11.15.2004 New Mono Band Track Available from TuneTribe Next Week + Much More  
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Noel Hogan checked in with Zombieguide again today to give us the latest on Mono Band, and things are unfolding quite quickly for Noel's debut solo offering. Noel says he's been inundated with a pre-release flurry of preparation: "Sorry it has been a few weeks. It has been crazy here. Lots of things to do now that the album is finished."

The most immediate news, Noel tells us, is that a third downloadable track will be online late next week from the new startup service www.tunetribe.com. "The track here is called "RUN WILD," this track will be on the album. You will be able to download it for the next two months. This will go up at the end of next week," Noel says. "RUN WILD is with a Swedish girl called Alexandra Hamnede. Alex has sang on four tracks for MONO BAND."

The two Mono Band songs lined up for release on iTunes have experienced a slight delay but should be available by next week: "The tracks for the itunes website had to be mastered so that held things up a bit, but they are done now & we sent them last week. They should be up on the site in the next week."

You'll recall we also informed you last time of an online-only free downloadable track that will be availalbe with the launch of the Mono Band website, which Noel has given us some specifics on: "I have been working on the web site. I hope that it will be up & running in the next 3 to 4 weeks. The free download track on this site will be "SHE'S SO BLUE."...She's so blue is with Fin Chambers. Fin sings with a band from Limerick called 'WOODSTAR.' Fin has done two tracks for MONO BAND."

Noel and his management have also begun considering live shows, with a possible date at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas (USA! yeehaw!), which takes place March 16-20, 2005. "There has been a little talk in the last week of gigs. I have been asked about south by Southwest in March. This looks very good at the moment. Nothing has been decided yet, but fingers crossed. I have been meeting with people to play in the band. This is the hard part. I have played most of the stuff on the album & now have to try & remember it all. If we do this we will be doing more then just the one show. It would be a short run of maybe two weeks to begin with & then take it from there."

Finally, regarding the final release of the album, Noel says he has not yet signed onto any record labels: "I have not gone about a record deal yet. I am not sure as of yet if I want to do it on my own or not. The publishing for the tracks is with Kobalt."

That's the latest on Mono Band for now, more news very shortly on Dolores on ZG...

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