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February 8, 2002

Irish Mirror: Cranberries Star to Help Chernobyl Kids
8:29 PM EST  » news article
More quotes out of yesterday's "Time is Ticking Out" launch event, from Dolores, Hewson, and Roche.

Plans for 4 O'Riordan Spanish Homes Rejected
5:45 PM EST  » news article
A Spanish development committee rejects Dolores O'Riordan's plans for four mansions on the coast of Spain, due to technical conflicts. Details!

More "TITO" Launch Photos
4:14 PM EST  » media
Lots more photos from yesterday's "Time is Ticking Out" charity launch event in Dublin.

February 7, 2002

Bono's Wife Launches "TITO" Single
4:12 PM EST  » news article
Bono's wife Ali was on hand at the "Time is Ticking Out" launch party in Dublin earlier today, while proceeds for the single will go to the Chernobyl Children's Project... details inside! (Updated)

February 6, 2002

"Clockstoppers" Clarification
5:28 PM EST  » news article
It has now been clarified that the movie "Clockstoppers," which will feature the Cranberries track "Time is Ticking Out," is in fact by Nickelodeon and not by Disney, as previously reported. Click the link to check out the movie's official site. Thanks to Icicle Melts for the tip.

Cranberries Confirmed for Festival di San Remo
5:22 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries' official Italian site confirmed yet another European tour date for March.

February 5, 2002

No "TITO" US Airplay til March
11:15 PM EST  » news article
There's a good reason why "Time is Ticking Out" has gotten no airplay in the United States -- it hasn't been given to radio stations yet. Find out when you can expect to hear and see the new single.

"Greatest Hits" Still On Track for Release
4:30 PM EST  » news article
April's boxed set rereleases haven't ruined any plans for a "greatest hits" disc this fall. Both are still on schedule for release this year, according to Universal Canada.

Official Page Updated
3:53 PM EST  » news article
New details on boxed set, release date delayed, "TITO" on a Disney soundtrack, and the first confirmed US tour venues, all from the band's official page.

February 4, 2002

"TITO" Remix Clarification
6:07 PM EST  » news article
Apparently, yesterday's remix clip is in fact from the "single version" of the TITO remix... details inside.

February 3, 2002

"TITO" Spanish Promo Scans
5:13 PM EST  » media
Front, back, and CD art from the new single's Spanish promo release.

"TITO" Remix Clip
4:39 PM EST  » media
As with "Analyse," an extended Marius de Vries remix has surfaced with the addition of some lovely impovisation vocals by Dolores!

"Música Sí" Media
4:32 PM EST  » media
Spanish site Cranberries of Prat has posted a slew of media from the recent manipulated broadcast of "Música Sí". The page offers screencaptures of Dolores, unhappy with the poor sound system, as well as an audience-recorded clip of Dolores's complaints, which were purposely edited from the final show.

February 2, 2002

Cranberries on "Pure Alternative Live" Compilation
2:39 PM EST  » news article
An old song for a new compilation. The Cranberries join other alternative artists for a solid new CD.

February 1, 2002

Better Quality "TITO" Cover Scan
8:41 PM EST  » media
Come get a better view at the cover for "Time is Ticking Out."

January 31, 2002

Ultimate Biography Updated
10:08 PM EST  » site update
Tons of newly-surfaced information on the early days of The Cranberry Saw Us has been added to the years 1989 and 1990, including some extremely rare photos and quotes by Niall Quinn.

Zombieguide's Exclusive Interview with Niall Quinn
5:45 PM EST  » interview
Before there was a girl named Dolores O'Riordan and a band called The Cranberries, there was a guy named Niall Quinn and a band called The Cranberry Saw Us. The singer of the precursor to the Cranberries talks to Zombieguide about the early band and what's he's been doing since...

January 29, 2002

"TITO" UK Single Tracklisting
9:02 PM EST  » news article
... which means that completionists may once again want to hold out for the "complete" international version.

January 28, 2002

Release Dates Section Updated
9:02 PM EST  » site update
The release date chart is abuzz with "Time is Ticking Out" and March's special edition re-releases, so mark your calenders and start saving up!

Cally to Design Boxed Set Art
7:08 PM EST  » news article
No naked men and furry cups in store for March's boxed set -- the band's original art design group is handling the job.

"TITO" UK Release Date
7:00 PM EST  » news article
"Time is Ticking Out" is to be released next month in the British Isles, date within.

January 24, 2002

Cranberries Feature in "Shopping Music"
6:10 PM EST  » interview
The Cranberries take the "cover feature" of the online Brazillian magazine "Shopping Music," including an interview. If you don't speak Portugese, be sure to make use of Altavista's Bable Fish Translation. Thanks to Fernando Oliveira for the tip.

January 23, 2002

"TITO" 12" Promo Vinyl Hi-Res Scan
5:20 PM EST  » media
Take a look at the European promo release which includes the previously unavailable "Marius De Vries Remix Instrumental".

January 22, 2002

Zombieguide Changes...
5:55 PM EST  » site update
Seeing that Zombieguide's main page was becoming a bit of a ghost town, The Cranberries Herald has now become Zombieguide's main page. After all, I don't want you casual visitors to miss the hot news that is undoubtedly one of Zombieguide's best assets. Don't worry -- nothing's gone. You can access all of the site (Discussion, ZG Europe, Image Gallery) from the toolbar on the left! Also, our long-absent webmaster John (aka ThatZombie, CranTrader, zombieguide) has finally found a home to settle down into in Florida, so hopefully he'll make his triumphant return as soon as he can.

Crans to Play Le Festival Solidays?
5:24 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries may be headlining at least one summer festival in France, first details.

January 21, 2002

TITO Highest Entry in Los 40 Principales
10:04 PM EST  » news article
"Time is Ticking Out" is climbing several charts in Europe. Find out which ones, inside!

January 20, 2002

Cranberries Expected to Play Meteor Music Awards
10:42 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries are among the biggest Irish acts (including U2, Westlife, The Corrs, and several others) expected to play at this year's Irish-only Meteor Music Awards in March.

January 19, 2002

Dolores Presents an NRJ Award
9:31 PM EST  » news article
The Cranberries perform at the NRJ pre-show while Dolores presents the award for "Best Song of the Year". Pictures included! (1/20 Pictures now updated!)

MCA Issues "'Wake Up' Rock Sampler" Promo
3:15 PM EST  » news article
Two new MCA promos includes two previously unreleased mixes: "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (Radio Edit)" and "Time is Ticking Out (Instrumental Mix)".

January 18, 2002

Unplugged Performance to Air on MTV Europe
5:26 PM EST  » news article
Yet another classic Cranberries live performance will be airing on European TV this weekend. If you haven't seen this one, you can't call yourself a true Cranberries fan!!

Hamburg Gig to Air on VIVA
4:05 PM EST  » news article
One of the best shows from the "Loud and Clear" tour will be broadcasting again in select parts of Europe tomorrow. Do you get VIVA? Check for times!

Madrid Concert Poster
2:40 PM EST  » news article
Movistar Activa begins promotion for the upcoming line of their sponsored Spanish gigs in early March.

January 15, 2002

Press Release: Cranberries Announce 2002 Plans
4:10 PM EST  » news article
Yesterday, Universal Music released this press statement, outlining the Cranberries's plans for 2002. The band will be releasing special collectors' editions of each album, along with a boxed set in March, and will be touring the US beginning in May.

January 14, 2002

Universal Spain Investigates "Música Sí" Incident
4:33 PM EST  » news article
Following Saturday's airing of "Música Sí", Universal Spain has been notified of the video manipulation and may soon be pressing some form of charges against the show.

January 12, 2002

"Música Sí" Humiliates Once Again
4:31 PM EST  » news article
Spanish show "Música Sí" manipulates video in order to dodge the blame from the Cranberries' less-then-stellar performance in late November. Full details inside.

January 11, 2002

"TITO" Single Cover
10:37 PM EST  » media
With three days left until its release, its about time we finally saw its cover. Storm Thorgerson's reign of art continues on in the second single for "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee".

Downloadable Vatican Performance Clips
6:35 PM EST  » media
Six Real Video clips of Dolores at the Vatican, including performance clips, afternoon soundcheck, and meet & greet with fans!

"Música Sí" Mini-Concert to Air Tomorrow
5:29 PM EST  » news article
Spanish TV station TVE1 will be broadcasting the Crans' ""Música Sí" tomorrow morning...

January 10, 2002

Canadian "TITO" Release Date Announced
5:12 PM EST  » news article
The four-track version will be seeing its Canadian release two weeks after its international counterpart.

Cranberries on Cover of "Dynamite"
5:04 PM EST  » print
The Brazilian publication "Dynamite" has the band in an explosive cover article in its newest issue.

January 9, 2002

Cranberries Prepare for World Tour
6:19 PM EST  » news article
With little over a month until their first gig in for the 2002 World Tour, the band has returned home to continue rehearsals for the upcoming globe-trotting tour.

January 7, 2002

Release Dates Updated
9:08 AM EST  » feature
World release dates for "TITO" added... if you know of a date for a specific region, contact me!

"TITO" International Release Date
9:08 AM EST  » news article
Time until the release of "TITO" is ticking out... for the international audience, the single will be out in little over a week.

Reminder: US Premiere of "TITO" Video on Oxygen Tonight
8:54 AM EST  » news article
No school = many updates on The Herald!! Thank God for snow.

January 5, 2002

New Features on The Herald
8:51 PM EST  » site update
I've added some new features to The Cranberries Herald, including an oft-changing poll, categorized news, and a small "what I'm doing" section (where I'll list what album I last listened to, what videogame is in the system, etc). None of this will take priority over news, of course, it's just some quirky stuff to make The Herald more interactive! If you've got some suggestions to make the site better, email 'em to me at !

January 4, 2002

MTV: New Band Photo
5:36 PM EST  » media
After this, don't expect to see another Cranberries update on MTV.com until at least the next album.

January 1, 2002

Crans #1 Artist of 2001 on MTV Spain
1:23 AM EST  » news article
MTV Spain must be a far different world than the US.... If you were impressed with "Artist of the Day", what do you say to "Artist of the Year"?

Crans Artist of the Day on MMM
1:14 AM EST  » news article
Happy 2002 Everyone! Starting the year off with some great news, The Cranberries were Artist of the Day yesterday on Canadian channel MuchMoreMusic.

December 30, 2001

Dolores Creates Newborn Friendship
11:02 PM EST  » news article
A new personal and professional relationship for Dolores springs out of this month's Vatican Concert...

December 28, 2001

Cranberries @ "Jingle Mingle" Photos
10:16 PM EST  » media
More eye candy, from Providence's Jingle Mingle on December 10th!

Cranberries @ "Santapalooza" Photo
9:41 PM EST  » media
Yet more photos from the band's radio Christmas festival tour this month.

Italian "TITO" Release Date
8:45 PM EST  » news article
"Time is Ticking Out" goes on store shelves in less than two weeks in Italy (and, odds are, the rest of Europe). Unsurprisingly, no US release in sight.

WUASTC Goes Platinum
8:22 PM EST  » news article
The Crans' new album has hit the million mark across the globe, first details inside.

December 27, 2001

Baltimore "Mistletoe Meltdown" Photos!!
11:30 PM EST  » media
Which just goes to prove they're 100000x greater when you actually experienced it!!

Interview @ Clear Channel
10:41 PM EST  » interview
Because you simply can't have too many interviews to read.

"Analyse" Best of 2001 Portugese Nomination
9:22 PM EST  » news article
"Analyse" is one of several songs up for nomination of Best of 2001 on the Portugese "Rádio Comercial".

Exclusive: "Analyse" at the Vatican MP3
12:03 AM EST  » media
For those that didn't get to see Dolores's Vatican performance (which is assumed to be most everyone), Zombieguide has a special treat for you -- an MP3 clip of "Analyse", performed with the 67-piece orchestra.

December 25, 2001

Article in "Vale"
7:46 PM EST  » print
An article from the Spanish magazine "Vale" about the (now-ended) feud between The Cranberries and The Corrs.

More French Windows XP Propaganda
7:33 PM EST  » news article
More images from the French Windows XP cross-over promotion with "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee". Merry Christmas all!

December 23, 2001

Private NRJ Performance Planned for January
2:18 PM EST  » news article
An intimate gig with the band is planned for the band next month in Paris, with elusive tickets available only through the station's contests.

Updated: Where to Watch the Pope Performance?
2:46 PM EST  » news article
Another channel confirmed, this time a French religous network.

December 22, 2001

Where to Watch the Pope Performance?
1:50 PM EST  » news article
If you're like us freaks here at Zombieguide, you're pulling your hair out trying to figure out where exactly on TV, etc, you can watch the IX Concerto di Vaticano in Natale, where Dolores performed four songs for Pope John Paul II. Unfortunately, all of the media outlets that we know of to be carrying the concert are based in Europe. Here's a list of the ones we know of, thus far...

Magazines Section Updated
1:23 PM EST  » feature
Looking for the Crans in print? Check here for a list of recent scans and articles from around the globe...

Release Dates Section Updated
1:12 PM EST  » feature
There are several major Cranberries releases already planned for 2002, so click the headline and mark your calenders!

New Songs in Late 2002!!
12:56 PM EST  » news article
It looks like the band has more in store for that Late 2002 release than what we previously expected...!!

December 21, 2001

Boston "Holiday Hoedown 2001" Photos
1:26 PM EST  » media
More pictorial goodness! Zombieguide will remain updated throughout the holidays, so be sure to check back often for the latest Cranberries news!

Dolores Meets Pope John Paul II: Photos
12:45 PM EST  » media
More incredible photos, taken by the Associated Press.

December 20, 2001

Not Something You See Every Day...
6:15 PM EST  » print
Rare interview from an October 1991 issue of "Melody Maker", in promotion of "Uncertain".

December 19, 2001

"TITO" US Promo CDs Issued
3:58 PM EST  » news article
Discs printed and sent to American radio stations this week -- scan and tracklisting included.

December 18, 2001

US Premiere of "TITO" Video on Oxygen
4:08 PM EST  » news article
No more staying up 'til 3 AM watching VH1, finger on the VCR button, hoping to catch a glimpse of the band's new video. Time and place for the American premiere of "Time is Ticking Out"!

December 17, 2001

Dolores Performs 4 at Vatican
7:26 PM EST  » news article
"Analyse" and three other yuletide anthems were performed for the Holy Father, according to the band's official page.

TMF: "Westlife Will Be Forever Thankful"
7:17 PM EST  » news article
Picture this: You're minutes before singing before the leader of one of the largest religious bodies in the world and you're out of tune! What to do?! Sounds like a job for Super-Dolores!

Yahoo France: Dolores Performance Photo
7:10 PM EST  » media
A most excellent better-quality photo of Dolores performing at the IX Concerto di Vaticano in Natale.

Pope Performance: First Images, New Info
6:50 PM EST  » news article
New images, plus Dolores's experience meeting Pope John Paul II.

December 16, 2001

"TITO" Single 2-track, 4-track Tracklistings
5:17 PM EST  » news article
First word on the 2-track and 4-track versions of "Time is Ticking Out". Interested in knowing what extras the singles hold? Click!

Dolores Performs for the Pope!
5:05 PM EST  » news article
Dolores sings for the Pontiff's Vatican Chirstmas concert, first details inside, many more to come.

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