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Cranberries Audio Bootlegs

Click on the titles for additional information (if applicable). If you'd like additional info on a particular show, please email me!

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> - Format transfer
Original CD - Original factory-pressed CD
CDR - CD Recordable
CASS - Analog Cassette
VHS - Video
FM - FM/Radio Broadcast
Aud - Audience Recorded
Pro - Professionally Recorded

Date Title Location Quality Source/Format
1991 The Underworld '91 London, UK D Aud VHS>CASS>CDR

Date Title Location Quality Source/Format
10-17-92 The Cavern Liverpool, England, UK C- Aud CASS
1992 The Lemontree Club Aberdeen, Scotland, UK B Aud CASS

Date Title Location Quality Source/Format
04-02-93 General Wolfe Coventry, England, UK C Aud CASS
10-17-92/04-02-93 First Live The Cavern '92/General Wolfe '93 D Aud CASS>CDR
1993 SLIMS San Francisco, CA B+ Aud CASS>CDR
06-03-93 Mannheim Musehsaal Mannheim, Germany A- Pro FM>CASS
1993 Nautica Stage Cleveland, OH A- Aud CASS
09-13-93 The Support San Francisco, CA B+ Aud VHS>CASS
11-93 Paris Black Sessions w/ Commentary Paris, France A- Pro FM>CASS
11-93 Paris Black Sessions w/o Commentary Paris, France B+ Pro FM>CASS
11-12-93 The Draft House Kent, OH A Aud CASS
1993 Cleveland 1993 Cleveland, OH A- Aud CASS
1993 Record Plant Studios (aka "Blood Strawberries", "Stories to be Told", "Los Angeles 1993") Los Angeles, CA A+ Pro Original CD
12-11-93/12-12-93 Thoughts That Linger Los Angeles, CA A Pro Original CD>CASS
12-17-93 Coming Back to My Family Dublin, Ireland A+ Pro Original CD

Date Title Location Quality Source/Format
01-14-94 Waltzing Back to London Astoria Arena, London, UK/Nederhorst Den Berg, Holland A Pro Original CD>CASS
07-30-94 Semple Stadium Feile Tipperary, Ireland A Pro CASS
07-31-94 Lucky Charms Minneapolis, MN A- Pro Original CD>CASS
08-13-94 Woodstock 1994 Saugerties, New York A CDR
10-12-94/06-11-94/1994 Read My Thoughts Newcastle, UK/Fleadh Festival/Other A Pro Original CD>CASS
10-24-94 Live Zombie (aka "Dreaming My Dreams", "Songs Against War") Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany A+ Pro Original CD
12-4-94 Astro Arena Houston, TX C+ Aud VHS>CASS
12-14-94 AJ Palumbo Center Pittsburgh, PA A Aud DAT>CASS
12-17-94 Fruits of Our Labor NYC, NY A+ Pro CDR

Date Title Location Quality Source/Format
01-13-95 Pretty Royal Albert Hall, London, UK B CASS
02-08-95 Waltzing in Holland Utrecht, Holland A+ Pro CDR
02-14-95/1995 Live in Concert (aka "Yesterday's Gone") Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, NY/Milton Keynes A+ Pro Original CD
02-14-95/1995/1993 Unplugged and More Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, NY/Los Angeles, CA/The Snake Pit, LA, CA A Pro Original CD>CASS
02-14-95/02-16-92/06-11-94 Dolores Unplugged Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, NY/John Peel Session/Fleadh Festival A Pro Original CD>CASS
02-14-95/1994 Unplugged and More (#2) Brooklyn Acadmey of Music, NY/Europe A+ Original CD
03-28-95 Shibuya Public Hall Tokyo, Japan B Aud CASS
05-05-95 Montreal '95 Montreal, ON B Aud CASS
05-95 La Cigale (Private Show) Paris, France C+ Aud CASS
06-02-95 The Point Dublin, Ireland B+ Pro CASS
06-24-95 Le Zenith Paris, France C+ Aud CASS>CDR
07-95 Support Slot London, UK B CASS>CDR
08-19-94/10-12-94/09-12-95/02-08-95 Scream (aka "Strange Fruits") WNNX Studios, Atlanta, GA/The Mayflower, Newcastle, UK/Pavarotti and Friends for the Children of Bosnia, Parco Novi Sad, Modena, Italy/Utrect, Holland A+ Pro CDR

Date Title Location Quality Source/Format
05-08-96 Hong Kong '96 Hong Kong, China B+ Aud CASS
05-11-96 Nakano Sunplaza Tokyo, Japan B Aud CASS>CDR
05-13-96 Shot of Salvation Tokyo, Japan A Pro CDR
05-13-96 Akasaka Blitz Tokyo, Japan A- Pro CASS
1996 Detroit '96 Detroit, MI A+ Pro CDR
08-17-96 Montreal '96 Montreal, ON C- Aud CASS
08-26-96 Ladies' Night in PA Pittsburgh, PA A Aud CASS
1996/1995/1994 Dreaming Toronto, ON/Jools Holland Show/London, UK A Pro Original CD>CASS
1996 Planet Live Toronto, ON/Detroit, MI A+ Pro CDR
1996 Official Free to Decide Tour CD Toronto, ON A+ Pro CDR

Date Title Location Quality Source/Format
04-14-99 Le Zenith Paris, France B+ Aud CASS
04-16-99 Hamburg '99 Hamburg, Germany C VHS>CASS
04-16-99/02-14-95 One's Better Self (aka "Little Fruits") Hamburg, Germany/MTV Unplugged A+ Pro Original CD
04-16-99/04-99 The Undead Hamburg, Germany/"Taratata", Italy A+ Pro Original CD
04-18-99 Tilburg, Holland '99 Tilburg, Holland A+ Pro FM>CDR
04-22-99 Madrid April '99 Madrid, Spain A+ Pro Cable>CDR
04-28-99 The 9:30 Club Washington, DC D Webcast>CASS
04-30-99 Tower Theater Upper Darby, PA B Aud CASS
05-05-99 Still in Love with You New York, New York A- Aud CASS
08-19-99 West Palm Beach '99 West Palm Beach, FL A Aud CASS
08-13-99 Homdel, NJ '99 Homdel, NJ B Aud CASS
08-15-99 Jones Beach Wantaugh, NY C Aud 2x CDR
08-17-99 Camden, NJ '99 Camden, NJ B- Aud CASS
08-28-99 Montreal '99 Montreal, ON A- Aud CASS
09-04-99 Noblesville, IN '99 Noblesville, IN A Aud 2x CDR
09-18-99 San Francisco '99 San Francisco, CA B Webcast>CDR
11-21-99 Bruxelles '99 Bruxelles, Belgium B Aud CDR
11-25-99 Bordeaux '99 La Patinoire, Bordeaux, France B- Aud 2x CDR
12-03-99 Madrid December '99 Madrid, Spain D Aud CASS
12-05-99 Barcelona '99 Barcelona, Spain A Aud CASS
12-07-99 Toulouse '99 Toulouse, France A Aud CASS

Date Title Location Quality Source/Format
06-23-00 Southside Festival Neuhausen Ob. Eck, Germany D Aud CASS
07-08-00 Les Eurokeennes de Belfort Belfort, France A Aud 2x CDR
07-17-00 Lucca 2000 Lucca, Italy A+ Pro CDR
7-21-00 Festival des Vieilles Charrues Carhaix, France B Aud CDR
07-23-00 Nice 2000 Nice, France A+ Pro? CDR
07-24-00 Loud and Clear Lyon, France A+ Aud CDR

Date Title Location Quality Source/Format
12-8-01 Mistletoe Meltdown 2001 Batlimore, MD C CDR
12-15-01 IX Concerto di Vaticano in Natale (9th Annual Vatican Christmas Concert) The Vatican A CDR

Date Title Location Quality Source/Format
02-19-02 Stockholm 2002 Stockholm, Sweden A CDR
02-21-02 Live in Germany 2002 Berlin, Germany A Pro 2x CDR
03-18-02 French Dreams Lille, France B+ CDR
3-29-02 Amsterdam, Holland 2002 Amsterdam, Holland, Heineken Music Hall B+ Pro 2x CDR
04-05-02 Milan 2002 Milan, Italy B Aud 2x CDR
4-9-02 Le Printemps de Bourges Bourges, France A- FM>2x CDR
10-23-02 Granada (no bonus tracks) Granada, Spain B CDR

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