10.28.2004 First 2 Mono Band Songs Available from iTunes in November  
Editor: Alex

Noel Hogan today told Zombieguide that the first two songs from his side project Mono Band will be available in mid-November from online download service iTunes. This comes as a pleasant surprise, as many of us were not expecting to hear his new material until December.

He tells us, "I have some news. It looks like I will have two tracks from MONO BAND on the itunes store in the next two or three weeks. They will be the first tracks available from the album. The tracks are 'RELEASE' & 'INVITATION.'"

Noel also told ZG that he will have a free downloadable bonus track from the forthcoming Mono Band website once it is launched. He explains, "I am also working on the new web site & when it is launched I will be giving a free download of another track. This track will not be on the album, only the site."

The first single from the untitled album, a song called "Brighter Sky," will likely be released closer to the album's release, which is still on track for early next year.

Source: Exclusive

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