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November 8, 2001

Interview @ VH1
9:07 PM EST
VH1 Online has an interview with the band, that was apparently taken prior to Dolores's birthday in September. Click the headline to check it out.

November 6, 2001

The Herald Moves
9:45 PM EST
We've begun moving The Herald from the volite world of freespace Tripod onto Zombieguide's stable server. As for now, only the most recent news is available, and more will become available from newest to oldest. The Cranberries Herald's new address is /herald, so be sure to update your bookmarks. Because the Image Gallery was also on that server, it will also eventually be moved, but The Herald takes priority. So be please patient and excuse the mess!

November 5, 2001

Band to Appear at "Premios Ondas 2001" Ceremony
8:30 PM EST
The band is on schedule for more public appearences, this time at a Spanish awards ceremony at the end of the month.

Baltimore Venue Announced, Tickets on Sale
7:31 PM EST
No matter what I wrote here, it couldn't express my happiness. :D!!!!

November 3, 2001

Italian 5-track "Analyse" Enhanced CD Released
1:40 PM EST
And the best part? It's free!

October 31, 2001

Fergal: "Time" Single, Remixes Confirmed
9:20 PM EST
The eternal question is answered: Exactly which two track of "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" were the "vintage" ones?

"Top of the Pops" Screen Captures
9:08 PM EST
Over 50 pictures taken from the "Analyse" performance on the German TV station RTL, compliments of Zombieguide Germany!

December Providence Date Announced
9:01 PM EST
Plus and article from Pollstar solidifying the American dates.

Cranberries to Play for Pope John Paul II?
8:50 PM EST
A little birdie tells us some major news! Now if we can only get some good confirmation...

October 27, 2001

Dolores O'Riordan: "Irish Tatler Woman of the Year"
5:17 PM EST
The Cranberries' lead singer is presented with an award this week in Dublin commending her musical talent and personal strength. Photos included!

October 26, 2001

NME: Dolores Not "In a Hurry" to Visit US
5:40 PM EST
Apparently, the band's outlook to the US is still extremely cautious. Details inside.

October 25, 2001

"Analyse" Not Shown on "Top of the Pops"
5:05 PM EST
Low chart position keeps a live TV performance of "Analyse" from broadcasting. Details within.

Dolores and Fergal Pick Favorite Music Videos
4:46 PM EST
Dolores and Fergal appear on the Dutch channel TMF to request their favorite music videos of all time. Curious to see what they picked? See inside!

More "Fashion Zone" Shots
4:30 PM EST
Norbert over at Zombiegudie Europe has created even more shots of Dolores's recent appearence on "Fashion Zone" on MTV Germany. Check 'em out.

Cranberries Return for December US Radio Tour
4:15 PM EST
Detroit "Jingle Bell 2001" gig confirmed, others include Boston, Cleveland, Baltimore, Tampa, and Providence.

October 22, 2001

2 Professional Photos
6:55 PM EST
More professional photos, these apparently taken out of a magazine article...

Professional Hilversum, Holland Gig Photos
5:40 PM EST
Gorgeous photos taken from a private September performance in Holland. Webmasters should note that these photos are copyrighted and not for use on outside webpages without the photographer's permission.

October 21, 2001

"Pure Oxygen" Performance to Air Thursday
3:40 PM EST
The two-song performance for the women's TV network Oxygen airs this week.

Spanish Retail Chain Offers Stress Ball
3:17 PM EST
Though not as elaborate as the Taiwan boxset, Spanish retailers are giving away promo merchandise of their own.

Limited Ed. "Wake Up" Taiwan Boxed Set Released
2:39 PM EST
Just how the hell a country like Taiwan gets such cool swag is far beyond my ken.

October 20, 2001

Next Single: "This is the Day"?
9:45 PM EST
Perhaps MCA/Universal has a bigger say in the band's single choice than what is realized. But in this case, that is definitely a good thing.

Full Album Preview on MSN.com
9:10 PM EST
The entire album is now available online through, er, um, completely legal means.

October 19, 2001

Cranberries to Play Detroit 12.11.01?
6:02 PM EST
Pollstar lists a stand-alone date, but in all likelihood, it has already been cancelled.

Scans from "Eres" Magazine
5:23 PM EST
The Crans have a 5-page interview in the current issue of "Eres" magazine -- check out our the exclusive scans.

October 18, 2001

Oceanic Remix UK Promo CD Released
4:55 PM EST
A one track promo is sent to radio stations in the UK, cover scan inside.

October 17, 2001

Screen Captures: MTV Germany "Fashion Zone"
4:55 PM EST
So just how much will Dolores spend for something that catches her fancy? This should make one hilarious episode of VH1's Behind the Music.

October 16, 2001

Spanish Bonus CD Scans, Tracklisting
10:00 PM EST
The Spanish limited edition of WUASTC puts all others to shame, weighing in with two CDs and a whopping 17 tracks.

Italian "Super" Magazine Scans
4:25 PM EST
You've already read the words, now take a look at "Super"'s pretty pictures.

October 15, 2001

"Analyse" Live on Sept. 11th Benefit CD
9:45 PM EST
A limited release multi-charity CD will see a live performance of "Analyse" next month, cover art included.

October 14, 2001

Spanish Limited Edition "Wake Up" Announced
1:45 PM EST
Quick buyers in Spain will be getting not three, but five bonus tracks on their editions of "Wake Up".

October 13, 2001

New Magazine Scans: "Super", "Weekend", "Billboard"
9:31 PM EST
Finally, we get some news about a magazine in the US. Too bad it's industry-geared and it's only an ad (not actually an article).

Revised US "Analyse" Date, Price
9:20 PM EST
The US release of the single gets delayed by about 3 weeks. Although I'm not one to complain -- a new release of any kind is momentous here in the oft-overlooked land.

"Analyse" UK Tracklisting
3:30 PM EST
Brits get cheated out of the (arguably) most desirable track included on the international version of "Analyse".

October 12, 2001

"Time is Ticking Out" to Become Chernobyl Charity Single?
8:03 PM EST
Because the issue has received so little attention in recent years, Fergal, Mike, and Dolores discuss the possibility of releasing "Time is Ticking Out" to benefit the victims of the infamous nuclear disaster.

Live Videos @ MTV
7:03 PM EST
MTV.com has posted live videos of "Analyse", "Never Grow Old", and "Linger", which were recorded for MTV Online in August.

High-Res International WUASTC Scans
6:45 PM EST
Zombieguide Germany has posted some lovely scans of the just-released international version of "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee".

Cranberries Cancel Remaining 2001 Promotion
6:40 PM EST
Dolores writes, "We're truly sorry we cannot continue our promo tour... it is not worth the risk of travelling around," in a message posted on the official page.

Interview Translation from "Super"
4:55 PM EST
The Herald has an exclusive translation of an interview taken from the Italian "Super" magazine.

October 10, 2001

Scans from "Top Music" Article
4:55 PM EST
If you've got any Spanish know-how, you can pick out bits and pieces from these scans of a new interview in "Top Music".

October 7, 2001

New Features Section: New & Recent Magazines
6:10 PM EST
Losing track of all the new magazine articles and interviews from around the world? The Herald's got them all gathered in one place...

Article in Australia's "Sain" Mag
5:48 PM EST
For those Zombieguide viewers living on the opposite end of the globe, the October issue of the Australian magazine "Sain" has a 1-page article on the 'Berries.

Dolores in UK's "Sunday Telegraph", Scans
5:28 PM EST
In today's issue of the "Sunday Telegraph" (dated October 7, 2001), The Cranberries' frontwoman is featured in a 3-page interview titled "Thirty Love".

October 6, 2001

Cranberries Perform Oceanic Remix Live on CD:UK
7:00 PM EST
Consider it a precedent. The band makes their first live performance of a remix... details within!

Amsterdam Performance Photos, Interview Online
5:51 PM EST
3FM has posted lots of photos from the recent Amsterdam performance in their "Fotoreportage" section. Also check out the "Utilslag Prijsvraag" for an interview with Mike (in Dutch) as well as some universally-appealing photos.

Dolores in "ES" Magazine, Scans
5:41 PM EST
Cover, photo, and excerpts from yet another European magazine interview.

October 5, 2001

Mike Absent from European Promo Tour Due to Wife's Expectancy
3:10 PM EST
Hogan brother Mike was nowhere to be seen during this week's recording of Hit-Machine, exclusive details inside. (Updated)

Crans in "Tutto" Again
2:53 PM EST
The Italian "Tutto Musica" has another lengthy article about the band in its October issue. Cover scan included.

October 3, 2001

MMM Explodes with Cranberry Specials
6:00 PM EST
By the end of the month, you Canadians are going to be spoiled rotten with Cran TV.

Festivalbar Performance Screens
5:41 PM EST
Zombieguide Europe has whipped up over 50 new delicious screens, this time of last month's Verona, Italy performance. Come check out that wicked dress of Dolores's in all the high-res you can handle.

October 2, 2001

Cranberries Announce Next Single
6:00 PM EST
While the album isn't even out yet, The Cranberries have chosen the successor to their current single, "Analyse".

Exclusive: Amsterdam Performance Photos
5:32 PM EST
So, so close to Dolores...

October 1, 2001

"Wake Up" Press Kit
4:52 PM EST
The mother of all-important press materials is sent out to media outlets...

Dolores on Cover of "Sunday Magazine"
4:52 PM EST
Dolores makes it on to the cover of a brand new Aussie magazine, which was released yesterday.

Hi-Res "Wake Up" International Cover
4:40 PM EST
Ah, it seemed like October 2001 would never be here soon enough! Now we can start counting down the days...

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