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Clarification on "Iosa"

Date: June 24, 2002
Editor: Cranguy

Thanks to none other than Niall Quinn, we have a little bit of clarification on yesterday's reported news. With the addition of a little bit of research, it seems the title is most probably "Iosa" (with an I, not an L, pronounced "Ee-Oh-Sa"). This is in fact the Gaelic word for "Jesus," recurrant in many hymns and prayers. This seems to best match Dolores' words on the video.

However, it is possible that the title could also be "A Iosa." This title, as Niall told us, translates better as "Dear Jesus," as "Iosa" alone is "Jesus," and the "a" particle is somewhat untranslatable. However, the extra syllable does not fit Dolores' introduction nearly was well as "Iosa."

Well, students, there's your Gaelic lesson for today. Study it well, there'll be a quiz on it tomorrow!

Source: Exclusive

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