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Here at Zombieguide, we've always been a bit on the ambitious side, so when we thought of building a discography, we didn't want a half-assed job. We wanted EVERYTHING, from the most common album releases to the most obscure promos. Of course, this requires much reader input, so here is where you can submit something.

If you know for certain of a Cranberries commercial release (no bootlegs, yet!) that we have omitted, please email me at alex@zombieguide.com.

Also, if you have a picture of something where there is "no cover available" or if you have a better picture of something than what we have, we want that also. Again, submissions can be sent to alex@zombieguide.com.

All submissions will be credited! (Please note if you don't want to be credited.)

Thanks to these sites, from which a few images/listings are taken:
The Pretty Cranberries
My Cranberries Discography

Also, special thanks to Josť Antonio and Bruce for the several scans they have sent in.