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About Cranberries Library

About Cranberries Library

The Cranberries Library has been a dream in progress for several years. As an avid fan of The Cranberries since my teenage years, I've enjoyed listening to live performances to hear all of the differences between the live versions and studio versions. Whether it was a different note Dolores sang, a different strum on Noel's guitar, a change in Mike's baseline or Fergal replacing his drum kit with bongos on an acoustic performance, I loved to hear all of it. There were many live versions on The Cranberries CD Singles and bootlegs were available at local record stores, but were called "imports". Then the web became popular and the selection became much bigger, especially when Zombieguide opened.

Zombieguide was THE place for Cranberries Fans to go in the late 90's and into the mid 2000's (see more below). They had downloadable content including bootleg audio and video. They had a lot Cranberries related news and, in many cases, kept more current than the official page! Zombieguide had affiliates around the world, including Zombieguide Europe, South America and Mexico! After Zombieguide closed, there were other places to fill the void: ZombieGuider's and Cranberries-fan.com were wonderful. Then Dolores and The Cranberries had excellent websites. While in the process of closing those sites down around 2012. A man by the name of Luc started Cran Press (which eventually merged into Cranberries World) At the time, in the summer of 2012, I attempted to purchase Zombieguide and even proposed handing it over to Cranberries World. Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain Zombieguide, but it was always in the back of my mind.

In late march of this year (2018) I started Cranberries Music Video Edits. It was really an accident. I had a need for a creative output and I learned how to use video editing software. What started out as making Cranberries, Dolores and D.A.R.K. Music Video Edits for me and my friends, slowly turned into a YouTube Page, then Facebook and Instagram with almost 100 videos. During this time I noticed people starting to upload concerts on to YouTube (Awesome!) in one long track to share with other fans (Thank You!). I firmly believe in being able to have access to your music wherever you are, in the car, walking your dog, working out, etc and being able to make playlists with the songs you want to hear without needing an internet connection. Uploading music on to YouTube was a great way for fans to start this generosity of sharing their Cranberries audio content. However, Youtube often "down converts" audio and results in lower quality recordings. I also noticed that some individuals were trying to take advantage of others after Dolores' death.

For all of the reasons above, Cranberries Music Video Edits branched off into "The Cranberries Library." The Cranberries Library is a place to go and be able to have FREE access to many, many live shows. These are live performances that I have collected over the years along with a few VERY generous fans who have donated some or all of their material as well! Cranberries Music Video Edits believes in sharing unofficial content, we welcome any unofficial content and if anyone else starts a library in the future, we are happy to donate our content too :) I If YOU have concerts that we don't or have better versions, let us know if you'd like to share.

Additionally, I have been working on a related project to enhance the sound of some very rare performances. Songs that have only been known to be played or recorded once such as Bosnia, Disappointment, the electric version of I'm Still Remembering and other rare performances with poor quality like In It Together. Although these recordings will never be perfect, I'll certainly be removing some or all of the hissing and popping sounds, leveling the volume & more to give you a higher quality recording. Cranberries Music Video Edits and Cranberries Library can't wait to share all of this with you!

At the same time, Cranberries Music Video Edits acquired several years worth of back up files from the old Zombieguide website and the rights to use them! As stated earlier Zombiguide, it was the premier Cranberries fan website for about a decade, starting from the late 90's. If there was any type of Cranberries news, no matter how big or small, Zombieguide was on it. They also had a wide variety of pictures, newspaper and magazine articles, exclusive interviews and more. The goal is to click a button on The Cranberries Library home page and let you view Zombieguide exactly how it was from 1999-2004 with no format changes - almost like a time warp!

The Cranberries Library opened on September 6th, 2018 as a tribute to Dolores, Noel, Fergal & Mike on Dolores' Birthday. The library will have a few exclusive enhanced audio recordings and some favorite performances posted. I'll be updating the library with more and more performances. Since I am the only person at Cranberries Music Video Edits/Cranberries Library/Zombieguide Vault (yep, it's just me!), I can only do so much at a time. I've uploaded over 900 news tidbits from ZombieGuide and will continuously add and update whenever possible. Again, If you have better versions of our concerts or concerts we don't have, let us know and we can post them here for you to share.

The goal of the Cranberries Library is to have a nostalgic feel and be focused on the past - past performances and past news. Kind of like a walk down memory lane for many people. The Cranberries Library welcomes fans of ALL types from the casual fans to the long time fanatics.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Luis H, Felipe R and Danny K for their past and future donations to the Cranberries Library. Also, Cristy L for being a great source of wisdom and kind generosity at Cranberries Music Video Edits. All the awesome, supportive Cranberries Fans in the Facebook community. Noel, Mike & Fergal. And finally, Axl and Camille at Cranberries World, who encouraged me to go through with this project when I was hesitant about stepping on their toes. You Rock!

Please check out the story of past Zombieguide contributors below. Enjoy your time at the Library!

All the best,
Cranberries Music Video Edits Creator
Cranberries Library Webmaster

Past Contributors:

John Armijo (aka Zombieguide)
Responsible for: Zombieguide.com Founder, Former Webmaster. John founded "In Your Head: A Zombie's Guide to the Cranberries" in September 1998. Over time, the website's name was shortened to the simple "Zombieguide" (after he couldn't register www.inyourhead.com). John webmastered the site until around 2001, when he gradually gave control over to Alex.

Alex K (aka Cranguy)
Responsible for:Webmaster -- Most of the main site's content: news, discography, forums, etc.

Shannon S
Responsible for: All the news Alex doesn't wanna do (this is seriously what the old website stated)

Norbert B
Responsible for: ZombieGuide: Europe's Webmaster

Adam L
Responsible for: ZombieGuideConcerts.com [webmaster]

Saeed A (aka Pathetic_Senses)
Responsible for: ZombieGuide Media Vault

Zombieguide Awards

Last Update: January 2, 2004
Maintained By: About

Zombieguide has received many awards in recent years, and this section is more or less the trophy case of the page.

1999 Awards

1999 Blue Berry for Best Cran-Web in the World

2000 Awards

Zombieguide is proud to accept the most prestigious "Blue Berry" award, Best Cran-Web in World and a second Berry award for Best Cran-Web in English. Kudos also to Zombieguide South America, which picked up The Blue Berry for Cran-Web with Best Contents. Those interested in visiting the Cranberry Awards page can do so here or by clicking the awards below. Major thanks to all those who participated... we at Zombieguide appreciate it!!

Cranberry Awards Page

Cranberry Awards Page

2001 Awards

In early February, we at Zombieguide received a startling email in our Inboxes. The email, from Rainer, the webmaster of the band's Official International Homepage, dropped us a line to say that The Cranberries themselves love Zombieguide!! He wrote, "I just wanted to write and let you know that we (the band and crew) all love ZOMBIEGUIDE!!". Click here to read the entire email. This is a huge compliment to us to know that the band appreciates our work (and vice versa!!), bigger than just about any other compliment or award that can be given.

The results are in from the Cranberry Awards 2001 and we're pleased to announce that Zombieguide and Zombieguide Europe have taken in 6 of the 8 awards, winning every category in which we were nominated. Huge thanks to all you visitors and all those that voted! If you want to check out the full results and all of the winners, go to the 2001 Cranberry Awards.

Zombieguide's Awards

Zombieguide Europe's Awards

2002 Awards

For the fourth year in a row, Zombieguide has cleaned up thoroughly at the Annual Cranberry Awards, taking home the 2002 awards for Best in World, Best in America, Best in English, and Best Contents -- even beating out the Cranberries Official Website for the last award! Special thanks to all you visitors who voted and to the anonymous panel who run the annual awards. Congratulations to all the other winners this year, and best of luck to everyone for 2003!

New Hernandez, a Puerto Rican-based nonprofit organization which sponsors taking kids from the streets and putting them in moral-based programs, has held their annual Time is Ticking Out Awards, honoring some of the best Cranberries websites on the internet (Yes, its a bit obscure, but it works for us!). The awards have been around since 1999, but were limited only to sites based in Puerto Rico and New Jersey. This year, they are expanding the awards to include worldwide entries. Zombieguide took home the awards for Best Cran-Fan Info, Devoted Site of the Year 2002, and Un-Official Cran-Fan Cranberries Site of 2002.

2003 Awards

For the fifth year in a row, Zombieguide has taken home the top prizes from the annual Cran Awards, a website set up to reward the best Cranberries fansites on the Internet. Zombieguide continues its winning streak this year, taking the prizes for Best in World, Best in America and Best in English. The Cranberries Official Site got the award for Best in Europe, but at the rate they're going, they'll be winning nothing next year. Zombieguide would like to thank the Cran Awards webmaster, the anonymous nominating board, and of course, all the visitors who voted for us! Congratulations to the other winners and best of luck to all for the 2004 Cran Awards.

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