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April 8, 2002

Press Release: What's in the Treasure Box?
11:05 PM EST  » news article
An overview of "Treasure Box," given by MCA to promote the new set in the US is now available, along with the interesting fact that each new re-release contains newly-designed 12-page booklets.

Tentative UK TITD Release Date
10:48 PM EST  » news article
British e-tailers begin taking preorders for "This is the Day" -- could it be given a full UK release? UK fans remain hopeful, although recent releases have been somewhat lacking; the region never received the "Time is Ticking Out" single, which received a more "selective" release in a few regions earlier this year.

April 6, 2002

"Mad Voice" Scans
10:34 PM EST  » print
Scans of the four-page article featured in a recent issue of the Greek magazine "Mad Voice."

Votes Open for Cran Awards 2002
4:17 PM EST  » news article
Voting began today for the fourth annual Cran Awards, an independent group which hands out awards each year for the best Cranberries websites on the Internet. We are pleased that Zombieguide has had a strong presence at the awards in years past and we hope that we can continue that with your help! This year, Zombieguide is nominated for "Best in World," "Best in America," and "Best in English." Zombieguide Mexico is nominated for "Best in Spanish" and Zombieguide South America for "Best in Other Language." The band's official page is also nominated this year, which should make for some stiff competition, so we need your vote!

April 5, 2002

Preview "Such a Waste"
10:15 PM EST  » news article
"This is probably as close to punk as we'll ever get," Dolores said, introducing "Salvation" in 1996. She lied. And we're so happy she did! Click the link to head over to The Cranberries Tape Trader to preview the awesome new B-side "Such a Waste" in Windows Media Format.

Brazilian "Analyse/TITO" Promo Released
10:15 PM EST  » news article
An "Analyse" acoustic version? This could get very interesting. Tracklisting and scans from the new Brazilian duo-promo, inside.

"This is the Day" Hi-Res Cover Art
9:15 PM EST  » news article
Back from vacation, so expect news to resume immediately! High-resolution art of the "This is the Day" single, check it out only on Zombieguide.

March 29, 2002

Hi-Res "TITD" Spanish Promo Scans
12:58 PM EST  » news article
Zombieguide Europe has posed some great high-resolution scans of the Spanish "This is the Day" section. Head over and check them out!

Cranguy Leaves
12:07 AM EST  » site update
But only for a few days ;) Your beloved Cranberries news editor is going on vacation for a few days (to visit colleges, etc.), so there probably be no more updates until next week sometime (unless I manage to sneak one in later today, Friday). In the meantime, click the link to browse the Discussion Boards, and you can be certain to stay updated with all the latest Cranberry goings-on.

"Clockstoppers" Sountrack Released
12:01 AM EST  » news article
The soundtrack for "Clockstoppers," including the Cranberries track "Time is Ticking Out," was released on Tuesday in the United States; the movie will be hitting theaters tomorrow. If you've been planning to pick up the soundtrack, it's now in stores!

March 28, 2002

"TITD" Radio, Single, Video Release Schedule
12:28 PM EST  » news article
Dates for the Italian release of "This is the Day" on the radio, on CD single, and in video format!

Miami Tickets On Sale Online-Only
12:18 PM EST  » news article
Tickets went on sale this morning for the Miami, FL, gig on the Cranberries Official Website. Although they will later be available to the public, those purchasing them online will get privilages to the first available seats.

March 26, 2002

Salamanca Ticket Issue Resolved
4:16 PM EST  » news article
The confusion over Salamanca ticket sales has been resolved; expect sales in full swing early next week.

March 25, 2002

Treasure Box: Individual Album Art
5:34 PM EST  » media
Something new, something used, something borrowed.

Pirates Love Zombieguide
5:07 PM EST  » news article
And who doesn't? 'Tarr, and it ain't be causin' of arr extensive "Treasure Box" coverage, neither!!

March 23, 2002

New Bootleg: "Wake Up Barcelona"
4:34 PM EST  » news article
Number of songs from "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee": 5. Number of songs from "Bury the Hatchet": 6. Go figure.

Salamanca Gig Cancelled?
4:34 PM EST  » news article
No sooner does the event go on sale that ticket vendors suspend sales. First details on the prossible cancellation of the Salamanca gig inside.

The Cranberries: The Complete Song Archive
3:43 PM EST  » feature
Think you have every Cranberries song out there? Think again. Check out the grand opening of Zombieguide's newest section, "The Cranberries: The Complete Song Archive." Every Cranberries song known to exist. Period. Also: A list of all those nasty false rumored titles and where those rumors came from. (Updated 3.27.02)

Crans to Record for "Supersonic"
1:35 PM EST  » news article
Here's the dilemma: The Cranberries are on TV at the same time as the concert you're going to. Italian fans, you have exactly two weeks to figure out how to use your VCRs.

March 21, 2002

"This is the Day" Art Released
4:53 PM EST  » media
Is it live or is it Thorgerson? MCA sends first images of the new single to retailers, scan inside!

Mexican Tour Venue Revealed
4:22 PM EST  » news article
As in 2000, The Cranberries will once again be playing the National Audtiorium this June in Mexico City. Also, more news on Benedict Fenner's hand in the new material -- but the news is that there is no news.

March 19, 2002

Official Page Update
4:59 PM EST  » news article
The official page has updated with many more North American tour dates along with some more information on Treasure Box, plus you can now download the "Treasure Box" e-card, so click the link and visit the site, if you haven't already.

More "This is the Day" Video Images
4:29 PM EST  » media
Because you just can't get enough.

March 17, 2002

French "TITD" Release Date Revised
1:23 PM EST  » site update
What better to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with, uh, release dates! "This is the Day" has been given a date in France of April 3rd -- thanks to Stephane for the submission. Also, "Treasure Box" dates have been revised, so check 'em out.

March 16, 2002

Cranberries on "Woman III" Compilation
9:21 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries make their second appearence in the UK series with "Analyse" as the first track on the disc. Tracklisting, cover art included.

March 15, 2002

Benedict Fenner to Produce New Material
11:52 PM EST  » news article
According to "official" sources, "Bury the Hatchet"'s co-producer is slated to return to produce the band's new material to be recorded this summer.

Guadalajara Date Announced
11:34 PM EST  » news article
Drummer Fergal Lawler tells a Mexican radio station that the band plans to visit the country by the end of June.

New Wallpapers: TITD, Wake Up Tour 2002
9:13 PM EST  » site update
Zombieguide has posted yet more new wallpapers including a "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee World Tour" one and a (fantastic!!) "This is the Day" one. Go! Get! Now!

Image Gallery: Hi-Res "Uncertain" Video Captures
8:50 PM EST  » site update
The video is as rare as sin, but leave it up to Zombieguide to bring you 12 high-resolution screens from the hyper-elusive "Uncertain" music video.

March 14, 2002

"TITO" and "TITD" Denied for US Release
4:25 PM EST  » news article
Americans were given a rare treat in November with the stateside release of "Analyse," though it was identical to the European release. I suppose we'll have to savor it for another 5 years.

Comcast to Celebrate Patty's Day in Style
4:25 PM EST  » news article
American television cable company Comcast will be airing concerts from both The Cranberries and The Corrs this Sunday to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I'll toast to that!

"Treasure Box" Delayed (Again.)
4:19 PM EST  » news article
"Production delays" have once again been cited for the delay of "Treasure Box" back to April 8th for most of the world. Meanwhile, the set has been given an American release date of May 14th to coincide with the "Wake Up" North American tour. Also, two new dates have been added to the European tour -- Lisbon and Turin. Click the link to go get the news, straight from the horse's mouth.

March 13, 2002

Exclusive: "Treasure Box" Cover Art
4:19 PM EST  » news article
Recent Cranberries cover art has been the subject of much discussion among fans is this is by far no exception. Also, new tidbits on information on the individual album releases.

March 12, 2002

Dolores on Cover of "It's Only Rock"
4:21 PM EST  » print
But I like it.

"This is the Day" Video Images
3:38 PM EST  » media
Wow. Olivier Dahan works his magic fingers over "This is the Day." So what if it's only a long-haired Dolores against a greenscreen -- it's looking incredible already! As for those other pictures..... they look awfully familiar, don't they?

March 10, 2002

New & Recent Magazines Section Updated
2:03 PM EST  » media
After all, they can't be recent magazines without an update, right? Also, a link to Zombieguide Europe's Great Scans section is now included, so check 'em out.

Photos: Sanremo Festival 2002
2:03 PM EST  » media
Photos from yesterday's performance at the Sanremo Festival 2002. 'Nuff said.

March 9, 2002

Sanremo Festival 2002 Report
7:43 PM EST  » news article
A first-hand report on the Cranberries' performance at today's Sanremo Festval 2002 in Italy.

Limerick Leader: Cranberries to Play at Racecourse in Summer
2:30 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries' management is in the final stages for the so-called "10 Year Anniversary" gig in the heart of Limerick this summer, according to the Limerick Leader

Treasure Box Full Tracklisting
1:20 PM EST  » news article
No sooner do we post the promos than we get the full tracklisting. $80 and a whole lot of nothing. Update: Information refers to import of the UK release.

Treasure Box Promos Released, 1st Confirmed Tracks
12:42 PM EST  » news article
But with a rehash of so many common B-sides, will the dedicated fan be willing to meet its price tag? Images from the UK promo inside, along with a partial tracklisting.

March 8, 2002

19 More Dates Planned for North America
6:46 PM EST  » news article
If none of the announced North American tour dates are near you, don't worry -- there are 19 more on the way!

"TV Sorrisi & Canzonie" Magazine Scans, New San Remo Info
5:48 PM EST  » news article
New Italian magazine scans, and the promised information update on the San Remo Festival 2002.

March 7, 2002

"Wake Up" US Sales Figures
6:07 PM EST  » news article
American sales have accounted for about one-tenth of the total sales of "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee." Also, new details about the American release of "Treasure Box" included.

San Remo Festival to Air Live on RAI International
5:50 PM EST  » news article
If you were excited for Pop-Up Video tonight, this will make you wet yourself three times over.

March 6, 2002

"Treasure Box" Goes on Pre-Order
9:50 PM EST  » news article
Wondering how much the deluxe boxed set is going to set you back this April? First details on the collection's price tag are revealed as online retails begin taking pre-orders.

More Meteor Awards Photos
9:35 PM EST  » media
"All for Moe! All for Moe! Uh, sorry... that's a, uh, project I'm workin' on."

"Action" Magazine Scans
5:16 PM EST  » print
Zombieguide Europe has posted some exclusive high-resolution scans of the February/March issue of the Austrian magazine "Action." Click the link and check 'em out!

"Whisper to a Scream" to Air on Bravo
5:06 PM EST  » news article
If you don't have the DVD or the VHS boxed set, consider this a gift from God. If you don't have the channel Bravo, consider yourself screwed.

Meteor Awards Report, Photos
4:45 PM EST  » news article
OK, so they didn't pick up a gong -- but Dolores's hat makes up for it all!

March 5, 2002

"TITO" Enhanced CD Screenshots
6:28 PM EST  » media
Check out some screen captures of the enhanced features on the newly-released "Time is Ticking Out" single.

March 3, 2002

Music Choice Special to Re-Air
5:45 PM EST  » news article
If you missed it when it aired last October, DishTV subscribers have a chance to see The Cranberries' Vicar Street gig this month.

Cranberries Nominated for Meteor "Best Irish Rock Album"
2:35 PM EST  » news article
But not for "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee." Find out why and get the latest scoop on tomorrow night's awards in Dublin, all inside.

March 2, 2002

American Tour Dates Announced!
2:20 PM EST  » news article
American tour to kick off in Montreal, with dates in Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto and several others -- although Wolftrap is suspiciously missing from the list. Tickets go on sale March 5th on the official page, so click the link and check out all the news!

February 28, 2002

Atlanta Tour Date Revealed
6:07 PM EST  » news article
Atlanta is now the second North American city to be given a date and venue for the upcoming tour. At this point, it looks very likely that the tour will last in the US until at least April.

"Zombie" to Get the Pop-Up Treatment
5:47 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries on American TV for any reason is cause for celebration! The world premiere of the "Zombie" Pop-Up Video airs next week on VH1. Click for time and more information.

February 26, 2002

Zombieguide Mexico Reopens!
6:05 PM EST  » site update
The website for our neighbors to the south has reopened with a great new layout and promises to deliver tons of content for Mexican fans (and for everybody else too!). Click the link and check out the new Zombieguide Mexico!

More Spanish "TITD" Scans
5:59 PM EST  » media
More images of the newly-released Spanish promo single for the (yes, it's official) third single from "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee."

New Magazine Scans
4:21 PM EST  » media
Zombieguide Europe has posted a huge mass of high-resolution magazine scans, including the January issue of the Brazilian magazine "Shopping Music" (page 4) which has a 6-page (!) interview with The Cranberries (and that doesnt even include the cover!). Check it out!!

Dusseldorf Review, Photos
3:36 PM EST  » media
The German website Gasteliste has posted a review of the Dusseldorf show (German), but even better for the non-Desuch audience, a slew of concert photos from the gig. Click the link to check it out.

So Much News You Couldn't Possibly Expect It All in One Headline, Could You?
3:29 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries Official Website has updated with a TON of news, but most importantly: "This is the Day" WILL be the next single everywhere!! The band will record the video with their common collaborator Olivier Dahan ("Salvation," "Promises," "Animal Instinct") next week in Paris. WOHOHOO!

February 24, 2002

Dolores and Noel on VH1 UK's 100 Greatest Albums
6:56 PM EST  » news article
Read what Dolores and Noel think of Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill" and The Smiths' "The Queen is Dead" LP from a new interview aired yesterday in the UK.

Fergal Interview in "La Provence"
4:42 PM EST  » print
A new interview with Fergal appears in a recent issue of "La Provence," one of many in a new string of interviews over the past week.

February 23, 2002

Release Dates Section Updated
10:30 AM EST  » site update
Time to get those calenders out again... here's the latest rundown of Cranberries release dates from around the globe. "This is the Day" and "Clockstoppers" have been added, whereas several other dates have been updated.

February 22, 2002

Terra's Chat with Dolores Transcript
6:40 PM EST  » interview
Dolores, being absent for December's Terra Brazil chat, was finally able to respond to Brazilian fans' questions by way of email. Her responses were posted earlier this week on Terra. Check out Terra's chat transcript page, or read our translation.

Bild.de Chat Transcript, Fergal Interview
5:21 PM EST  » interview
If you missed yesterday's Bild chat with Mike, Noel, and Fergal or if you just don't speak German, well then, you're in luck. We've got the whole chat archived for you and even translated into English.

New Dolores Photos
3:25 PM EST  » media
Say that headline really fast... heh heh heh. Funny.

February 21, 2002

Bild.de Chat Images, Summary
5:15 PM EST  » news article
Noel, Mike, and Fergal chatted live today on German website Bild. If you missed it, fear not! Zombieguide has tons of images and a summary of the chat!

"This is the Day" Spanish Promo CD Released
4:21 PM EST  » news article
Although their full intentions are not completely clear, Spain is the first to receive promo singles of "This is the Day" (images included!) from MCA. Will Spain receive the same treatment as France?

February 20, 2002

More Concert Reviews, Photos
7:09 PM EST  » news article
Who needs fansites, anyway? So much for that -- the Cranberries' official page has begun their own concert reviews section, including some new photos. Click the link to head over.

Stockholm Gig Review
6:09 PM EST  » review
Karin Eckerberg brings us a report on last night's Stockholm gig, including a synopsis on the changes in the setlist.

First North American "Wake Up" Tour Date Announced
5:58 PM EST  » news article
The Hammerstein Ballroom is confirmed for May 18th, while tickets go on sale at New York ticket outlets. If you don't have your tickets yet, click for the full story and link!

February 19, 2002

Zombieguide's Copenhagen Impressions
5:15 PM EST  » review
Congratulations to Zombieguide Europe's Norbert for receiving the "First Zombieguide Staff Member to Be Kicked Out of a Cranberries Concert Award." Want to see exactly how much trouble a camera can get you into? Well, read for yourself.

February 18, 2002

Dolores on Cover of "Action"
8:25 PM EST  » print
Dolores is on the cover of the Austrian mag "Action," up close and personal! A nice shot of the cover awaits you...

"TITO" 2-Track Scans
8:19 PM EST  » media
Check out the cover and CD art of the 2-track variation of the "Time is Ticking Out" single.

Send Your Submissions!
3:09 PM EST  » site update
Have you seen the Cranberries on their current tour? Send your concert reviews, setlist, photos, merchandise scans, and whatever else you can to Zombieguide at and we'll post it as soon as possible!

Copenhagen Setlist, Poster
1:33 PM EST  » media
The tour commences!! We'll have first reviews and impressions right here on Zombieguide, so check back soon!!

February 17, 2002

Better-Quality "Clockstoppers" Cover Art
4:58 PM EST  » media
Better-quality artwork from the "Clockstoppers" OST that will, appropriately enough, include "Time is Ticking Out."

Audio Interview from RTÉ News
4:25 PM EST  » media
O'Riordan, Hewson, and Roche speak from the "Time is Ticking Out" launch ceremony in Dublin -- come listen to the streaming audio clips...

"Tutto" Article Scans
2:59 PM EST  » print
The Cranberries are in not one, but two articles in the newest issue of the Italian mag "Tutto." Scans within!

February 16, 2002

MCA Australia Releases "Wake Up" Interview Disc
7:25 PM EST  » news article
MCA in Australia sends out promotional interview discs, scans included.

February 15, 2002

More Truck Loadup Photos...
7:08 PM EST  » media
Four more photos of the WUASTC World Tour trucks which weren't shown on the band's official site.

German "Wake Up" Tour Poster
7:08 PM EST  » media
With the Wake Up and Smell the Coffee World Tour 2002 mere days away, Universal is well underway with advertising for the upcoming European gigs. Check out this poster for the Dusseldorf, Germany gig...

"Clockstoppers" Soundtrack Delayed
5:10 PM EST  » news article
Hollywood Records pushes the "Clockstoppers" soundtrack back until the end of March -- also, check out an image of the cover art within.

February 14, 2002

"TITO" Australian Print Ad
5:25 PM EST  » media
Universal Music begins advertising for the new single, exclusive scan inside.

Tour Preparation Photos
5:12 PM EST  » media
Fergal has posted some amazing photos on the official page of trucks being loaded for the Wake Up and Smell the Coffee World Tour 2002, due to kick off in Copenhagen in the next few days. Sure makes you appreciate how much work goes into touring!! Oh, and happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2002

Cranberries Confirmed for 2002 Meteor Awards
9:35 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries are now confirmed to perform at March 4th's 2002 Meteor Music Awards in Dublin -- with tickets now on sale!

"TITO" Full-Size Scans
4:35 PM EST  » media
Check out full-size scans of "Time is Ticking Out," including the cover, back, and CD art, taken from the newly-released German version of the single.

February 12, 2002

Meteor Awards 2002 Online Poll
5:22 PM EST  » news article
Want to see the Cranberries perform in Ireland next month, and maybe even pick up an award? The Meteor Awards official page is hosting a duo poll and contest...

New Zombieguide Mailing List!
4:30 PM EST  » site update
Looking to have the latest Zombieguide updates delivered to your Inbox? Now that Listbot has graciously discontinued their free services, we've found a new provider, so click the link and sign up!!

"Clockstoppers" OST Tracklisting
4:24 PM EST  » news article
No more "X-Files" or "Sweet November" fiascos... "TITO" has a spot reserved on the upcoming "Clockstoppers" soundtrack.

French "This is the Day" Single Announced
4:04 PM EST  » news article
A representative for MCA France confirms an exclusive single release of "This is the Day" while French fans will miss out on the release of "Time is Ticking Out."

February 10, 2002

"TITO" Released in Australia
5:03 PM EST  » news article
Time isn't ticking out in Australia anymore -- they've got their hands on the new single.

"TITO" on Radio Promo
4:59 PM EST  » news article
You probably don't care if you live outside Argentina -- but hey, take a look.

February 9, 2002

Another "TITO" Launch Photo
7:15 PM EST  » media
Yet another (albeit tiny) photo of the attendees of Thrusday's "Time is Ticking Out" launch ceremony...

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