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Fergal's Archives


 The Cranberries formed in May of 1990. Dolores had been singing since she was about three years old, playing piano and writing songs since her early teens. She was looking for a band to play with. Noel, Mike and I (Fergal) had been playing our respective instruments for about two years and had played in a band called "The Cranberry Saw Us" for six or seven months.
The singer in "The Cranberry Saw Us" (Niall) decided he was going to leave to concentrate on another band he was in, but he said that there was a friend of his girlfriend's who was a singer, and she was looking for a band. Enter Dolores!

We think that this is the first ever picture taken of us, as a band!

Noel had been writing pieces of music, and he would bring them to rehearsals where Mike and I would add our respective parts, but after a while it got a bit monotonous, as there were no lyrics or vocals.
So, on that night in May, we were in our rehearsal room and in walked Dolores with her keyboard under her arm. We said our "hellos" and it was all very embarrassing, especially for her, because there were five or six of our friends there! Nevertheless she set up her keyboard and began to play and sing a few songs. Needless to say everyone was stunned. Then we played some of the pieces that Noel had written and Dolores seemed to like them. We gave her a tape and arranged to meet for a rehearsal the following week.
The next week came around, as they tend to do, and there we were, all four of us in the room alone. Dolores said she had really liked the tape and we decided to run through some of the songs. We played the music for Linger and she began to sing (BINGO!!). That was it, a match made in heaven!
We rehearsed for the next three or four weeks and decided it was time to record some demo's to see what the songs would sound like recorded properly. We were delighted with the results and we managed to get some gigs opening up for some local bands.
Shortly afterwards, Sett, a friend of ours who worked in a local recording studio, advised us to send the tape to some record companies to try to get a recording contract. For the next few months we gigged continuously in Ireland and the U.K., and various record company people came to see us.
We recorded an EP called "Uncertain" and a few months later we recorded our first Album, "Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We".
The rest as they say is history!

16th December 1997

The Cranberries are:

Dolores Mary O'Riordan Burton

(Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards)
born 06 September 1971, Limerick, Ireland.

Noel Anthony Hogan
(Electric & Acoustic Guitars)
born 25 December 1971, Limerick, Ireland.

Michael Gerard Hogan
(Bass Guitar)
born 29 April 1973, Limerick, Ireland.

Fergal Patrick Lawler
(Drums and Percussion)
born 04 March 1971, Limerick, Ireland.
A Subnote:
Welcome to our own "official" web site! To be honest, none of us (the band) are into computers very much, as we have always had a bit of "technophobia", but I learned of the Internet recently(!) through some friends who are online(?), and they gave me a guided tour. I explained a bit about it to Dolores, Noel and Mike, and we decided to set up a page of our own, and I've gotten lumped with the job of being spokesperson! (for now anyway).So, all I ask, is that you bear with us, we are new to this game; but we will try to make it as interesting as possible , and to update you with new information as soon as we get it.

January 29th 1998
Alright then, where to start!?! The last you would have heard was that we had cut our tour short in September 1996 as a result of Dolores' dodgy knee acting up again. It was a pity we had to finish early but I think under it all we were glad to get a chance to rest. We had been going flat out for nearly five years and everyone was feeling well worn out!! We decided to take a six month vacation to give us a chance to get our personal lives back in order and generally chill out.

In December '96 , Dolores recorded a song for the movie "The Devil's Own", and in February '97 Noel and herself recorded "Go Your Own Way" for a Fleetwood Mac tribute album. I got married on April 16th (best day of my life), and two weeks later we all went to Dolores' house in Dingle to begin rehearsing some new stuff.

We continued rehearsing for the next few months and in October '97 we went to Metalworks Studios in Toronto,to record some demos, with Dolores in a fully pregnant state!!. We spent two and a half weeks there and we recorded five new songs which we were really happy with. It's hard to explain what they sound like but some of our friends say the songs remind them of the first album, but you will just have to wait and see....

In November '97, Dolores had a 7lb 6oz bouncing baby boy , she named Taylor. Yahoo! Crack open the champagne!

We are currently in Toronto doing some more recording and then in May we are going to the south of France to record album no.4.

Mike is getting married to his girlfriend of eight years on July 6th, more to follow on that shortly.

Well that's about it for now, tune in soon for more "Latest News" straight from the horses mouth!!!



March 12 1998
Ok we're home, all went well in Toronto, we did a weeks rehearsal and then we demo'd eight new songs over the next nine days. They are sounding pretty good, but they are still quite rough.Unfortunately I can't give you the names of any songs yet, as they are still at quite an early stage and with new songs emerging all the time, we're not quite sure which ones will make the album.So, please be patient!

We are now rehearsing in Limerick, and we are constantly writing new songs. We go to France on the 3rd of May for 2 months to record our new album. We have no immediate plans to tour, but we have been talking about maybe doing a few one off shows here and there, because we are "mad" to play live.(that's the Limerick way of saying we are really looking forward to it!)

We are just recovering from Dolores' son, Taylors' Christening, which was last Saturday the 7th of March. It was a great day and Noel and his wife stood as godparents. (Dolores has promised to show you a picture of Taylor very soon , right here on this site!)

Also coming soon will be a full listing of previous tours , where we will try as best as possible to list them all. Also a section where we answer some of your most frequent questions.

We would like to thank you all for your great response to this site, and thank you for your encouragement; we are now becoming more "technically aware" of how this web stuff works.



March 16th 1998
News just in! We have been offered to do a song for the upcoming "X-Files" movie, and we are going to Dublin to record it next week! We haven't decided which song is going to be used as it isn't finished yet.

On behalf of Dolores, Noel, Mike and myself we wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day! Be seen in green!



April 1st 1998
We finished recording the song for the upcoming "X-Files" movie; and it is called "What's On My Mind" (written by Dolores). We co-produced it at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin with Ben Fenner. He will be co-producing the new album with us in France this summer. Amongst the artist that Ben has previously worked with are: The Kinks, James ....and various others.
We are back home in Limerick (again), rehearsing and putting more new songs together.

That's all for now!



April 27th 1998
This past weekend featured Mike's "Stag Party", which traditionally is what we do in Ireland before one gets married. It's a boys only affair, and basically the one getting married (Mike) and his buddies leave town for a couple of days and just party! And party we did, it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, and much of that famous black Irish beer was consumed! All the involved are reportedly recovering well today.........

Thanks very much for all the email you are sending us! Your encouragement has been overwhelming! Thanks a lot! Please understand that it is really difficult for me or any of the other band members to reply to you in person,..we would have to leave the band and answer mail full time! Well, it's not that bad, but you know what I mean! We do read them all, and you'll probably find the most frequently asked questions answered in the FAQ section.

The promised photo of Dolores' son is still on the way! It shouldn't be much longer!

I suppose there won't be much more news for a while, we will be in France for about two months. We can't wait to get recording, everyone's really excited!

So, until then, it's bye for now!



May 11th 1998
Since May 3rd we are all here in France working away on the new album. It is very beautiful here, I must say. Things are moving along nicely.We are expecting to release it around September, and of course as soon as we know something more exact, you will find out here.

We recieved a lot of mail (thanks!) enquiring whether or not the song that we recorded for the "X-Files" movie, was still going to be used. Unfortunately, that didn't work out, and the song will not be part of the soundtrack. Sorry to all of you that were looking forward to hearing it. Hopefully the release of the new album will compensate. It won't be too long now.

That's all for the moment. Thanks for your continuing support!

Bye for now! Au revoir!


Jun 2nd 1998
Still here in France,and all is going well. We have recorded about ten songs, and are very happy with the results so far. We plan to stay here until the end of this month, then we will have a short break , after which we will continue work on the new album, in London. In all, we plan to fully record a total of 20 songs.

The short break I mentioned above, will feature Mike's wedding, which happens on July 6th.

On the subject of the promised picture of Dolores' baby Taylor; she prefers not to put a picture online. Please don't be too disappointed, I think it is understandable. We will have some new band pictures for you soon (from France), so as soon as they are done, I'll get them over to Ireland and they will go online.

Well, that's about all the news for now. Thanks AGAIN for all the (e)mail, your continuing support is a great inspiration to us all!

Bye for now,


Jun 22nd 1998
Hello again, and this time greetings from London.We moved from the Studio in France (namely "Mireval") to a studio here in England. We felt that we needed a change from the beautiful tranquility of the French countryside. The vibrant city life will contribute to the final recordings for the forthcoming album. We have recorded twenty (mostly complete) tracks, not all of which will be used on the album, and those which don't get on the album will be used as B-sides for singles. We expect to finish recording in two to three weeks, and then start with the mixing.

A bit of trivia for you.........the compilation album of singles that was due to be released in Japan, (but didn't happen) would have been called "Seven Years".

Thats about it for now,....got to get back to recording!!!



July 15th 1998

Hello again. Just briefly, wanted to let you know that Mike has agreed to show you one of his wedding pictures, so click here to see it!

We are still in London recording for the new album, and thereafter we will be mixing all the tracks. No definate date for when that will all be done. We will let you know as soon as we know!

Bye for now!


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