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For even more great high-res magazine scans, visit Zombieguide Europe's Great Scans section.

March 6, 2002

"TV Sorrisi & Canzonie" Magazine Scans, New San Remo Info
New Italian magazine scans, and the promised information update on the San Remo Festival 2002.

"Action" Magazine Scans
Zombieguide Europe has posted some exclusive high-resolution scans of the February/March issue of the Austrian magazine "Action." Click the link and check 'em out!

February 2002

Fergal Interview in "La Provence"
A new interview with Fergal appears in a recent issue of "La Provence," one of many in a new string of interviews over the past week.

Dolores on Cover of "Action"
Dolores is on the cover of the Austrian mag "Action," up close and personal! A nice shot of the cover awaits you...

"Tutto" Article Scans
The Cranberries are in not one, but two articles in the newest issue of the Italian mag "Tutto." Scans within!

December 2001

Cranberries on Cover of "Dynamite"
The Brazilian publication "Dynamite" has the band in an explosive cover article in its newest issue.

Article in "Vale"
An article from the Spanish magazine "Vale" about the (now-ended) feud between The Cranberries and The Corrs.

"Adorable" Interview Scans
Interview scans from the French-Canadian mag "Adorable". What more needs be said?

November 2001

Crans on Cover of "Network 40" Mag
Even more North America-based press, image included.

Free Poster in "Top Music"
Looking for some wallpaper for your swinging bachelor pad? Pick up the latest copy of the Spanish "Top Music".

FHM Interview Scans
Nice photos. Nice interview. Too bad it's in French.

Cranberries in "The RTE Guide"
Dolores, Mike, and Fergal are in a recent issue of the Irish magazine, scan included.

Dolores on Cover of Universal Music News
Of course Zombieguide will stay updated throughout the holiday weekend (and for all those celebrating Thanksgiving today, may it be a happy one!). Dolores is on the cover of a Universal industry-only mag -- details inside.

Cranberries On "Launch" CD-ROM
One of the first pieces of much-needed "magazine" promotion (aside from a review) is out in the US. Click here to check out what to be looking out for.

Dolores on Cover of "Weekend"
Dolores is on the November 10th cover of "Weekend", a supplement of UK newspaper "The Examiner". Zombieguide's got some exclusive scans of the cover and and inside shot, just for you.

More Spanish Print Interviews
If you have a quick temper, I firmly suggest you don't read this one. You won't like it. At all. You've been warned.

Interview in "Emol" (Spanish)
Full-page interview with Dolores in a new Spanish mag, click for the exclusive scan.

Italian 5-track "Analyse" Enhanced CD Released
And the best part? It's free, included with the newest issue of "Tutto" magazine!

October 2001

Cranberries in "The RTE Guide"
Dolores, Mike, and Fergal are in a recent issue of the Irish magazine, scan included.

Scans from "Eres" Magazine
The Crans have a 5-page interview in the current issue of "Eres" magazine -- check out our the exclusive scans.

Italian "Super" Magazine Scans
You've already read the words, now take a look at "Super"'s pretty pictures.

New Magazine Scans: "Super", "Weekend", "Billboard"
Finally, we get some news about a magazine in the US. Too bad it's industry-geared and it's only an ad (not actually an article).

Interview Translation from "Super"
The Herald has an exclusive translation of an interview taken from the Italian "Super" magazine.

Scans from "Top Music" Article
If you've got any Spanish know-how, you can pick out bits and pieces from these scans of a new interview in "Top Music".

Article in Australia's "Sain" Mag
For those Zombieguide viewers living on the opposite end of the globe, the October issue of the Australian magazine "Sain" has a 1-page article on the 'Berries.

Dolores in UK's "Sunday Telegraph", Scans
In today's issue of the "Sunday Telegraph" (dated October 7, 2001), The Cranberries' frontwoman is featured in a 3-page interview titled "Thirty Love".

Dolores in "ES" Magazine, Scans
Cover, photo, and excerpts from yet another European magazine interview.

Crans in "Tutto" Again
The Italian "Tutto Musica" has another lengthy article about the band in its October issue. Cover scan included.

Dolores on Cover of "Sunday Magazine"
Dolores makes it on to the cover of a brand new Aussie magazine, which was released yesterday.

September 2001

Cranberries on Cover of "Monitor"
Well, not quite the band themselves. Scanned pic and info inside.

Tribe Magazine Interview
Odd Bits & Hits repeats itself. The Cranberries have scrapped their plans for the tentative "Greatest Hits" album, but have cited very good reasons for doing so. Also, new info on the "In the Ghetto" cover, settling in at MCA, and drunken roadies!

"La Press" Interview
"Dolores has said she has already started to write new songs... The group wants to release a sixth album very quickly..." OH yeah! Now that we have your attention, click to read!

August 2001

"Analyse" Trade Magazine Ad
"Over 33 million albums sold worldwide!" Well, no, not on this one at least.

July 2001

Hi-Res "Tutto" Scans
Some wicked shots of Dolores in some leathally huge scans from the Italian magazine "Tutto".

Cranberries Interview in "Tutto"
We've got the translation of a brand new interview in the Italian "Tutto" magazine. Definitely worth the read...

April 2001

More on the LAM Article
The Herald redefines what the actual definition of "news" is. Ah well. It's not much, but you can read inside anyway.

Cranberries Featured in UK's "LAM" Magazine
The Crans are part of a cover feature of the March issue of "Living Abroad Magazine". Inside for more...

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