server space, please contact us! But for now, we're considering what we can do for the future, because a Zombieguide without exclusive media isn't a Zombieguide at all.

More "Star" Impressions 3
4:04 PM EST  » news article
More fans give their impressions of the new track, performed live in Atlanta on Wednesday.

June 13, 2002

Song Archive Updated
5:24 PM EST  » news article
The Complete Cranberries Song Archive listing just got more complete with the addition of "Star" and "New New York Skyline"

More "Star" Impressions 2
5:24 PM EST  » news article
Want more fans' impressions of "Star"? You've got 'em, right here.

Fergal Writes About New Songs
5:00 PM EST  » news article
Fergal's section on The Cranberries Official Website now contain his comments on the new songs. "Star" is actually titled "Stars" and "love song and I must admit it is really catchy." Meanwhile, "New New York Skyline" (instead of the previously reported "New York Skyline") has " chunky guitars with heavy bass'n'drums, and to top it off a beautiful melody." Head over to the official site and read it all. And again. And again.

More "Star" Impressions
4:18 PM EST  » news article
Our next synopsis of the song is a much more positive one, coming from Colin E. Tingle. Click for more.

First "Star" Impressions
4:18 PM EST  » news article
This first report, from Bella on the Discussion Boards, isn't exactly overwhelmingly positive, but it does give us a hint of what's to come with the new song, "Star."

"Star" Performed Live in Atlanta!
1:54 PM EST  » news article
It looks like the delayed Atlanta gig was definitely worth the wait after all. For the first time in several years, The Cranberries have played a previously-unreleased song on tour, according to the setlist posted on the band's official page!

June 12, 2002

Tour Dates Officially Confirmed
12:45 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries Official Website has confirmed the upcoming tour dates for France and Spain, as well as announcing Asian tour dates for August. The page also notes that The Cranberries plan to tour outdoor venues early next year, so keep your ears tuned for more tour news.

June 11, 2002

Full Article from "Reforma"
8:49 PM EST  » news article
Zombieguide has translated the full Fergal Lawler interview from Reforma, in which he speaks for the first time about the band's two new songs, entitled "New York Skyline" and "Star."

New Song Titles Revealed!!
8:21 PM EST  » news article
Fergal Lawler has told a Mexican newspaper the titles of the band's two newest songs, currently being recorded with Stephen Street, and Sept. 11th plays a big part in one of them. Click for the full details!

June 10, 2002

Exclusive: "Anything" Demo Downloads
5:15 PM EST  » media
Niall Quinn sent us a nice little gift to share with all of you -- The Cranberry Saw Us' very first demo, "Anything," yours for the downloading, exclusively on Zombieguide. Update 6.11.02: Added "Throw Me Down a Big Stairs" mp3 and updated lyrics.

June 9, 2002

Crans to Appear on "International Sanremo" Comp
11:56 PM EST  » news article
Finally a "unique" track will be appearing on a new compilation, although this one's only for Europe at the moment. Sadly.

Cranberries to Perform in Monaco Late July
2:56 PM EST  » news article
You'd better start saving your money now if you plan to go to this one, because it's going to cost you a bundle!

"Best of MTV Unplugged" Image, Tracks
2:35 PM EST  » news article
Cover image and tracklisting for the new release, plus a UK release of the disc tomorrow.

June 6, 2002

The Cranberries in the Studio!
9:35 PM EST  » news article
According to the Official Cranberries Website, the band is currently in the studio with Stephen Street to produce two new tracks for this fall's "greatest hits" disc. Additionally, the official page is also conducting a contest to choose a non-single track for the album. Click the link to head over to the official site and vote!

June 4, 2002

Exclusive: Remastered Album Release Dates
1:05 PM EST  » news article
Individual releases of the albums enclosed in "Treasure Box" will be released in the US by mid-summer -- you read it here first!

June 3, 2002

RARE "London Underworld 1991" Downloads!
3:37 PM EST  » media
"When the band arrived in London to play their first gig after signing to Island... the show was crammed with industry insiders, and you could count the number of 'normal' punters on one hand, a sign that the band were indeed very big news in a very small world," wrote The Cranberries author Mick Carran about the band's performance in London on November 14, 1991. The show, one of the rarest Cranberries recordings out there includes a mysterious, untitled song. Unless you have a copy of the London 1991, you've never heard this song!

June 2, 2002

Second Mex. City Gig Tickets On Sale Tomorrow
11:56 PM EST  » news article
Despite reports of the concert being supposedly cancelled, tickets for the July 26th Mexico City gig will go on sale tomorrow, according to Oesca, the show's organizers. Click the link to go to the organization's main site, where the notice is posted. Thanks to Arturo Garcia for the tip.

Crans on "Very Best of Unplugged" Comp
10:49 PM EST  » news article
A sliver of one of the best Cranberries' performances ever is now available on a new compilation thanks to MTV in Portugal.

New French-Only "TITD" Promo
10:32 PM EST  » news article
France gets yet another "This is the Day" promo, this time with some varying artwork.

Zombieguide @ Wolf Trap: The Flashlight
9:48 PM EST  » review
So you say you want another perspective on Zombieguide's pilgrimage to Wolf Trap? No? Too bad! Here's more impressions of the show, this time from my amigo Chris, who attened the Meet and Greet and was my helper monkey with taking pictures, etc. Oh, and a word about this "Don" fellow...

"This is the Day of Barcelona" Bootleg Scans
9:36 PM EST  » news article
Cover, innner art, and CD scans of the newest variant of the Barcelona, Spain gig in March.

Summer Dates for Spain, France
8:48 PM EST  » news article
Several sources reveal upcoming tour dates this July for venues in Europe -- first preliminary details inside, more to follow!

June 1, 2002

Release Dates Section Updated
10:20 PM EST  » site update
The release dates section was in desperate need of an update, so now it should be very current. Individual album re-releases, a "Greatest Hits" disc, and a sixth album are all on the way!

May 31, 2002

Articles in "Where Washington," "Center Lines"
10:20 PM EST  » print
Two articles about this week's concert from DC-area magazines, scans within.

More "Wake Up and Smell the Zombies" Scans
5:18 PM EST  » news article
More hi-res scans from the recently-released bootleg.

Zombieguide @ Wolf Trap: Merchandise Report
4:26 PM EST  » news article
Wondering what to spend your money on at the upcoming Cranberries concerts? Wonder no more! Zombieguide brings you a full report from the Merchandise Booth, complete with dozens of high-resolution images and scans.

May 30, 2002

Zombieguide @ Wolf Trap: The Show
5:22 PM EST  » review
Zombieguide's synopsis of the Wolf Trap gig, several exclusive images of the concert included!

May 29, 2002

Zombieguide @ Wolf Trap: Meet & Greet
8:35 PM EST  » news article
Zombieguide's Alex Kraus gives an on-site report of the Cranberries' astounding performance at the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts in Vienna, Virginia. Expect more coverage coming very soon!

May 25, 2002

Dolores Says New Song "Experimental"
3:50 PM EST  » news article
Dolores, pointing with her Cruella DeVille finger at Mike says, "When I joined the band, I had more facial hair than he did!"

Dolores on "Analyse" Video: "I thought it sucked!"
3:50 PM EST  » news article
Dolores wakes up and smells the coffee to find that everything pales in comparison to Dahan's almightly sublime direction of "This is the Day." Click here to check out the full interview from MCM.

May 24, 2002

Mexico City Gig Cancelled
10:25 PM EST  » news article
Both Ticketmaster and the show's organizers state that the second gig for Mexico City on June 26th has been cancelled, but we still await the official word.

New Canadian Newspaper and Magazine Articles
6:19 PM EST  » print
These six new scans bring us print media all throughout the month of May in Canada.

New Bootleg: "Wake Up and Smell the Zombies"
5:50 PM EST  » news article
A better title would have been "A Disgusting Way to Ruin Your Morning."

May 22, 2002

CNN Interview Video Captures
10:20 PM EST  » media
Sixteen exclusive screen captures from the interview aired a few weeks ago on CNN Headline News to promote the current tour.

May 20, 2002

Universal China Releases 18-Track "Wake Up"
5:39 PM EST  » news article
Tracklisting and scans from the new Chinese special editon of "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee."

Cranberries Interview in "Sky" Magazine
4:45 PM EST  » print
The May 2002 issue of the Irish magazine "Sky" includes a 2-page interview with the Cranberries, including some never-before-seen band shots. Only Zombieguide has the scans...

May 19, 2002

World Tour Unlikely to Hit London
6:02 PM EST  » news article
Dolores comments off-the-record about the unlikely possibility of visiting London anytime soon -- exclusive details inside. Plus, a quick rundown of the New York City gig.

May 15, 2002

Send in Your Concert Reviews!
3:40 PM EST  » news article
Have you been to one of the recent concerts on the Cranberries' world tour? Click the link and send your review (or photos!) to Adam over at Zombieguide Concerts.

May 14, 2002

Cranberries Reveal Greatest Hits, Sixth Album Plans
3:40 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries' "Greatest Hits" disc will ship this fall with two brand new tracks in tow, while a new album is in store for next year -- details inside.

May 12, 2002

New Commerical Bootleg: "Wake Up Vienna"
4:35 PM EST  » media
Yet more live goodness has been given a micro-release in Europe. Details and scans of "Wake Up Vienna" inside.

May 10, 2002

Rare "Disappointment," "Bosnia" Live MP3 Downloads
6:46 PM EST  » media
With only one known live recording to exist, "Disappointment" and "Bosnia" rank among The Cranberries' rarest live finds. If you haven't found a copy of the 1994 Astro Arena gig (and in all likelihood, you haven't), get them here free, compliments of Zombieguide.

The Depression-Creativity Complex
2:22PM EST  » editorial
Do depression, mental disorder, and suicidal tendencies improve an artist's creative capabilites? Zombieguide's Alex Kraus examines the question and its relation to the creation of "To the Faithful Departed."

"TITD" US Promo CDs Released
2:13 PM EST  » news article
Final exams have slowed me down in the past few days (and probably will continue to do so in the coming weeks), but hey, its the weekend! "This is the Day" has been sent to American radio stations and Zombieguide has the first images of the disc.

May 6, 2002

Flickerstick to Open US Tour
4:49 PM EST  » news article
US band Flickerstick have announced that they will be opening for the first six dates of The Cranberries' North American tour later this month.

May 4, 2002

Individual Re-releases Postponed Until Fall
5:54 PM EST  » news article
Although the special edition boxed set will be on American store shelves this month, don't expect to the individual discs available until the leaves fall this year.

Mexican Advertising Blitz
5:08 PM EST  » media
The upcoming Cranberries gigs in Mexico continue to receive heavy promotion, including a slew of new magazine ads.

May 3, 2002

"TITD" 2-Track Scans
4:12 PM EST  » media
Front and reverse scans of the European 2-track release of "This is the Day."

May 1, 2002

New Commercial Bootleg: Les Printemps de Bourges
10:50 PM EST  » news article
Yet another new European live disc has been released, with its source as a predictable one, a live radio broadcast last month. Plus, new "French Dreams" scans also inside.

"TITD" #1 on MMM
10:29 PM EST  » news article
An onslaught of online votes has made The Cranberries' new "This is the Day" video #1 in Canada. If you haven't voted yet today, now's your chance! And if you're not Canadian, just remember, our neighbors to the north can repay the favor very soon!

April 30, 2002

Limerick Anniversary Gig Postponed
4:38 PM EST  » news article
"The parties organising the event felt it would be better suited for next year with plenty of time for planning a special event in the band's hometown. The band are confident that a show in Limerick will take place next year as part of their 2003 World Tour," the Cranberries Official Website reads. Visit the official site for the full statement.

Scans of "Tutto," "Milano City"
4:29 PM EST  » print
The newest issues of the Italian magazines "Tutto" and "Milano City" both contain articles about the band's recent tour through the country. Tutto, in particular, carries some great backstage photos which are definitely worth a look.

April 29, 2002

Cranberries Management Attempts to Buy Fan Domains
6:19 PM EST  » news article
Already consisting of two addresses, the band's official page makes un unsuccessful attempt to extend its reach to similar domains, details inside.

Dolores Turns Down "Dirty" Acting Role
3:51 PM EST  » news article
Not that she would mind playing the part -- but touring takes priority.

April 28, 2002

CNN Interview Transcript
3:51 PM EST  » interview
If you missed yesterday's interview on Headline News, you can at least read all of it, right here on Zombieguide.

April 27, 2002

Cranberries Appear on CNN Headline News!!
10:01 PM EST  » interview
The Cranberries have been appearing hourly today on CNN's Headline News, which broadcasts nationally in the United States. If you missed it, you can click the link to check out a write-up of the interview (which looks to have been taken last August). If you missed it, watch Headline News about :50 past the hour for the "On the Road" segment, which includes interviews and footage from the new tour. Major thanks to Paul Beardsley for the heads up!

Interview on Launch
7:03 PM EST  » interview
Online music source "Launch" has posted a short interview with Dolores along with a news article about "Treasure Box." Click the link for the article.

April 26, 2002

More Images: Mexican "WUASTC" Tour Mini-Poster
9:44 PM EST  » media
A better image of the posters being circulated around Mexico City to promote the upcoming gig.

Limerick Anniversary Concert Date Revealed
4:36 PM EST  » news article
Months in planning, the long-awaited anniversary concert in the The Cranberries' hometown of Limerick, Ireland finally has a concrete date.

Tour Agenda for Asia and the Americas
3:03 PM EST  » news article
The Official Cranberries Website has posted a press release issued by MCA today outlining the band's tour plans for both North and South America and also for Southeast Asia, a region not visited since the beginning of 1996's Free to Decide Tour.

Les Printemps de Bourges MP3 Downloads
1:06 PM EST  » media
Listen to "This is the Day," "The Concept," and "Chocolate Brown" live from Les Printemps de Bourges, right here exclusively on Zombieguide.

April 23, 2002

Mexican "WUASTC" Tour Mini-Poster
9:58 PM EST  » media
El Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City has begun promotion for their upcoming concerts, including The Cranberries' gig on June 25th -- check out a part of a Cranberries poster being used to promote the upcoming show.

More Scans: Barcelona 2002
9:49 PM EST  » media
Full-size scans of the CDs of the newest bootleg from the European leg of the 2002 "Wake Up" Tour.

April 22, 2002

"TITD," "TITO" Remix on Mexican Radio Compilation
4:26 PM EST  » news article
The newest edition of "Play" includes not one, but two new Cranberries tracks.

April 21, 2002

Another Zombieguide Nomination for Cran Awards 2002
10:56 PM EST  » news article
Some late nominations for the Cran Awards 2002 has Zombieguide's The Herald (yes, the part you're reading right now) up for the Best Contents Award! For those unfamiliar, the Cran Awards is an independent group which hands out awards each year (based on reader's votes!) for the best Cranberries websites on the Internet. We are pleased that Zombieguide has had a strong presence at the awards in years past and we hope that we can continue that with your help! This year, Zombieguide is nominated for "Best in World," "Best in America," and "Best in English." Zombieguide Mexico is nominated for "Best in Spanish" and The Herald for "Best Contents." The band's official page is also nominated this year, which should make for some stiff competition, so we need your vote!

"Oor" Review Translation
4:40 PM EST  » print
Check out a full translation of yesterday's Dutch "Oor" article and find out exactly how it's author got it put into the magazine.

New Commercial Bootleg: Barcelona 2002
4:15 PM EST  » news article
A new bootleg of the March 15th Barcelona concert with better quality than "Wake Up Barcelona" is now available in Europe -- 40 tracks, all of them new. Does it get any better?

April 20, 2002

Bologna Streaming Videos
6:52 PM EST  » media
CranberriesItalia, the official Italian Cranberries page, has posted streaming videos of "Animal Instinct" and "Promises" recorded from the recent concert in Bolgna, Italy. Click the link to head over to CranberriesItalia.

Amsterdam Review in "Oor"
4:52 PM EST  » print
Today's issue of the Dutch "Oor" has a rundown of the March 29th gig at the Heineken Music Hall, including a photo -- full scan inside.

April 18, 2002

CranTV in Europe This Weekend
5:10 PM EST  » news article
Not one, not two, but three television features about the Cranberries are scheduled to air this weekend in Europe. Times and dates for each included within.

"TITD" Video Online Premiere!!
4:48 PM EST  » media
The Cranberries Official Website has posted the brand new video for "This is the Day"! Go! Click! Download! Now!

April 17, 2002

Spanish "Rolling Stone" Gig Review
10:20 PM EST  » print
The newest issue of the Spanish "Rolling Stone" has a full-page article about the recent Movistar Activa Tour in Spain, so come in check out the scan.

April 16, 2002

Exclusive: Full "Watercircle" & Xeric Records Demo Downloads
10:36 PM EST  » media
You spoke, we listened. Download the FULL VERSIONS!! of "Watercircle" and some of the most elusive Cranberries recordings known to exist, exclusively on Zombieguide. But hey, don't thank me -- thank Fergal Lawler. Update 4.17: Xeric Records demos now available. We've run out of server space for about the third time in the last few months, but we're working hard to try to get all of the files uploaded. Thanks for your patience!

Hi-Res "Treasure Box" Scans @ ZG Europe
4:38 PM EST  » media
Zombieguide Europe has the box and first album from "Treasure Box" available in its Great Scans section, so check im out in both 150 and 300 dpi flavors!

French "TITD" Promo Scans
4:38 PM EST  » media
New Storm Thorgerson art, hot off the presses...

April 14, 2002

Dolores's Brother to Get $2.5 Million from Radio Sale
4:14 PM EST  » news article
PJ O'Riordan, brother of Dolores O'Riordan and also a member of the band's management, will be receiving €2.91 million ($2.5 mil US) as a result of the sale of the Limerick-based Live 95FM, in which he held 20% of shares. Click the link to read more from the Limerick Leader.

April 13, 2002

Irish "TITD" Release Date Confirmed
12:43 PM EST  » news article
Information sent to Irish media outlets confirms a release in the Emerald Isle for later this month.

April 12, 2002

First Images: Treasure Box
3:57 PM EST  » media
Shocker!! The "Bruce Fairbairn Songchart," a visual record kept by the late producer of "To the Faithful Departed," confirms the long-held suspicions that "False" was originally recorded for "To the Faithful Departed," but later scrapped. Update 7:55 PM: A full listing of the Fairbairn chart, which does not include "Yesterday's Gone."

April 10, 2002

"TITO" on Mexican Radio Compilation
5:35 PM EST  » news article
"Time is Ticking Out" is one of several tracks included on a new Universal radio compilation in Mexico titled "Play."

New Commercial Bootleg: "French Dreams"
5:02 PM EST  » news article
Another new commercial bootleg has hit the streetcorners in Europe, this time a recording of the Lille, France concert. Full tracklisting and scans included.

April 9, 2002

Full "Chrome Paint" and "A Fast One" Lyrics
6:54 PM EST  » media
Finally, the full lyrics to two of the rarest Cranberries songs known to exist, another Zombieguide exclusive. Thanks to Paul for help with the "A Fast One" lyrics ;)

Exclusive: Early Xeric Records Demo Downloads
6:25 PM EST  » media
"Watercircle." Xeric Records demos of "Uncertain," "Dreams," and "Reason." A previously-unheard "Put Me Down" from the Dave Fanning Sessions. Download clips of some of the most elusive Cranberries recordings known to exist, exclusively on Zombieguide. But hey, don't thank me -- thank Fergal Lawler.

First Four Albums to Go OOP
5:19 PM EST  » news article
Earlier today, Universal Music sent out its new release books, including a 4-page spread for "Treasure Box." Included is one big bit of news: the original albums for "Everybody Else" through "Bury the Hatchet" are going out of print -- but it's all for the best! Exclusive high-resolution scans included within.

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