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January 30, 2001

It's a Girl!!
4:00 PM EST
Congrats to Dolores and Don on the safe delivery of their second child!

January 28, 2001

Storm Thorgerson to Return for Album #5
4:40 PM EST
The artist that brought us naked men, floating eyes, burning teddy bears, furry tea cups, and all those other acid trips will be back this autumn. (News links now fixed!)

January 26, 2001

Release Dates Section Updated
3:40 PM EST
Album #5 date revised on all charts.

Album #5 Watch Section Updated
3:35 PM EST
Fergal's new bits of news have been added.

January 25, 2001

Official News: BTH Complete Sessions in the US!
4:40 PM EST
Lots of official news, including Album #5, the track "Analyze", and a release of "Bury the Hatchet: The Complete Sessiosns" in the US!

BTS Debuts at #2 in Mexico
3:55 PM EST
The response for BTH has been overwhelming in Mexico since its release on Sunday, pushing it to the Top 10 Charts.

January 21, 2001

Release Dates Section Updated
1:15 PM EST
"Dream to Me" International date added to World Releases section.

"Dream to Me" Europe Top 10
1:10 PM EST
The single releases tomorrow, and it looks to be doing fairly well on the charts so far. Click inside for an update...

January 20, 2001

Album #5 Watch Section Open
5:00 PM EST
The Herald has gathered every scrap of info on the upcoming fifth album and has compiled it into one ongoing section for your convenience. Be sure to check it out!

January 19, 2001

Credits Section Up
10:20 PM EST
And no one cares. But more importantly, all of the links on the page should be working now.

European BTS Released
3:00 PM EST
After several weeks of patient wating, the European DVD is released.

January 13, 2001

Release Dates Section Updated
9:45 PM EST
US release date for "Sweet November" soundtrack sadly removed; "From a Whisper to a Scream" US date joyfully added.

Official Site Redesign News
9:40 PM EST
We now have an exact date, along with a lukewarm joke from the webmasters of the official site.

January 12, 2001

"From a Whisper to a Scream" DVD Release Next Month!
3:00 PM EST
Can you handle two Cranberries DVDs within one month?? A multi-million dollar history of Irish music will release on VHS and DVD in February, and it includes, of course, the Cranberries.

January 10, 2001

ShowBiz's Interview with Dolores
3:25 PM EST
ShowBiz has an exclusive interview with Dolores and the rest of the band, taken shortly after the recent Dublin gig. Pictures included!

January 9, 2001

New Canadian Release Date
4:40 PM EST
We now hopefully have a more accurate Canadian release schedule for "Beneath the Skin"; Release Dates Section updated accordingly.

January 5, 2001

No Crans on "Sweet November" Soundtrack?
9:05 PM EST
Its the news I knew was coming, but never wanted to hear. The track "Analyze" is currently missing from the track listing.

January 4, 2001

Full "Beneath the Skin" Review
6:40 PM EST
A full extensive review of "Beneath the Skin" is now up on The Cranberries Herald. If you're still making up your mind, be sure to read it!

American "Beneath the Skin" Released
5:00 PM EST
At long, long last, it's here!! Check out exclusive scans of the disc, index, and cover sticker, all inside. Full Review to come soon.

January 1, 2001

Release Dates Section Updated
9:40 PM EST
US release date for "Sweet November" soundtrack added.

"Sweet November" Soundtrack Date Revealed
9:30 PM EST
Thankfully, the soundtrack comes out before the movie and we don't have too much longer to wait.

Release Dates Section Updated
2:25 PM EST
Australia's BTS release date added to World Releases list.

Australian BTS Release Date Announced
2:20 PM EST
Happy New Year! Our first story of the year is for the Aussie audience -- "Beneath the Skin"'s pricing and release date announced.

December 31, 2000

Amazon's "Beneath the Skin" Review
9:20 PM EST
The first review of "Beneath the Skin" hits the bandwidth, and it's surprisingly positive. Now I really, really can't wait!

New Bootleg "Loud and Clear" Released
11:35 AM EST
The first (and only) live commercial bootleg of 2000 is released and The Cranberries Herald has an exclusive hands-on look. Full-size scans, sound clips, impressions, and more all inside!

December 26, 2000

Awards Section Open
9:05 PM EST
Zombieguide US's awards have all been gathered in one place... click the link to view them.

December 22, 2000

Asian "Beneath the Skin" VCD Set Released
8:25 PM EST
Looks like Asia is the first region to receive the new release, in VCD form. Scans and info, all inside!

December 19, 2000

Release Dates Section Updated
10:50 PM EST
"Dream to Me" single UK release date updated.

"Dreams" Remix Single Info
10:45 PM EST
Release date, audio clip, and more... it's all inside.

Release Dates Section Updated
1:55 PM EST
Canadian and European "Beneath the Skin" dates posted, world release dates revised.

Canadian & European BTS Release Dates
1:50 PM EST
Luckily, if you live in these regions, you won't have to wait any longer than a month to purchase the new VHS and DVD.

December 18, 2000

DVD Under Lock & Key at Image
4:00 PM EST
A quirky little exclusive news story that even the employees of Image are not allowed to handle the new DVD until after the busy holidays.

New Official Site Design Delayed
3:45 PM EST
Disappointing? Perhaps a bit. Surprising? No, not really. Details inside...

December 17, 2000

"Beneath the Skin" Press Release
12:45 PM EST
It's more or less a recap of everything we know, but it's worth the read anyway. Check it out!

December 16, 2000

Release Dates Section Updated
8:55 PM EST
The release dates section has been updated with the "Dreams" remix single as well as the previously-announced greatest hits album.

"Dreams" Dance Remix Airing in the UK
8:45 PM EST
It's been a surprisingly busy news day... A British Cransite reports that those the UK can check out a new remix by the band Dario G with a CD release to follow. Click the headline for more!

Special to Re-air on MTV Italy
2:00 PM EST
MTV Italy will be re-airing an interview and video special that originally aired this summer. Mark your calenders if you get the station!

2-Sided "Beneath the Skin" DVD?
1:50 PM EST
The trends of other bands show that by the Cranberries' description, they're planning on a double-sided disc for next month.

December 15, 2000

Archived News Sections Open
6:35 PM EST
The archived news sections are back, this time formatted into the new design. The older pages are a bit messy, but you should be able to find what you're looking for. Links are on the right toolbar at the top.

December 12, 2000

Trading Info Page Open
10:55 PM EST
Trade Cranberries stuff?? Then get on over to the Trading Info page, now up. My lists are still in .txt format, and I'm wondering if I'll even change that at all (as it's easy to update).

Release Dates Page Open
10:25 PM EST
The "Release Dates" section is now open for viewing, so you can track all the upcoming Cran releases in both the US and around the world.

December 11, 2000

The Herald Relaunches
9:50 PM EST
The Cranberries Herald now sports a flashy new layout, and users can expect several new sections of the Herald to open soon.... click inside to check out all the new features!!

December 9, 2000

Official Greatest Hits CD Released
9:10 PM EST
...but only in Turkey. A recent official magazine pack-in includes audio samples as well as enhanced CD-ROM features.

December 6, 2000

No Tour Until 2002
9:05 PM EST
In case it isn't evident by the title, this bit of news from the official page is a bit disappointing, but news none the less.

November 24, 2000

Cranberry Award Results
9:00 PM EST
The results for the 2000 Cranberry Awards are in and Zombieguide picks up 2 awards, including Best Cran-Web in World!

November 23, 2000

Official News
9:00 PM EST
Fergal updates the official page, with the promising hopes of a new song released by February of next year. Now the wait is shortened for new material...

November 17, 2000

Dublin Setlist, New Song Clips!
8:55 PM EST
The very first song clips from Album #5!! They're short and the quality leaves a bit to desire, but at nearly a year before the album's release, who can complain??

November 14, 2000

Dublin Gig Photos
8:50 PM EST
Even though the webcast was only for a privilaged few, E-Merge has posed some photos from the once-off Cranberries gig that took place last Saturday.

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