10.04.2003 » Scan of Dolores & Fan from Spanish Rolling Stone  
Editor: Alex

We told you yesterday about a featue in the new Spanish Rolling Stone about rock stars meeting their fans. Proppi has been kind enough to make a scan and send it to us.

Spanish fan Esteban López is the lucky admirer who got his photo with Dolores published in the new issue. He tells Rolling Stone, "I saw her (Dolores) on a flight. She told me she was pregnant, and so I gave her a duty-free toy. But this pic was taken in Madrid. She signed their first vinyl for me, 'Uncertain,' only 1,000 copies [sic] in the world!" [Editor's note: There are approximately 5,000 copies of "Uncertain" in existance.]

Check out the Magazines Gallery to view the scan. Thanks again to Proppi for it.

Source: Exclusive

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