04.14.2004 Gang Targets Dolores's Brother in Arson Attack  
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A mob of vengeful gangsters has targeted Terry O'Riordan, brother of The Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan, in a recent string of malicious attacks on Limerick prison officers. On March 31, unidentified gang members in Limerick stole O'Riordan's 15,000 Jeep and drove it miles away from his home, where they proceded to set the vehicle ablaze, destroying it completely. After the attack on O'Riordan's jeep, they went to the home of fellow guard Michael Flannery and launched another arson attack on Flannery's garage.

Both O'Riordan and Flannery were involved in a recent increase of prisoner and cell searches, part of a new crackdown on concealed weapons hoarded by inmates. The most recent crackdown was triggered by the discovery of two bullets in the cell of an incarcerated gang leader. The guards turned up no firearms, but say that they often uncover smuggled or homemade weapons.

A representative for the Irish Prison Officers Association said of the latest attacks, "This is no coincidence - we believe these fires were a direct result of the bullets find. The feeling among officers here is very tense right now. It's scary when the job affects their family lives." The attacks on O'Riordan and Flannery are just the latest in a recent insurgence of inmate violence, which has included two nail bombs in Limerick and a prisoner biting a Cork officer. These outbursts have caused the Prison Officers Association to call for an urgent review of security in the Irish correctional system.

Dolores has said in interviews that her brother Terry helped the band out when The Cranberres were touring at the beginning of their career. Terry gave the four Cranberries lodging in the northern part of Ireland when they couldn't afford a hotel.

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Source: The Sun

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