11.27.2003 Rock Stage: Dolores is a "Firey Lady"  
Editor: Alex

The December 2003 issue of the Mexican magazine "Rock Stage" features a list of their picks for the top 10 "Las Damas de Fuego," or, "Firey Ladies" in music. The unordered list puts Dolores in a spicey mix of rock vixens that include Amy Lee of Evanescence, Gwen Stefani, Shirley Manson, Meg White of The White Stripes, and Christina Aguilera.

Says the magazine, "She seems to say, 'Light my soul on fire.' Dolores isn't attractive for her body or physical attributes. She's more the sweetness of a diva that controls her voice in sublime ways, like a sophisticated vampiress. She moves more by emotion rather than sensuality, not to mention her eroticism that is palpable in her voice and her childlike face. And because of the explosion of her measured ferocity, we fall in love."

A scan of the article is available in the Magazines Gallery.

Thanks to Sigma of Zombieguide Mexico for the news and translation help. For more images of the magazine's cover and other pages from the article, be sure to check them out at Zombieguide Mexico.

Source: Zombieguide Mexico

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