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. :   S o l o     P r o j e c t s   : .

MOVING IN (Ireland) August 2004 (Source: CranberriesItalia)

NEWSWEEK INTERNATIONAL (World) July 25, 2004 (Thanks to Thomas.)

TUTTO MUSICA (Italy) June 2004 (Thanks to Eva.)

IRISH INDEPENDENT (Ireland) April 29, 2004

IRISH INDEPENDENT (Ireland) March 26, 2004

IRISH INDEPENDENT (Ireland) March 27, 2004

IRISH EXAMINER (Ireland) March 27, 2004 (Thanks to Des.)

TORONTO STAR (Canada) March 27, 2004 (Thanks to John)

RITZ LONDON MAGAZINE (UK) Winter/Spring 2004 (Click Image for RITZ special page)

VARIOUS TABLOIDS (Ireland) March 26, 2004 (Thanks to Des.)

LEGGO (Italy) March 23, 2004 (Thanks to Lorenzo)

TUTTO MUSICA (Italy) March 2004 (Thanks to Eva and Lorenzo. Translation here.)

IRISH DAILY STAR (Ireland) January 22, 2004 (Thanks to Des.)

IRISH DAILY STAR (Ireland) November 27, 2003 (Thanks to Des.)

ROCK STAGE (Mexico) December 2003 (Source: Zombieguide Mexico. Translation here.)

ROLLING STONE (Spain) October 2003 (Thanks to Proppi for the scan. Translation here.)

IRISH POST (UK) October 1, 2003 (Thanks to Steve aka TRICON for the scan.)

IRISH POST (UK) September 27, 2003 (Thanks to Steve aka TRICON for the scan.)

THE IRISH WORLD (UK) August 8, 2003

. :   " S t a r s "     E r a   : .

GERMAN NEWSPAPER (?) (Germany) June 9, 2003 (Translation here)

THE IRISH WORLD (UK) January 31, 2003

ERES (USA edition) February 16, 2003 (Translation here)

BLUE JEAN (Turkey) Cranberries Bonus Booklet March 2003 (Thanks to Haluk)

? (France) January 2003 (Source:

ALL MUSIC (Italy) February 2003 (Thanks to Mattia)

GALA (France) ? 2002 (Source:

TV SORRISI & CANZONI (Italy) December 2002 (Thanks to Matteo)

BLUE JEAN (Turkey) December 2002 (Thanks to Haluk) (Translation)

HOT PRESS COLLECTORS' SERIES (Ireland) December 2002 (Read this first!)

THE IRISH WORLD (UK) January 3, 2003 (Rumor proven false)

THE IRISH WORLD (UK) December 20, 2002 (Rumor proven false)

THE IRISH WORLD (UK) November 29, 2002

PARIS-MATCH (France) October 22, 2002 (Source: My Cranberries Discography)

VIVIMILANO (Italy) November 16, 2002 (Thanks to Lorenzo)

REPUBBLICA MILANO (Italy) November 15 & 18, 2002 (Source: Cranberries Videography)

SUNDAY INDEPENDENT (Ireland) November 24, 2002 (Transcript)

AKTÜEL (Turkey) Oct. 31 - Nov. 6, 2002 (Thanks to Haluk)

GUITARPART (France) October 2002 (Thanks to Arnaud)

TEENAGE (Singapore) November 2002 (Thanks to Tawfiq Ismail)

ROLLING STONE (France) November 2002 (Source: Cranberries Web/

ROLLING STONE (Spain) October 2002 (Source: Official Spanish Fanclub)

COMPACT (France) October 2002 (Source: Cranberries Celtic World)

TELERAMA (France) November 2002 (Source:

IRISH CONNECTIONS (Ireland) October 2002, Vol. 3, Iss. 3

TELEPIU (Italy) October 2002 (Thanks to Lorenzo)

40 MAGAZINE (Spain) October 2002 (Source: CranStar)

TOP MUSIC (Spain) October 2002

ROCK STAR (Italy) October 2002 (Source: Concept of Cranberries) (Translation)

TRIBE GENERATION (Italy) October 2002 (Thanks to Lorenzo)

IRISH INDEPENDENT (Ireland) September 14, 2002


LATIN PULSE (Mexico) September 2002 (Source: This Is the Day Cranclub)

SUNDAY WORLD (Ireland) September 15, 2002 (Thanks to Phil)

MIX (USA) September 2002

TUTTO (Italy) September 2002 (Thanks to Lorenzo and Klarebel)

WOMEN WHO ROCK (USA) Summer 2002

SING PAO DAILY (Hong Kong) August 16, 2002 (Thanks to Cherry) (Translation)

NEWS TODAY (Singapore) August 2002 (Thanks to ZG Media Vault)

THE STRAITS TIMES (Singapore) August 2002 (Thanks to ZG Media Vault)


. :   " W a k e     U p "     E r a   : .

OKAPI (France) ? (Source:

ONLY ROCK (France) July/August 2002 (Source: Cranberries Tape Trader)

TRIBE GENERATION (Italy) August 2002 (Thanks to Lorenzo)

EL MUNDO (Majorca, Spain) July 11, 2002 (Source: Cranberries of Prat)

TV SETTE (Italy) July 2002 (Source: Cranberries Videography) (Translation)

TUTTO (Italy) July 2002 (Source: Cranberries Videography) (Translation)

LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL (Las Vegas, NV, USA) June 28, 2002 (Full Article)

CHASTAIN PARK CONCERT SERIES (Atlanta, GA, USA) June 2002 (Thanks to Paul Beardsley)

CENTER LINES (Wash. DC, USA) May 2002

FILLES D'AUJOUD'HUI (Canada) June 2002 (Source: Cranberries Tape Trader)

IRISH WORLD (International) May 10, 2002 (Source: Cranberries Tape Trader)

LE DEVOIR (Canada) May 2002 (Source: Cranberries Tape Trader)

LE JOURNAL DE MONREAL (Canada) May 2002 (Source: Cranberries Tape Trader)

SKY (Ireland) May 2002

MILANO CITY (Italy) April 2002 (Thanks to Lorenzo)

TUTTO (Italy) April 2002 (Thanks to Lorenzo)

OOR (Holland) April 20, 2002 (Thanks to Jessica van Kessel)

MAD VOICE (Greece) January/February 2002

IT'S ONLY ROCK (France) March/April 2002



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