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Cranberries Library had the opportunity to attend last Wednesday's The Cranberries New Album Q&A Event In New York City. We thought we'd shared the experience with all the fans since it was so intimate. The whole event was done really well from start to finish. The YouTube studio was located on the 6th floor of Chelsea Market. Attendees waited in a roped off line on the ground level and had to go through security before using the elevator to make their way up to floor six. The main reason? Everyone was notified that the use of cellphones were not allowed before or during the event. Everyone's cellphone was put in a special case, which locked in order to prevent the leak of any music played throughout the evening. Complimentary drinks and appetizers were served and the place was decorated very stylishly.

The Studio was an intimate setting with couches and comfortable chairs. There were three video cameras, with a production team working the room. The stage had 3 chairs with a very large screen behind it. Music from the Something Else album played to slides of album artwork and pictures from that era.

Jonathon Clarke, a long time DJ from I Heart Radio's Q104.3, hosted. John has followed The Cranberries career since they came to the United States and has interviewed them in the past (click here to watch the interview). Given the fact that there was a production crew and a seasoned host, we hope that the event will be released for all fans to watch soon, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Jonathon interviewed Fergal and Noel and also played music from the new unreleased album. We listened to All Over Now and Wake Me When It's Over first. Jonathon, Fergal and Noel discussed feedback about the new songs. Many fans and media personalities have compared Wake Me When It's Over to Zombie since the song builds with softer verses and harder choruses. They also mentioned, as Noel told us the day before, that the original version had a reggae feel to it. John mentioned the long introduction of All Over Now. Noel stated that Dolores was had noted how The Cure had long introductions down to an art.

The previous day:
Noel also mentioned this and additionally Dolores was always consciences of taking care of her vocal cords during concerts. She thought this type of song would be great for live performances. This is also the reason for long endings to Go Your Own Way, Desperate Andy, Still Can't and I Can't Be With You and long intros to songs like Pretty, Ode To My Family and Conduct in the past.

The song Illusion had a very country feel to it. They stated that this song is a story, not autobiographical. The song was emotional and melancholy at the same time. Judging by the reactions of the fans in the room, this will be an album favorite. The day before, Noel stated that this was originally written for his project Monoband almost 15 years ago. He sent it to Dolores and she had worked on it over the years. After listening to the lyrics and speaking to a fan in the UK who heard the song "Track 47 Illusion" on the JetLagNYC/D.A.R.K. SoundCloud a few years ago, we can confirm that they are, in fact, the same song, though arranged differently (click here to read more about "Track 47 Illusion").

Clips of in The End, Lost and Crazy Heart were also played. Crazy Heart has an upbeat tempo and somewhat heavy guitar it, though it's not a hard rock song. The lyrics mention Dolores' 1st born, so we can assume that part or all of the song is about encouraging Taylor to follow his dreams.

By now, you've most likely heard the song In The End. The clip played was very emotional and the room definitely felt it. Noel and Fergal mentioned again that this was one of the hardest to record and left it for last, since it was so emotional.

Lost was mysterious, powerful and chilling. Dolores changes the tempo of the way she sings the lyrics during the song in a very opposite way than most singers and songwriters do. The verses of the song are at a faster speed, while the chorus is sung with longer notes. This song is slow burning. Noel and Fergal mentioned that Lost really builds and that we didn't even hear the most powerful parts.

It was mentioned that because these lyrics were demos, that there is a more intimate feel. Some people have compared this album to the first two Cranberries' albums. Based on what we've heard so far, we think that this album has it's own feel to it. We'll be excited when the album comes out and all fans can hear it and discuss their feelings about all the songs on In The End.

The was also a Question & Answer segment where fans were encouraged to ask Noel and Fergal anything they wanted. Here are a few of the interesting topics that came up:

Cranberry Saw Us/Early Cranberries material:
When a fan asked if there would be any more unreleased material from the early days of the band, they responded with a quick "no." Pretty much everything available was used for the 25th Anniversary Edition of Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? Noel stated that if something is found on an old cassette, it's probably meant to stay there.

In The End B-Sides:
Another fan asked if there were any songs saved for B-Sides. Noel and Fergal stated that these 11 tracks on the album are the only tracks completed.. They really wanted to make Dolores proud and do a good album. There are existing songs from this era that weren't completed because the vocals weren't finished. For instance sometimes Dolores is humming because the full lyrics weren't complete yet.

What does Dolores whisper at the beginning of All Over Now?
This was a shocker! Noel and Fergal said that it was very clear to them when they listened to what Dolores was whispering in the intro of All Over Now. It was so clear that they let out a laugh that this has become such a controversy between fans. When pressed for an answer, they said they think it's pretty cool to let it remain a mystery. We can also confirm that all lyrics are printed in the album sleeve, except the whispered lyrics.

After The Question & Answer Session was over, our phones were unlocked and each participant was given an autographed copy of the the new album's inside sleeve. Noel and Fergal stayed around to autograph any additional items from fans and take pictures. We had the opportunity to meet and talk with a representative from the band's record company, BMG. who was extremely supportive of the band and really believes in the album. We also spoke to Jonathon who genuinely thought In The End is a strong album as well.

Special thanks to Yusri Uwth Kldn for the artwork.

The Pressure Music Video Edit (Preview)
Taken from the forthcoming album 'In The End', out 26th April.

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