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Dolores' Letters

Below is a selection of letters Dolores wrote to her fans in the late 90s and early 2000s.

20th january 1999 (written by Dolores, Dec 1999)

Hello there all ye Cranberry heads!

I would just like to thank all you guys for your loyalty and support on our “Loud & Clear” tour. The American leg was quite good, but Europe blew me away. Just some amazing receptions. I was totally impressed. I loved Spain, Italy, France, etc.

Noel is a dad now and Ferg is expecting in the next month or so. They will busy for a while. We are going to rehearse and write the 5th album. We won’t record it until August and will do some festivals during the year. Our first is in April in Spain at Esparrago 2000 – So we are going to do ass kicking again – Oh I love Rock n’ Roll.

Hope to see you later this year and hope you had a great Millennium and Xmas!

Lot’s of love,

Dolores x



Hello all of you guys out there- Its me- Dolores. Yes- I had my little girl- shes so gorgeous. She has black hair and weighs 7lbs 4ozs. She’s about 9lbs now though. Well- life has been very kind to me lately. I appreciate everything so much more now. I dont usually write letters because it seems strange writing to somebody out there!! Yeah Man!!

Tomorrow my daughter will be five weeks old and Im feeding her myself (nursing) which means its difficult to go out because of milk issues! So yesterday- I went to London for the first time (took the milking machine of course!)- not very rock-starish behavior really- but who gives a shit once youre doing your own thing (being happy).

I met my very sweet hairdresser called Yiotis and he did my hair. It felt really exciting to get out of the house for a day. Although- I totally love these very special bonding months. One of the most beautiful times in life really. Youll see.

Noel went to London as hes having a second child in about three weeks time. Ferg went on holiday to Italy and Mike is in Limerick. We will get together in about three weeks coz the producer- Stephen Street- is coming over to hear the new stuff. The new stuff sounds very cool. Real music Id say. Doesnt all that manufactured stuff sound sooooo the same really??

Well thats all I can think of for now except Im totally looking forward to the next album and tour.

With lots of love to you all. Dolores x x

P.S. Write back



Hello again,

Its me Dolores. Thanks for all your lovely letters, well appreciated; these computers are dead handy really!

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to. Today is Paddy’s Day (March 17th) but there were no parades because of the “Foot and Mouth” disease scare. I hope we don’t get it in the Republic Of Ireland.

Instead of going out today, I had a dinner party last Thursday night. Mike and Ferg came, along with their wives. (Noel is still in England awaiting the birth of his second child.) Perhaps Ferg, Mike and I will jam this week so we won’t be so rusty when Noel returns. Anyhow, back to the dinner party: As I just had a baby 7 weeks ago, my tolerance to alcohol is very bad, so needless to say, I was slightly foggy on Friday (yesterday) and somehow I almost choked to death on a mushroom! Yes a garlic mushroom to be precise..you know how you have a slight false hunger when hung-over, well, I couldn’t wait for it to cool down, and when I bit into it I got a burn, so I swallowed it with fright. The stupid thing jammed in my throat for about two minutes (blazing hot to make it worse!). I thought “this is it!”; scenes from my life flashed before me (joke!) – no, but really, it was nasty. I am off mushrooms for a bit now – I’ll go for less slippery foods in future.

Please keep writing to us. I enjoy reading your letters, it’s really encouraging, and remember, life is short so enjoy it. Love yourself or you can’t love anyone else! Bye bye for now! Dolores x.


21.05.01 Hello again out there!

It’s me, Dolores. I’m on a plane on my way back from London. We spent two weeks there mixing the album. It’s gonna be called “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”, because that’s where I’m at in my life and all of the boys in the band relate to it. It sounds killer, really! There’s stuff on there that we could never have done years ago. I guess as you get more wrinkles and grey hair, you also become wiser, more assertive, and more positive!

Anyhow, enough CD talk. We had a super “end of studio” party on Thursday night. We went to a trendy restaurant and had some amazing food, and of course wine. (Sake actually!) There were a lot of sick heads going around the next day, needless to say!

I’m soooo looking forward to getting back to my babies. It’s soooo cool! Molly is getting bigger and more beautiful and Taylor really loves her. I’m such a lucky blessed person. I’m so thankful to God for what I have. On my eleven years of touring, I’ve seen so much deprivation and sadness. Life’s so short, it’s essential to put love and happiness first. I can’t function without love.

I have no whacky stories about mushrooms being launched down my esophagus this time. I’ve laid off them since that near to death experience!!

Lot’s of love and keep smiling!

-Dolores xx
PS. See you soon!



(A letter from Dolores, written Tuesday 12th November 2002)

Hi there, it’s me Dolores. I’m home for 8 days on a tour break and it’s so great to sleep in my own bed. It’s soooo nice when you wake up during the night to use the bathroom and you don’t walk into a wall or stub your toe; that’s what happens on tour usually (different rooms every time!) It’s also nice to take a leak in a non-mobile loo! Peeing on a tour bus requires great skill and balancing technique! No, seriously though, this is a well-needed break.

I must thank you all sooooo much for the great support at the gigs. Most of the gigs have been amazing. Sometimes it brings a tear to my eye (awww, shucks)!

I really loved Asia; Indonesia was so gorgeous and Hong Kong too! I really got a strong emotional feeling in Croatia. Beautiful! Bliss! Istanbul blew me away! At 5.00am the music from the Mosques, the chanting awoke me. It was so gorgeous, it sounded a little scary at moments and at other moments very reassuring. It was like something from another dimension. I’d love to go back there on vacation and go and visit the Mosques. I believe it would really be inspiring. As ever, France and Spain were amazing and Italy is next on the list. It’s really difficult to recall and remember every place that we were in, but I would just like to say THANK YOU!!!!

I think we’re gonna take a tour break after Christmas just to recharge. Keep in touch with us, and I will with you.

God bless!


Dolores xx

PS. Here’s some of my own pictures I recently got developed. They were taken on the day of the World Cup Final (Soccer) this year, in Las Vegas. Now, don’t they look like a real bunch of closet rock stars?”



“Hi, it’s me Dolores!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note. At the last few shows in Italy, I took pictures of you from the stage, with your cameras. Please send them to us via email to cranwebmaster@cranberries.ie , and we will put them online for you to see. I think it’s a cool thing! I am dying to see them! UPDATED 29 November 2002: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTO!!!

Keep rockin, and see you soon in Strasbourg!

Au revoir!

……….. xx

P.S..I am digging through my closet and finding some old boots, shoes and jackets and stuff from past videos and other events. We are going to have an online “Christmas Quiz” kind of thing, so you will get the chance to win the stuff right here at our very own website! Keep watcing this space!


THANKS FOR THE FOTO!(29th November 2002)

“It’s me again! (Dolores) As promised here are the pictures I took of the audiences in Rome, Treviso and Florence. Thanks to Marcello, Mara and Beppe (in Italy) for sending in the photos, and letting me use your cameras!

Talk to you all again soon!

……….. xx



“Hello all you heads out there on planet earth!

Hope you’re all keepin’ well! It’s been a while since I’ve written ‘cos I’ve been sooo busy. I just got back from Canada; I spent a week there, and the week before we were in London recording. The new material is really experimental which is a really important development phase for us. I hope you like it when it’s finished!

Anyhow, everybody in my house has a flu and a snotty nose, also everybody is farting a lot! Sorry if that’s too much information, but I hate colds and tummy bugs, but c’est la vie!

January and February were really relaxing months. I did the majority of the writing in these months. Actually, last week when I flew back to Dublin from London, Brian McFadden from boyband WESTLIFE sat next to me on the plane. He gave me a lift to the Westbury Hotel where I met my Mom and kids. I’m not a big boyband fan, but he is a really nice guy. So there’s a little bit of info for boyband fans – whatelse scandalous…-hmmmm…….oh yes! I bumped into Dido in Italy last year and she told me that I was a big inspiration to her which was really flattering and kind. So, I guess im finally getting “old” or “grandma of rock”, whatever!

Today is Tuesday and it’s a gorgeous spring day. I picked daffodils after the gym this morning. That was my “grounding” moment. I try to be “one with nature” sometimes!

Paddy’s Day is coming up next Monday. I guess there’ll be loadsa hangovers in Ireland. I’m gonna head to Dublin for the parade with the kids. I always dress them like little leprechauns on that day, ‘cos they’re too young to object! Plus also when they are teenagers, I will use the photos to blackmail them into behaving themselves!

Finally, my stepson who’s now 11and a half years old is really getting into the rock’n'roll thing. He likes Avril Lavigne a lot. She’s kinda cutesy.

Gotta go now!

Love and Peace. WAR SUCKS!

-Dolores XXX.

PS. Just look at this cool picture of her grandmother that Litsa Derekenary from Greece sent me! Thanks Litsa. Now that’s a rock’n'roll Granny! Or Cranmother!”


May, 2nd, 2003

Hey all of you out there on planet spring-time!

Dolores, here in the studio in Kilmallock. It’s sooo good to have the spring time!

We begin rehearsals on Monday next week and I’m really excited ‘cos I’m getting bored which is a good thing to do sometimes. There’s loads of inspiration in the air at the moment, a really positive feeling about the future; it’s bright!

Today I went picking daisies with my kids and made chains, something I haven’t done since I was a kid so I’m really chilled out.

I spoke to Noel at 10.30 last night, he’s in great form, his little girl is really great now. He’s really looking forward to getting back . The Stones dates should be a right laugh, especially the one with AC/DC in between.

I did an interview with an American radio station today and it felt weird after such a long break.

I had a bash at Ferg’s drum kit just a few minutes ago. It’s a great release playing drums, no wonder Ferg is always so mellow.

What else…my hair’s growing long, kinda hippy 70’s ish.

Well, gotta go now!

Be strong, eat loadsa garlic!

Lots of love,

Dolores xx