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September 30, 2001

Cranberries' Re-Edited Video 'Analyse' Rushed Back to Broadcasters
9:13 PM EST
New precise details on the progress of the re-editing for the video for "Analyse". The video will be back on air very, very soon all around the globe.

Lethally Hi-Res "Wake Up" Shots
9:05 PM EST
"Huge" just doesn't do this picture justice... Come on in and set your browser window to full-screen.

September 28, 2001

"Analyse" US Release Date Revealed?
5:05 PM EST
If indeed valid, kids, it's before the release of the album!

Band Appearences on Spanish Radio
4:41 PM EST
The Cranberries appeared on three different Spanish radio stations today -- find out which ones and what they talked about!

Screen Captures from Launch Interview
4:07 PM EST
For those without the benefit of broadband, Zombieguide Europe has made some gorgeous screen captures from Launch.com's interview with Dolores and Fergal.

September 26, 2001

Cranberries Content to Appear on Windows XP
4:15 PM EST
...officially making it the most expensive Cranberries CD on record!

September 25, 2001

Dolores Discusses 2002 Tour, Cynicism on 2FM
2:45 PM EST
Quotes and exclusive sound clips from today's live interview broadcasted on Ireland's 2FM station.

"Analyse" Single Delayed in Germany
1:17 PM EST
Delay of video = Delay of single, according to Universal.

Re-edited "Analyse" Video Returns to Airwavess
1:05 PM EST
The promised re-edit of the "Analyse" video has been sent to music stations, which means the video should begin re-airing globally very soon.

September 24, 2001

Fergal Speaks Out about US Disasters
5:41 PM EST
"...The most horrific, saddening images I have ever seen," the band's Fergal Lawler said. "I've felt sick and numb since then."

Cranberries on Cover of "Monitor"
4:57 PM EST
Well, not quite the band themselves. Scanned pic and info inside.

New Promo CDs
4:55 PM EST
News about all the wonderful CD's that you'll never be able to go to the store and buy.

Amsterdam Gig Setlist and Impressions
3:55 PM EST
Full setlist from today's live show, along with a first-hand account of the performance...

September 23, 2001

Release Dates Section Updated
3:55 PM EST
US Releases of "Analyse" added, older stuff removed and updated.

"Analyse" to be Released in the US!!
2:25 PM EST
*gasp* Could it be?? The first Cranberries single released in the United States in over five years??!

September 21, 2001

MuchMoreMusic's "Story of the Cranberries" Airs Oct 1st
4:43 PM EST
Lucky Canadian hosers, eh?!

Exclusive: Festivalbar 2001 Shots
4:00 PM EST
Screen catpures taken from the TV broadcast...

September 20, 2001

"Wake Up" Cover: Raw Coffee?
4:36 PM EST
Pay attention, class, you're about to get a short lesson in agriculture.

September 19, 2001

The Cranberries at Festivalbar
4:30 PM EST
Three photos of Dolores from last week's Verona, Italy appearence.

September 18, 2001

Dolores Interview at Launch.com
4:15 PM EST
Dolores discusses how Stephen Street had an influence on the sound of the new single, details inside.

"Analyse" Video Pulled, Euro Tour Continues
4:08 PM EST
Concerned fans make an impact on the "Analyse" video, while the band decides to resume their tour later this month.

September 17, 2001

Updated: "Analyse" 2-trk, 4-trk Tracklistings
6:50 PM EST
An update on the tracklisting for the 2-track version. It is now officially worth purchasing!

September 15, 2001

Final US Cover Art?
5:15 PM EST
We can't know for sure just yet, but if so, I'm fairly pleased with it.

New High-Res Andy Earl Photos
4:10 PM EST
Look for these to be on every piece of promo material you see...

"Analyse" 2-trk, 4-trk Tracklistings
3:50 PM EST
Finally we know the full tracklisting for both of the singles for "Analyse". Caution: You are entering the Exclusive Info Zone.

September 14, 2001

Press Release: Streaming "Analyse", "Wake Up" Cover, Inserts
3:50 PM EST
Somebody's going to end up drawing the short straw, and I hope it's not North America!

"Analyse" #1 HyperActive Song in America
3:45 PM EST
Radio airplay has risen dramatically for the new track, even beating out the "king of pop", according to Gavin. Also, some good news about the "Analyse" video in the US!

September 13, 2001

MCA Opens New Cranberries Site
4:54 PM EST
Decent content, nice design... wait a sec. That sounds like competition to me. Don't leave us. We beg you!

"In the Ghetto" on "Analyse" Single?
3:20 PM EST
Not an astonishing surprise, but at least we know another track...

That "Thing" On the Cover...
3:15 PM EST
...you'll feel stupid for not figuring this out yourself.

September 12, 2001

European Tour Cut Due to US Tragedy
6:45 PM EST
In light of yesterday's horrendous events here in the United States, The Cranberries have suspended their European promo tour and returned home to their families, according to the official page. However, we in the US are trying to continue our lives as normally as possible, to show that we are not living in fear of terrorism and that no group or state can destroy the freedom of democracy. Zombieguide sends out our most earnest prayers and wishes to all of those affected by yesterday's events. This short news should be a wake-up call to anyone questioning the impact of yesterday's events.

"Wake Up" Panoramic Cover?
6:05 PM EST
With the surfacing of new art, it appears that the two "cover" images are not two separate pieces, but rather one large panoramic shot. Check out Zombieguide's mock-up image inside!

UK Sampler w/ "Linger" Remix, New Art Released
4:27 PM EST
A new 10-track promo sampler has been released in the UK, with a bonus "Linger" remix as well as brand new cover art. Could this be the final cover?

September 10, 2001

"Live from the Lounge" Audio Clips
6:45 PM EST
Dolores talks about her "perfect day" when Taylor and Molly inspired her to write the opening track to "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee".

Tribe Magazine Interview
4:37 PM EST
Odd Bits & Hits repeats itself. The Cranberries have scrapped their plans for the tentative "Greatest Hits" album, but have cited very good reasons for doing so. Also, new info on the "In the Ghetto" cover, settling in at MCA, and drunken roadies!

September 9, 2001

Dolores Discusses "Analyse" Music Video
4:10 PM EST
Even if you have or haven't seen it yet, read what Dolores and the band think of their new video, details within.

September 8, 2001

MusiquePlus Interview Clips
6:21 PM EST
Dolores, Mike, and Fergal disuss waking up, analysing, and Mike's pre-birth jitters in this brand new interview -- exclusive interview MP3s inside.

"Wake Up" Cover Art Revealed
5:10 PM EST
Just stare. Say nothing. Just stare in disbelief.

September 7, 2001

"La Press" Interview
6:35 PM EST
"Dolores has said she has already started to write new songs... The group wants to release a sixth album very quickly..." OH yeah! Now that we have your attention, click to read!

September 6, 2001

Editorial: The Music Industry Then and Now
4:45 PM EST
How has music changed in 12 or 14 years? What makes The Smiths a sharp contrast to the cookie-cutter vomit-inducing pop music that floods the TV tubes of ignorant viewers? Today's MTV is a sad one indeed, and Zombieguide's Alex Kraus attempts to dig to the center of it.

Dolores O'Riordan Turns 30
4:05 PM EST
Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan celebrated her 30th birthday with her family today in her hometown of Limerick. She has also written about her happiness with her age today on the official page...

September 5, 2001

Zombieguide @ The Roxy Theatre 08.14.01
4:55 PM EST
Adam of Zombieguide Concerts has posted his on-hand review of the first live gig in the American promo tour -- but sorry, no new pictures. Read the review and find out why.

September 4, 2001

MCA Official Band Bio Released
10:01 PM EST
New quotes from the band members make this brand new biography definitely worth the time. If you haven't checked it out yet, it deserves your attention.

"Analyse - Oceanic Remix" Announced For Single
9:40 PM EST
We now know one of the extra tracks to be included with "Analyse" 4-track, which leaves two left to be announced. Sample the entire new remix in streaming audio!

September 3, 2001

Cranberries Kick Off European Promo Tour
8:40 PM EST
A one-month interview and performance tour to mirror August's US tour started off today in Scotland.

September 2, 2001

Photo: 95.5 WPLJ Appearence
11:35 PM EST
More tasty leftover residue from the US promo tour.

September 1, 2001

Cranberries.com Moves
8:47 PM EST
Gone is the minimalist "New album in stores now!" crap, replaced by far superior and well-updated content.

August 31, 2001

US Album to Contain Bonus Tracks!
10:30 PM EST
Almost as good of an offer as the limited 4-track BTH bonus CD, the North American album, as well as the other 3 versions, will contain exclusive bonus material!

August 30, 2001

"Live from the Lounge" Setlist, Info
12:50 PM EST
An hour and a half of new music and interviews aired Tuesday night in LA. Missed it? We've got the info for you inside.

August 28, 2001

Photos: The Roxy Performance
9:47 PM EST
Eight small professional shots taken from the band's first public performance this year.

Photo: Cities 97 Performance
9:10 PM EST
One of the first pictures seen from this month's promo tour is now up. So come check out the band, in the Cities 97 studio.

August 27, 2001

"Analyse" Trade Magazine Ad
11:48 AM EST
"Over 33 million albums sold worldwide!" Well, no, not on this one at least.

August 26, 2001

Alternate "Analyse" Radio Promo
9:38 PM EST
In case you were getting tired of that same photo over and over again, this one has some new cover and disc art.

August 25, 2001

Cranberries Make Surprise MusiquePlus Appearence
12:03 PM EST
As predicted, the Berries stopped into the French-speaking music station to discuss the new album and premeire the "Analyse" video.

August 24, 2001

Alternate UK 5-track Promo Scan, Tracklist
10:38 PM EST
We now have a scan of the promo that contains the newly-revealed track "Do You Know" -- scan and tracklist within.

August 23, 2001

Cranberries to Stop in Montreal Friday
11:15 PM EST
French-Canadian fans finally get some solid info on when the 'Berries will be visiting their area for promotion.

"Family Problems" Cited for Noel's Absence
10:44 PM EST
Cranberries backup singer/guitarist Steve Demarchi speaks on the absence of the band's lead guitarist and on next year's world tour.

Analyse 3" CD To Release?
9:57 PM EST
Could a new mini-CD single be making its way into your collection in the new future? Very possible, according to one source. First details within.

August 22, 2001

"Live from the Lounge" To Air Next Tuesday
11:40 AM EST
The show is now scheduled for next week, not yesterday. But hey -- at least you didn't miss it yet!

August 21, 2001

The Herald Wants YOU!
8:30 PM EST
Actually, we want your experiences. Have you attended one of the recent gigs? Send us photos, reviews, live mp3 clips, newspaper articles, anything!! We're counting on our readers to make The Herald an even better source of Cranberries news, so spread the karma! Email The Herald at !

Minneapolis Show Review, Setlist
8:26 PM EST
WarChild from the Discussion Board writes a very nice review of the Minneapolis gig and radio show, setlists for each included!

Fergal Reports On-the-Road
8:00 PM EST
Ferg gives an update as to the band's status as they are currently making their way around the US, details inside.

August 20, 2001

"Live from the Lounge" Airing Tomorrow
5:35 PM EST
"Live from the Lounge" goes on the airwaves tomorrow night on the west coast. Gee, that's just great when you live in the MID ATLANTIC!!. Grr.

Boulder Gig Review
5:15 PM EST
Wondering what some of the press thought of the press-only private gigs last week? Here's a short but surprisingly positive take on the Boulder, CO show.

"Analyse" Mexican Promo CD
5:10 PM EST
Radio stations south of the border have received their new promos, and they feature some art not found in the international release. Check it out...

Another New Track Title Revealed
4:05 PM EST
We now know more than 13 confirmed titles, so the speculation now is about which ones will make the cut to the album. The Herald has its own hypothesis, so read inside!

August 19, 2001

Setlist from "Live from the Lounge"
5:18 PM EST
The setlist from Monday's radio gig surfaces, further throwing fuel onto the rumor mill.

First Roxy Gig Details, Setlist
5:02 PM EST
A breif account of Tuesday's gig within, along with an abridged tracklist.

Cranberries to Record "The World Cafe" Aug. 21
4:30 PM EST
Cranguy returns from vacation to an expected slew of news from the promo tour. The Berries will be performing at the The Museum of Television and Radio in NYC this week, and you can enter a competition to win tickets!

August 9, 2001

New UK Promo, New Track Revealed!
4:24 PM EST
Cranberries do a Sugar Ray cover? Nah, not likely. Another new shiny album track title inside, as well as details on the new UK sampler.

Japanese "Wake Up" Moved Up
3:45 PM EST
Supaa rakii na Nihonjin! Hmmm.... *consults dictionary*, what's the adjective for "envious"?

Dolores Spotted in Toronto
3:18 PM EST
With the American promo tour swiftly approaching, it's very possible the entire band is with her in the great Maple Leaf.

August 6, 2001

Cranberries to Appear on GetMusic's E-coustic Sessions
8:00 PM EST
The bandwidth gods further curse us with live content. The Crans will be doing an online acoustic gig this month, first exclusive details inside.

August 2, 2001

First Japanese "Wake Up" Bonus Track Info
2:08 PM EST
Rakii na Nihonjin! Then again, it's not a new trend at all. Sadly.

August 1, 2001

More Media on Angelica's "Se a Gente"
5:07 PM EST
Three new videos of an interview, live performance, and TV appearence from the Brazilian cover girl herself.

Official Site Reveals HTML Page, August Venues
4:42 PM EST
Tons of content gets put up at the official page, so click the title for a rundown, and be sure to check it out for yourself.

"Analyse" Promo CD Art Scan
4:20 PM EST
Temporal art takes on a simplistic look in the new "Analyse" promo -- after all, the commercial release will be seeing a redesign.

New Promo: "Preserved - The Story So Far"
4:15 PM EST
A brand new limited promo covers the Cranberries from their first song up til with present day with their new album. Tracks, cover art inside.

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