05.31.2004 Dolores & Zucchero @ Festivalbar 2004: Photos & Video  
Editor: Alex

On Saturday, Dolores appeared once again with Italian blues man Zucchero for a live rendition of "Pure Love," this time in Milan at the first date of the Italian Fesitivalbar concert. There are Festivalbar dates to follow later in the year, but as of yet, there are no plans for Dolores to reappear. Photos of the performance are below. You can check out a soundcheck video of Dolores & Zucchero at the Fesitvalbar Official Site. (While you're there, you can view photos and video of The Cranberries' Festivalbar performance from 2001.) The Milan Festivalbar performances will be broadcast by Italian TV channel Italia Uno tomorrow at 21:05 and on June 8th. If someone can rip a video or make screencaptures, please send them to us and we will put them online!

If you'd like to download the Festivalbar backstage videos to your harddrive, you can download them here:
Dolores & Zucchero Soundcheck 1
Dolores & Zucchero Soundcheck 2
Dolores & Zucchero Soundcheck 3

Dolores & Zucchero Live Performance at Festivalbar 2004 Download (MPEG, 43.5 mb) (Encoded by Federico)

In more Zucchero duets news, Italian TV channel RAI Uno will broadcast a two-part documentary about Zucchero's new album on June 5th and 12th. The documentary will contain behind-the-scenes footage of the recording of "Zucchero & Co." The first part will be shown on the "Ritratti D'Autore" show on RAI 1 on June 5th at 16:30 CET. For international viewers, you can also catch the program on RAI International at 17:30 Italian time or 11:30 AM EST. If Dolores appears, we'll be sure to cover it.

Thanks to Boris of Un Po Di Zucchero for sending in many of the backstage photos.



Sources: Un Po Di Zucchero, Festivalbar Official Site, Getty Images, Zucchero Official Site

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